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White Sox Struggles Continue: It’s Time For Some Tough Decisions

The White Sox are nearly 40 games into the season and still searching for answers. If not for the awful American League Central, this season would be a lost cause. It may be time to look in the mirror and ask tough questions. Is it time to blow up the roster and start over?

The Royals entered the game with the second-worst record in baseball (10-27) and had a guy on the mound in Brad Keller, who got roughed up by the Oakland Athletics, the only team worse than the Royals, in his last start.

The White Sox kicked off the game with a pair of walks, but an Andrew Vaughn walk, and Luis Robert Jr strikeout quickly smothered the rally. Then Lance Lynn continued his horrid start to the season by allowing four runs in the first inning. That was the game.

The White Sox would go on to lose 9-1, with Lynn getting tagged for seven runs on nine hits, raising his ERA to 7.51 on the year. The White Sox offense could only muster six hits and could only push across one run off Brad Keller, despite drawing four walks.

“A lot of mistakes in the middle of the plate,” Lynn said. “I couldn’t get the ball elevated when I needed to, and when I tried to go down, it was in the middle of the plate, too. A lot of things were thigh high, and they made me pay for it, a lot of hits in a row. It kind of kept carrying as the game went along with the two homers. Just not good.”

The White Sox are only 7.5 games out of first place despite owning a 13-25 record. They are still very much alive in the AL Central race, but what’s the point?

Rebuild or Ride it Out?”

When Rick Hahn started off on this rebuild, he said the goal was sustained success and multiple champions. So far, we have gotten two playoff appearances, one AL championship, and a lot of mediocre baseball. Even if they did sneak into the playoffs, it’s almost a foregone conclusion they would be bounced in the first round.

Lucas Giolito, Yasmani Grandal, Reynaldo Lopez, and Elvis Andrus will all be unrestricted free agents this offseason. Bob Nightengale has already reported that the White Sox don’t intend to bring Lucas Giolito back.

Giolito has been the best pitcher in the White Sox rotation this season and is a former All-Star with a proven track record. He could fetch a decent return at the trade deadline.

Seby Zavala has emerged as the better defensive catcher, so why not shop around Grandal instead of losing him for nothing? Given his injury history and sub-par play the last couple of seasons, it may be hard to get a good return, but the White Sox have little reason to resign him after the year.

Plenty of teams will be in search of bullpen help, and while Lopez doesn’t have great numbers this season, his stuff is electric. Jake Diekman and Jose Ruiz were quickly signed after the White Sox DFA’d them, so the front office should have no trouble finding suitors for Lopez, who has better numbers than both of them.

Joe Kelly has a club option for next season. He has looked really good in his last two appearances. If he can turn in a few more good outings, the White Sox can cash in and trade him at the deadline as well. Teams are always looking for pitching help.

You could go down the list. Lynn also has a club option, but it is hard to see another team wanting him given his gaudy ERA. However, if someone asks about him, you pick up the phone and listen.

Tim Anderson also has a club option. He would be the White Sox most valuable trade chip if available. If the White Sox don’t extend him soon, Anderson could price himself out of Chicago. He is someone that the White Sox have to consider trading if they don’t intend to resign him.

The White Sox still have some time before the trade deadline. If they go on a run, the front office may want to ride it out and stay the course.

But at this stage, Rick Hahn would be a fool if he wasn’t testing the waters to see if there were any suitors for anyone on his roster.

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The Ending Of Ninja Assassin Finally Explained

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