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Kylie Jenner flaunts her tiny frame in sports bra & leggings just days after revealing post-baby body in unedited videos

KYLIE Jenner has flaunted her tiny frame in a sports bra and leggings just days after revealing her post-baby body in unedited videos.

The makeup mogul recently showed off her natural complexion in a video promoting lipstick from her Kylie Cosmetics line.

Kylie Jenner flaunted her tiny figure in a new Instagram video[/caption]
Kylie walked on the treadmill in a sports bra in the short recording[/caption]

The Hulu star showcased her fit frame in an Instagram Story Boomerang video on Saturday.

In the video, Kylie, 24, records herself mid-workout as she briskly walks on her treadmill.

The TV personality dons a form-fitting brown sports bra, matching brown leggings, and sweat-inducing waist trainer.

Earlier this year, Kylie revealed that her fitness routine includes doing back-to-back forms of exercise.



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where is he?

Kylie fans worried for her son after baby is ‘missing’ from family outing

In a short video, the Los Angeles native again recorded herself as she walked along on a treadmill.

She showed off her post-baby body and captioned the clip “Forma Pilates LA & a little cardio is the combo,” punctuating with prayer hands and strong arm emojis.


Kylie recently showed off her post-baby curves in a tight dress in several unedited videos during a wild night out with her sisters.

The reality star has been lauded for sharing a more candid side to her since giving birth to her second child earlier this year.

Kylie continued to let fans into her life with a series of playful TikToks from her night out with sisters Kim and Khloe Kardashian.

The star displayed her incredible curves in a white dress with a cone bra-style neckline.

She filmed herself sitting in the back of the car on the way to a restaurant, before taking a video with her siblings.

Kylie gathered Kim and Khloe for a bathroom selfie, filming them all preening themselves in the mirror.


The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum recently received praise when she revealed her real skin in a Kylie Cosmetics promotional video.

The video captured Kylie wearing minimal makeup as the camera zoomed in on her face and begins with the model holding the lipstick in its signature packaging near it.

The camera then flashed to the beauty mogul applying the nude shade to her lips while she kept her attention on the lens.

Other shots showed off Kylie’s real skin as the video did not include the usual filters or editing.


The mom-of-two has been keeping it real with fans as of late.

Recently, she showed off her stretch marks in a filter-free photo months after welcoming her 5-month-old son.

Kylie proudly flaunted the imperfections on her skin in a tube top while filming a TikTok video.

The six-second video started with a close-up of her breasts in a low-cut top while she held one of the matte glosses. 

The song Diet Mountain Dew by Lana Del Ray played in the background over the grainy video. 

She twisted the cap and then showed the “KYLIE” label.

Kylie applied the nude lipstick to her lips and flipped her hair behind her shoulder. 

She rocked long gold nails and a white tube top that showed off her cleavage. 

Fans praised the star for being transparent and not trying to cover up her flaws.


After giving birth to her son in February of this year, Kylie returned to social media to display her postpartum body.

Kylie shares her baby boy and four-year-old daughter, Stormi, with rapper Travis Scott.

She posted a snap of her son’s feet lying on her stomach, showing the photo from above in March.

Kylie shared the snap as part of a sweet collection of snaps from her pregnancy journey and the birth of her son.

Her fans flocked to an online thread to commend her for sharing the reality of postpartum bodies.

One wrote: “As a mommy, I love the rawness of this picture. The stretched skin, the postpartum tummy, the little extra weight. I just love it.”

Another added: “I love that she posted this. Normalizing normal bodies.”

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Kardashian fans fear Kim's face is 'FROZEN' after spotting detail in recent pics

“For women who have such big platforms, this is the type of content we need from them! I love this so much!” a third posted.

Another fan declared: “Honestly, this is probably the most beautiful picture she’s ever posted.”

Kylie recently showed off her post-baby curves in a skintight white dress[/caption]
Social Media - Refer to Source
The star posted a photo of her son’s feet on her stomach a month after she had given birth to her baby boy[/caption]
Kylie shared unedited videos of her wild night out with her sisters Kim and Khloe Kardashian[/caption]

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Ashton Kutcher on Mila Kunis Convincing Him Not to Go to Space & the Ongoing Conflict in Ukraine

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Ashton Kutcher on Mila Kunis Convincing Him Not to Go to Space & the Ongoing Conflict in Ukraine

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