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I’m a hot teacher – I was SACKED after my students found a racy video of me online & now I’m scared to leave the house

A TEACHER who was sacked after students found racy videos of her online says she is now scared to leave the house.

Samantha Peer was given the boot from her job after she was caught filming OnlyFans content on desks in the classroom in Arizona, US.

Samantha Peer was sacked after her raunchy side hustle was exposed to students and parents[/caption]
The mum-of-two says she is scared to leave her house and claims her family have been receiving threats[/caption]

She had worked at the Thunderbolt Middle School in Lake Havasu City for five years before losing her role due to her saucy side hustle.

The science teacher explained she had created an account under the alias Khloe Karter to help her family make ends meet.

She said her brood was “not able to survive” on her and her husband Dillion’s teacher salaries, leading them to explore other options.

Samantha said she had become sick of sacrificing time with her children to work extra hours to earn more cash.



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Despite claiming to have blocked “the entire state” from viewing her X-rated content, students and parents discovered her OnlyFans account.

A risque clip she made in her classroom went viral – exposing her side hustle to the school and seeing her lose her teaching job.

Her hubby Dillion was also let go from his job at another school after he was spotted in the saucy videos.

The mum-of-two has now made an emotional YouTube video detailing her impossible dilemma and discussing the aftermath of being ostracised.

Samantha said: “I pay the price every single day, of course I’m remorseful, I miss it a lot.

“I have never asked for sympathy, I just want to move on with my life, this is not where I wanted to be and hurts every day.

“It’s not fair that my name and family have to be dragged across the nation, I have people calling and texting me threatening to come after me, to show up to my house, to go after my four-year-old and seven-year-old, it’s not fair to them.”

While grieving the loss of her teaching career, the mum claims she is also dealing with constant harassment in her community.

She continued: “I am still advertising because it’s not safe for me to leave my house. I’m guessing it’s probably impossible for me to get a job within town.

“This is what I have to do if my family wants to be fed. I can’t sit and do nothing and let my children starve, that’s heartless.”

It’s not safe for me to leave my house. I’m guessing it’s probably impossible for me to get a job within town.

Samantha Peer

Samantha claims locals have made her the subject of a witch hunt and have been continuing to share her sexy pictures and videos.

The mum said people were threatening to expose her address online and to show her young children her OnlyFans content.

She also alleged that furious parents forced her gym to terminate her four-year membership because their children attend the facility.

The former teacher said: “Other juvenile members were harassing me by taking my picture and videotaping me while I was trying to work out.”

Despite profusely apologising for the incident, Samantha hit back, saying her family’s name should not be “smeared” because she was trying to provide for her kids.

The teacher said she “wholly regrets” creating the video – but she felt “trapped” in her financial situation.


“The video that was created and advertised was made after contract hours on the weekend,” she said.

“No minors were ever present or involved in the videos. I am already paying the consequences by losing my teaching certificate as well as losing the job I loved most.

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with my co-workers, teaching my students science, and it brought joy to me every day.”

She said she was aware she had made a “very big mistake” but it “doesn’t define who I will be in the future”.

Samantha added: “Before this incident if you had asked anybody, co-workers or students, I’m confident they would tell you I was passionate and very good at my job.

“I’m very highly qualified to teach what I do, I was very good at teaching science but I also care deeply about my students.

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“I care for them as much as I care for my own two children.”

In an email to parents, Thunderbolt Middle School confirmed she was no longer working there – and urged parents to remove all content from their kids’ phones.

The former teacher says she does not deserve to be the victim of a smear campaign[/caption]
She lost her job as a science teacher at the Thunderbolt Middle School in Lake Havasu City in Arizona[/caption]

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In the age of megachurches, communion has become a big business

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