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Tickets on sale for EuroHockey Championship 2023

Tickets for the EuroHockey Championships 2023, which will be held August 18th-27th at  SparkassenPark Mönchengladbach, are now available through the tournament website at

Up to 100,000 fans can experience the tournament up close and personal in Mönchengladbach. The spectators can look forward to 16 teams – all in the world’s top 20 – contesting 40 high octane games across the men’s and women’s competitions. More than that, the winners automatically qualify for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.  The pricing structure offers something for all with the cheapest category 3 tickets starting at just  €12.50. 

“We have gone to great lengths to ensure that every hockey fan can experience world-class field hockey live at the Hockeypark in Mönchengladbach, no matter what their budget,” said Niclas Thiel, Commercial Director of the Deutsche Hockey Bund. 

The fixture schedule was announced last week with a series of eye-catching fixtures on the agenda which the host country’s coaches are already planning for.

“Even though we are currently focusing on the World Cup in January, the home European Championships is of course a highlight that has long been on our minds. For many of us, it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience in our own stadium, playing for the title,”  says André Hennig, German men’s national coach.

“The Netherlands is likely to be our toughest competitor. They clearly dominated 2022 and are always favourites. France has continued to develop recently – especially in view of the Olympic Games in  Paris. The French are therefore likely to be our toughest rivals for a  semi-final ticket. Wales is certainly an underdog, are hard to play against and will not be a foregone conclusion.”

German women’s coach Valentin Altenburg added: “We are very pleased to be able to host the EuroHockey Championship for all teams. With England and Ireland, we have two teams in the group that we know well from the FIH Pro League and the World Cup and hold in high regard.

“With Scotland as our third opponent, we will be playing a team that is still unknown to us. Both groups promise exciting duels right from the start of the tournament. Regardless of the draw and our opponents, our goal is to reach the semi-finals.”

Group discounts and European Championship season ticket 

Large groups of over 50 people can get into the stadium from Monday, August 21st to Wednesday, August 23rd at special rates, starting at €7 per person. The offer will appeal to teams, clubs and fan clubs. 

Smaller groups of 10 fans or more can also avail of reduced rates on these days. Here, tickets are available for €10.30 per ticket in price category 3. 

For the enthusiastic, hardcore fans, there is another great offer: the EuroHockey Championship season ticket brings a significant discount: 10 days of hockey for the price of 8 days. All season tickets can be booked in one block, so the most loyal fans sit together. A good atmosphere is guaranteed! It pays to be quick as the season tickets are only available in limited numbers. 

Motto Days – a hockey event for ALL.

The EuroHockey Championships 2023 want as many people as possible to watch world-class hockey live. Therefore, “Motto  Days” are planned from the Monday to Wednesday of the EuroHockey Championships with various fan groups given free entry. 

On Monday, August 21st, school classes will have free admission when they pre-register their class group. 

Tuesday, August 22nd is Volunteer Day. The German Hockey Federation would like to say thank you here to all people who are involved in voluntary work no matter in which area, no matter if young or old. Admission for volunteers is free on Tuesday, August 22, 2023 with pre-registration. 

On August 23, people with a disability will receive free admission. On this day, the Hockey ID EuroHockey Championship Grand Final will also take place in the afternoon at the Hockey Park. The free ticket allotments (schools, volunteers) can be requested at 

Buy your tickets here. 

The post Tickets on sale for EuroHockey Championship 2023 appeared first on European Hockey Federation.


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