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‘Don’t Look Up’ reactions: Our forum posters call it ‘one of the most entertaining movies of the year’

After beginning its limited theatrical release on December 10, Adam McKay‘s “Don’t Look Up” finally started streaming on Netflix worldwide on Friday, December 24, and already has our forum posters applauding. “It was one of the most entertaining movies of the year,” raves Gold Derby user deatee in our movie forums after watching the film. Atleastimtrying echoes those thoughts by praising it for delivering its message in a “fun, digestible way.” Read on for more “Don’t Look Up” reactions and then join the discussion to have your say.

SEE Leonardo DiCaprio movies: 17 greatest films ranked worst to best

Written and directed by McKay, the all-star satire is about a massive comet heading toward Earth and the two people, Dr. Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence), trying to get society to take the extinction event seriously. This includes trying to warn the President of the United States (played by Meryl Streep), her foolhardy administration (embodied by the president’s son, played by Jonah Hill), and cable news talking heads (Cate Blanchett and Tyler Perry) about the coming end of humanity. It goes, well, poorly.

As of this writing, “Don’t Look Up” is expected to crack the Best Picture lineup at the Oscars, per our racetrack odds, with the following 14 Experts currently predicting it to get nominated: Clayton Davis (Variety), Eric Deggans (NPR), Joyce Eng (Gold Derby), Tim Gray (Variety), Matthew Jacobs (unaffiliated), Tariq Khan (Fox TV),  Susan King (Gold Derby), Alicia Malone (Turner Classic Movies), Michael Musto (Queerty), Nikki Novak (Fandango), Tom O’Neil (Gold Derby), Kevin Polowy (Yahoo), Sasha Stone (Awards Daily) and Jazz Tangcay (Variety). According to our combined odds, the film is also forecasted to rake in bids for Best Original Screenplay, Best Film Editing, Best Score and Best Original Song (“Just Look Up”).

Below, see a small sampling of what our forum users think of “Don’t Look Up.” Sound off in our message boards to give us YOUR thoughts.

Atleastimtrying: “It was a satire, an in-your-face satire, not subtle at all. Maybe it’s best that way. […] The actors were great (Jonah Hill and Meryl Streep played the funniest characters), the message was even better. It was basically anticapitalistic, which I wholeheartedly agree with. I actually think it is an important message, mostly in these dark times we are living. I commend this movie for delivering this message and for doing it in a fun, digestible way. It’s not a particularly easy message to convey or a message audiences want to hear. People don’t want to go to the movies to think about how profoundly unjust the system (thus, the world) we live in is. But this movie does it, convincingly. It elevates the movie for me and I applaud it.”

Boz: “I loved the film. It isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely an entertaining watch and I actually really enjoyed both the editing and the writing for what the movie was trying to be.”

Brayfers: “I really, REALLY enjoyed this movie. […] I thought the screenplay was fun, the acting was great and set the tone for the movie, and I thought it was a good commentary on the state of Media/Politics/General Public we are experiencing in the United States (especially in a pandemic/climate crisis era).”

brenolimsta: “The movie is GOOD! Streep, DiCaprio and Mark Rylance were the best performances in it, but everyone did it very well! It’s well crafted and I found the score AMAZING!”

FilmRoyalty: “Okay, so I went into this with a bias, only because I’m not the biggest fan of massive star-power ensembles. But I have to be honest, I enjoyed this movie. […] The cast was fantastic. I could see a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for the cast. Not every joke landed, but I still enjoyed it. I’m surprised.”

Gabarnes43: “I have to say, I absolutely loved this film! My favourite of the year so far (I do love comedies though). I thought the majority of the performances were great, with amazing comedic timing from Streep, Blanchett and Hill. DiCaprio was great as well. I loved the score, visual effects and thought the screenplay was very good.”

The Girls’ Room: “I thought this was terrific. I was cackling so much. DiCaprio, Lawrence, Streep, Rylance, and Blanchett all really shine.”

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