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WWE stunner Kelly Kelly looks unrecognisable after retiring to become model as she bombards fans with sexy bikini snaps

WWE star Kelly Kelly looks unrecognisable after retiring to become a model.

And now she bombards fans with sexy bikini snaps after amassing a huge following on social media.

WWE icon Kelly Kelly looks unrecognisable these days[/caption]
Instagram @thebarbieblank
Kelly has gone from wrestler to model on social media[/caption]
Instagram @thebarbieblank
Kelly says she is in her ‘bombshell era’[/caption]
Instagram @thebarbieblank
Fans have certainly been delighted with Kelly’s cheeky snaps[/caption]

Kelly, 35, is a two-time WWE champion who used to be one of the most popular Divas on the roster.

Kelly made her debut in 2006 and became a fan favourite before finally capturing the Divas Championship in 2011.

However, she left later that year after losing the belt to Beth Phoenix, citing a neck injury.

But Kelly made her return to WWE in 2017, eventually winning the 24/7 Championship in 2019.



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And she continues to make the odd appearance, even featuring at this year’s Royal Rumble.

Nowadays though, Kelly is best known for her modelling career.

The Florida-born American has amassed an army of 1.3million followers on Instagram.

And they are treated to almost-daily pictures of Kelly posing in a variety of sexy snaps.

Instagram @thebarbieblank
Kelly now bombards fans with sexy pics online[/caption]
Instagram @thebarbieblank
She has amassed 1.3million followers on Instagram[/caption]
Kelly won two titles during her time as a regular Diva[/caption]
Kelly continues to make the odd appearance, including this year’s Royal Rumble[/caption]


In one of her latest photos, Kelly declared that she’s in her “bombshell era.”

And fans certainly seem to agree, with one declaring: “You look awesome.”

Another gasped: “That hair! Fabulous.”

One added: “Yessss.”

Kelly is now lining up one last WWE fight before calling it a day.

And she has two potential opponents in mind – Sasha Banks or Charlotte Flair.

Kelly told the DropKick Podcast: “”I always love coming back to Rumbles. This was my third one, but it was different because I loved my outfit. It was my favourite of all time. 

“It was cool to be in the ring, not with everybody in there but just Sasha [Banks] and Tamina, and have that moment. 

“I always wanted to work with Sasha so it was really cool to be able to do that.

[A final fight?] I would say either Sasha or Charlotte Flair for sure.

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“I have so many [favourite opponents]. I loved working with Layla, Candice Michelle, Maryse, Beth Pheonix, Michelle McCool, Eve, and the list goes on and on. 

“I’ve been very lucky to work with some amazing women.”

Instagram @thebarbieblank
Kelly hopes for one last fight before permanently retiring from WWE[/caption]
Instagram @thebarbieblank
Kelly has Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair in her sights[/caption]

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