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Brits get through around TWO HUNDRED cardboard boxes in deliveries each year

THE average British household gets around 200 cardboard boxes delivered every year – which stack up to the height of the Walkie Talkie skyscraper in London.

A poll of 2,000 adults has revealed a huge growth in the amount of packaging we receive through our doors every year.

A study has revealed 68 per cent of adults want to see firms use less packaging[/caption]

A typical household receives one large box, one medium sized box and two small boxes a week.

Based on typical Royal Mail parcel measurements, that stacks up to be 154 feet of small boxes, 104 feet of medium sized boxes and 255 feet of large boxes at their highest point.

Added up, it takes the total height to 513 feet – taller than Barclays Tower in Canary Wharf but just shy of the 525 foot-tall Walkie Talkie building.

The figure of 513 feet would make the stacked-up boxes the twenty-ninth tallest building in the UK – ahead of the Elizabeth Tower in Castlefield and the JPMorgan Tower in Canary Wharf.

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William & Harry have a 'forgotten' stepsister & she was at the Queen's funeral

Andy Barnetson, spokesperson for cardboard campaign group Beyond the Box, which commissioned the research, said: “It’s fascinating to see just how many parcels and boxes we’re receiving through the post each year.

“The great news is that the vast majority of these boxes are recycled across Britain which means the fibres used to create cardboard can be reused again and again.

“It’s so important we all continue to do our bit to ensure we recycle where we can – as otherwise we could be getting the height of 60 million skyscrapers’ worth of cardboard boxes thrown away each year.”

Encouragingly, 85 per cent of those polled claim they always recycled the cardboard packaging they received through the post, although 13 per cent admitted they only sometimes recycled.

Keeping rubbish out of landfill (63 per cent), being a habit (55 per cent) and wanting to reduce pollution (54 per cent) ranked as the main factors behind why people recycled.

It appears our appetite for deliveries doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon though, as 59 per cent are receiving more cardboard packages now than at any other point.

The research, carried out by OnePoll, found convenience (79 per cent), ease (56 per cent) and saving a journey (45 per cent) were the top reasons for opting for deliveries.

When it comes to the contents of those deliveries, presents (52 per cent), clothes (49 per cent) and electronics (37 per cent) made up the top three.

Also ranking highly were DIY and hobby equipment (35 per cent) and books (34 per cent).


1. Presents

2. Clothes

3. Electronics

4. DIY and hobby equipment

5. Books

6. Shoes

7. Homeware/ decorative items

8. Toiletries

9. Cosmetics

10. Food

11. Kitchen utensils

12. Pet food

13. Large appliances e.g. refrigerator

14. Food supplements

15. Cleaning supplies

There was also a willingness among 59 per cent of adults to buy goods which come in eco-friendly packaging.

It also emerged 68 per cent of adults want to see firms use less packaging, have it clearly marked as recyclable (57 per cent) and more recycling bin pick-ups (48 per cent) to help them on their journey to make the planet a better place.

The most confusing part about recycling for 75 per cent was knowing what to do with certain materials, while 52 per cent have a lack of understanding about why some plastics can’t be recycled.

And 92 per cent of people feel personally responsible for their own waste and recycling.

Andy Barnetson added: “There’s clearly an appetite among adults to recycle and do their bit for the planet.

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out of line

Watch the moment Holly and Phil ‘jump the HUGE queue to see the Queen’s coffin’


William & Harry have a 'forgotten' stepsister & she was at the Queen's funeral

“It’s really encouraging to see that as adults are receiving more deliveries than ever before, there is also a growing willingness to make sure their cardboard boxes are recycled.

“Sustainability at home is so important and with increased demand for cardboard boxes, we want to inspire the nation to think about their actions and the impact they can have.”

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