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Eva Pilgrim and DeMarco Morgan named 'GMA3' co-anchors following Amy Robach and TJ Holmes' exits

GMA3 has found its new co-anchors following the exit of T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach.

Eva Pilgrim and DeMarco Morgan will co-host Good Morning America's third hour, ABC News announced on Thursday, May 11. The pair will be joined by Dr. Jennifer Ashton, who is ABC News' chief health and medical correspondent. 

The shakeup comes after Holmes and Robach parted ways with ABC in January following the news of their romance.

ABC News also announced on Thursday that Gio Benitez will join Good Morning America's Saturday and Sunday broadcasts alongside current co-anchors Whit Johnson and Janai Norman. 

Back in March, a source told ET that ABC had been considering both Benitez and Morgan as anchors on the network. The two men had each hosted GMA3 following news of Robach and Holmes' romantic entanglement, which resulted in ABC, Holmes and Robach deciding to part ways.

A source shared in March that ABC had been testing out different pairings to see who has the best chemistry onscreen.

"Gio has been with ABC for almost 10 years, is familiar with the brand, and is a familiar face on the regular morning show," the source said. "Fans not only know him, but feel a comfortability with him on-air, effectively making his choosing an easy choice should they go in that direction."

The source added that Morgan had also been an early frontrunner. As of late, the anchor has been in Los Angeles, working as an ABC correspondent. Morgan is a regular freelance correspondent, filling in on all ABC news platforms. 

Meanwhile, Holmes and Robach were recently spotted on the streets of New York City over the weekend, walking hand in hand. The new photos of the pair came after Robach and Holmes were seen at the NYC Half Marathon last month.

As for their romance, a source told ET, "Amy and T.J. are living their best lives now that everything with their careers has been ironed out. They have both been forward-thinking people, who look ahead towards the future and never look back."

The source added, "Right now, the two are taking time to enjoy each other's company and wait it out until the dust officially settles and they can go back to a normal life."

A source also told ET that the pair is taking meetings and intend on getting back to work.

"Amy and T.J.'s chemistry both on and off screen is undeniable. It's been that way for years, so it's no surprise that the two would want to continue their careers together onscreen in some capacity," the source said. "And while there’s always hope for a joint venture of sorts — like being on a show together — the two could work separate of each other, or at different networks entirely. Needless to say, they are intent on working again."


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Animated Disney Movie Moments That Have Aged Terribly

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NVIDIA is Obsessed with Apple

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Animated Disney Movie Moments That Have Aged Terribly

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