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Paige Spiranac puts on busty display in plunging top as she lists the ‘things that drive me crazy’

PAIGE SPIRANAC has listed the “things that drive me crazy” in a racy video.

The social media star took to Instagram in a plunging top to list her golfing pet peeves.

Instagram @_paige.renee
Paige Spiranac put on a busty display as she listed the ‘things that drive me crazy’[/caption]
Instagram @_paige.renee
The social media star wowed her fans in a plunging blue and white top[/caption]

She put on a busty display in the low-cut blue and white top as she spoke to the camera.

In the video, Paige explained: “The only things in golf that don’t make any sense to me.

“Not getting free relief from a fairway divot. People who don’t rake their bunkers. And especially people who don’t fix their pitch marks.

“Rounds that take over five hours. When a course doesn’t tell you they don’t punch their greens and they make you pay full price.

“Not being able to wear shorts, even when they’re playing in 100-degree plus weather with humidity. People who say: ‘Golf stands for Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden’.

“People who insist on playing the tips even though they don’t hit over 230.”

Alongside the clip, she wrote: “Things in golf that drive me crazy! Do you have any?”

Her fans flooded the comments with suggestions as well as noticing her new darker hair.

Instagram @_paige.renee
Her fans also loved her new darker hair in the video[/caption]
Instagram @_paige.renee
Paige has amassed 4million followers on Instagram[/caption]

One follower wrote: “Hair’s looking on point.”

Another added: “Things I love? This new hair colour.”

Paige recently debuted the new look in another busty social media selfie.

The former professional golfer has amassed a strong fan base since retiring, with 4million followers on Instagram.

She provides golf tips and videos as well as racy snaps from the course.

Paige recently risked an Instagram ban by posing in a tiny bikini to the delight of her fans.

It came after she had shown off her swing during the Masters as she visited a golf simulator in a skimpy pink outfit.

A glimpse inside Paige Spiranac’s glamorous life…

Paige Spiranac has defended her sexy outfits and says she feels comfortable in them[/caption]
Instagram @_paige.renee
She gains messages of support whenever she posts a new photo[/caption]
Twitter / @PaigeSpiranac
Paige’s 2024 calendar is available to buy[/caption]
Paige played in a charity golfing match against Jerry Kelly earlier this year[/caption]
Paige promoted her golfing equipment wearing this tiny, pink leotard[/caption]
Paige put a cheeky spin on the Masters jacket ahead of the 2022 championship[/caption]
Paige showed off her bum in bright red hot pants to celebrate March Madness[/caption]

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