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Best dog play pens for security and comfort

Best dog play pens
R52TY3 dogs in pen in front of white background

A dog pen is ideal for those who need to keep their pet contained in a specific space at certain times of the day. The best dog play pens offer sufficient space, but allow you to get on with household chores without your pet running around “helping” you, or he can dry off after a wet, muddy walk without dirtying the house. Or for those who have puppies and/or small children, it means you can control interactions so that relationships starts off on the right foot.

As with toddlers, the restrictions of a play pen can actually allow for more freedom, as dog, handler and any visitors can be relaxed and feel safe.

To choose the best pen, you’ll also need to consider the space you have, and how easy it is to fold up and store the play pen when not in use. Do you want to use your pen inside or outside? And you’ll need to take into account if your dog is a natural Houdini (he may need a roof), or whether he will understand the boundaries.

Remove leads, collars and tags from dogs before placing them in the pen to prevent entanglement, and do not leave them unsupervised for extended periods of time.

Best dog play pens

Best play pens for dogs

Midwest Homes for Pets Contour Exercise Pen

Size: 16²ft play area; height from 24–48in | Colours: Gold, black, blue or pink | RRP: From £45 |

Designed for the safety, security and comfort of your dog, the Contour pen features a safe and secure lift door system for easy access for your pet. It folds down quickly for easy storage, and is easy to set up with no tools required.

The vibrant colour options add a touch of fun.

In the UK? Visit or
In the US? Visit, or

Zampa Pop-up playpen for dogs

Zampa Pop-Up Portable Pet Playpen

Sizes: XS–XL | Colours: Brown, blue, red or pink | RRP: From £29.99 |

Sometimes you need to enclose your dogs when you’re away from home – or because they are recovering from surgery and are on limited exercise. This lightweight yet sturdy playpen provides a safe and comfortable play space for your dogs. It’s the perfect choice for travel and camping, with a carry-case and four metal spikes underneath for outdoor safety.

The pen has protected seams and reinforced corners. The 360° panoramic landscape view is designed to prevent your pet from feeling trapped or anxious.

It has zip-up doors, and a removable zip-up top for easy washing, or it can be wiped down with a damp cloth. The pen can be set up or folded away in seconds, and is easy to store. It also has side pockets on the exterior for storing doggy bits and bobs.

In the UK? View now at
In the US? View now at, or

PawHut dog pen

PawHut Heavy Duty Dog Playpen

Sizes: 12 60x80cm panels | Colours: Black or silver | RRP: £121.99 |

This durable steel enclosure is made up of 12 panels and can be set up in different shapes or separated into two puppy play pens. It is therefore ideal for both large and small spaces. It has two step-through doors for easy entrance, with a locking latch for security.

It is designed to be used indoors or outdoors, to give dogs ample space to exercise, play and rest.

Flat design for easy transport and storage, but it does require assembly in whatever formation you require.

In the UK? View now at
In the US? View now at

Best play pens for dogs

Henry Wagg Metal Pet Play Pen With Base

Size: 63x76cm | Colour: Silver/black | RRP: £54.99 |

This playpen is especially useful for keeping puppies contained in a safe area, with room for their bed, toys, water and food bowls. The removable nylon base is easy to clean and disinfect after any accidents, and can simply be Velcro-ed back in place.

This six-sided pen requires minimal assembly, just joining each panel together with a metal rod. One of the panels has an access door with a secure latch to keep pets safely enclosed.

It can be folded flat for easy storage.

In the UK? View at or

Lords & Labradors wooden playpen

Lords & Labradors Wooden Playpen

Size: Six 60x80cm panels | Colours: White or grey | RRP: £129.99 |

This elegant six-panel wooden pen is stylish and refined. It’s ideal for puppies, to allow them to get used to their surroundings, and looks great in any room or decor style.

It is a freestanding wooden frame with metal bars, and has a walk-through gate on one panel with a safety lock. The hinges fold both ways allowing for alternative layouts.

It can be used indoors or outdoors, but don’t leave it out in the rain!

In the UK? View now at, or

Best play pens for dogs: FoxHunter walk-in run

FoxHunter Walk In Dog Pen House

Size: 400x300x200cm | Colour: Black or silver | RRP: £263.99 |

This outdoor run is designed for a variety of small animals, but it works very well for dogs who need a larger space to exercise while in a confined area. And there’s no concern about the dog jumping out.

It has a lockable galvanised metal door latch with steel wire tires for extra safety. The heavy-duty frame is also galvanised to keep it stable and rust-free.

It comes with a waterproof cover, which doubles as a sunshade.

In the UK? View at

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