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Best dog beds for comfort, cosiness and style

Best dog beds
2H70WPD Golden Retriever. An adult dog lies in a dog bed. Studio picture against a white background. Germany...

Adults dogs spend around 12–14 hours sleeping each day, so you’ll want to ensure your pooch is as comfortable as can be for this all-important kip. Like mattresses for humans, the best dog beds are the ones that are right for your individual dog. So, we need to take a few factors into account.

The size of your dog is the obvious one – he needs plenty of space so as not to be forced to curl up to sleep. How mucky is he? Some beautiful dog beds just might not suit his lifestyle – or yours – if they’re not easy to wash in a machine. Other dogs love to chew anything, particularly soft, down and furry things, so they’ll need a more robust fabric or you’ll end up with fluff and feathers all over your house.

Some beds cater for special conditions, for instance if a dog suffers joint pain, he might appreciate an orthopaedic bed, while a nervous dog might enjoy one with calming properties.

And some dogs are particular on how and where they sleep. Some like a raised bed, some like to curl up in a tight ball, others sprawl. Whatever their personal preference, there’s bound to be a bed out there for every individual.

Best dog beds

Joules Floral Box Bed

Sizes: S–L | Colour: Range of prints | RRP: From £50 |

A fun, stylish and comfy bed that your dog will love to snuggle up in – and it looks great too. Featuring a tasteful floral print, this water-resistant bed is made from hardwearing canvas with warm padding for cold floors in winter.

The non-slip base means it stays put on any surface.

In the UK? View now at,,, or

Best dog beds: orthopaedic

The Dog’s Bed Orthopaedic Heritage Collection

Sizes: S–XXL, with corner options in some sizes | Colours: Blue/red, grey linen, grey plush, grey/black or grey/blue, black fur, black plush, brown plush, grey fur, brown or dark grey/black | RRP: From £47.99 |

This is a therapeutic bed designed to provide relief and comfort to dogs with joint conditions such as hip and elbow dysplasia, arthritis, osteochondritis and more. It is also billed as a “prudent preventative measure for younger dogs of breeds predisposed to joint conditions”.

It has a waterproof protective inner and durable outer, with the mattress made of high-stability memory foam. The covers can be removed and machine-washed, and there is a waterproof mattress protector to catch any accidents.

In the UK? View now at

Best Friends by Sheri: The Original Calming Donut Dog Bed

Sizes: S–XL | Colours: Frost, grey, mink, dusty rose, taupe or cotton candy | RRP: From £20 |

The Donut bed’s round shape is ideal for dogs that like to curl up. The raised rim is designed to create a sense of security and provides head and neck support, while the super soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief.

It is cosy, finished with faux shag fur, which is meant to be reminiscent of the pet’s mother’s coat. It has deep crevices that encourage the dog to burrow and feel safe. Manufacturers claim that the premium CoziLoft fibres keep their shape three times long than other pet beds.

It has a water and dirt-resistant base, and all sizes but the small beds have removable shells which are machine-washable.

In the UK? Visit
In the US? Visit or

Best dog beds: Maximum Pet Products

Maximum Pet Products Tough Dog Bed

Sizes: S–XXL | Colours: Black, blue, green, orange or red | RRP: From £29.95 |

These “tough chew” dog beds are as rugged as they come – designed for “the digger, the active, the working, the dirty and the wild dog”. Reminiscent of a gym mat, the tough, heavy-duty fabric is odour and dirt repellent, waterproof and wipe-clean. You can even wash major stains with a jet wash.

For dogs that love to chew anything in sight, this should deter them.

But despite the rugged outside, it has a soft/medium density comfy filling. It is anti-fungal, and the fabric prevents dust mites and other pets from settling.

In the UK? Visit

Tweed Cave Dog Bed

Country and Twee Tweed Cave Dog Bed

Sizes: 60cm or 90cm | Colours: Tweed | Fillings: Hollow fibre or European duck feather | RRP: From £120 |

One for the whippets, who love to cosy up in a cocoon! This luxuriously soft and cosy cave is stylish with tweed on the outside and sumptuously soft fleece on the inside. Ideal for sighthounds who like to get under the covers. Lined in a cosy sherpa fleece, your dog will be warm and comfortable with a choice of quality fibre of European duck feather as the stuffing.

For the warmer months, the “lid” of the cave can be removed as it is attached with poppers. The cover is machine washable.

In the UK? View at

Henry Wag raised dog bed

Henry Wagg Elevated Dog Bed

Sizes: S–XL | Colours: Black | RRP: From £44.99 |

This elevated dog bed features an innovative design allowing the air to circulate which keeps your dog cool in summer and snug in winter, away from the cold floor, draughts and condensation.

It has a firm wooden base which provides a comfortable sleeping position and can offer much needed support for dogs with back and joint problems or those recovering from surgery.

The design is easy to clean, as the tightly woven fabric does not absorb moisture from the dog, and the quick-drying surface eliminates the build-up of bacteria, reducing odour and keeping your dog’s bed fresh.

In the UK? View at, or

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