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Phil Foden reveals ‘stupid’ England mistake that ruled him out of ‘biggest game of my career’ ahead of World Cup 2022

PHIL FODEN is still haunted by missing the Euro 2020 final – which he he was absent from because of a “stupid” trick attempt

The Manchester City whizz missed the heartbreaking shootout defeat to Italy after suffering a freak injury in training.

Phil Foden missed the Euro 2020 final through injury[/caption]
And he admits a “stupid’ rick attempt caused him to suffer the heartbreaking injury[/caption]

Foden, 22, was forced to watch from the sidelines after a clever trick attempt in training went awry and he ended up injuring his foot.

And the incident is one the prolific winger still laments.

He told The Mirror: “I missed probably the biggest game of my life through doing something stupid.

“I’m just trying to keep fit and healthy – and work hard now to put the performances in for England.”



England squad numbers ANNOUNCED as Messi says Southgate's side are favourites


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Despite a poor showing in the Nations League, fans are expecting Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions to reach the latter stages of the World Cup.

Foden said: “That’s the pressure we put on ourselves after doing so well in previous tournaments. That’s what we have to live with, everyone backing us.

“We know we have so many experienced players in the squad, who have played in the biggest games and can handle this kind of pressure.

“We have to be professional about it and to do our talking on the pitch, do our best and see where it gets us.


“We have to come off the pitch and know we gave our all.”

Foden will be no stranger to the World Cup set-up having travelled with the squad to Russia for the 2018 tournament.

He said of the experience: “The one I remember the most is the last one – it was nice to get the experience and to be close to the team and see what they do.

“I was hoping I could be in the team someday too.

“I was out there with Mason Mount and now we are in the team together so it’s a bit crazy how things work out.”

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England kick off their World Cup campaign on Monday in their Group B match with Iran.

Southgate’s troops will then face the United States before closing out their group fixtures with a Home Nations clash with Wales.

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I'm convinced Facebook Marketplace is Meta's best feature after I furnished my new apartment with used furniture

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I'm convinced Facebook Marketplace is Meta's best feature after I furnished my new apartment with used furniture

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