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2022 South Side Sox Prospect Vote: Round 3

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Detroit Tigers
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Burger is voted the top hitter and overall No. 2 prospect. Who is the third-best prospect in the White Sox system?

If you’re unsure of what this is, read our Top Prospect Vote primer.

The No. 2 spot came down to Jake Burger vs. José Rodríguez, and true to the form of the first vote, Burger prevailed with 29% support (68 of 239 votes).

Last year, Burger finished 12th in Top Prospect voting and was the SSS No. 17 overall prospect. Burger was the No. 8 SSS prospect in 2018, No. 9 in 2019, and No. 25 in 2020.

Like Burger in the first vote, Rodríguez (who, interestingly, got the identical number of votes this round, despite far fewer overall ballots) looks like he’s in good shape to secure the No. 3 spot. Oscar Colás leapfrogged, barely, Yoelqui Céspedes into third place this round.

Last year’s No. 10 SSS prospect, Drew Dalquist, joins the ballot.

South Side Sox Top White Sox Prospects for 2022

  1. Norge Vera — 29% (Burger 18%, Rodríguez 14%, Céspedes 13%, Colás 12%, Montgomery 8%, Kath/Kelley 2.1%, Ramos 1.7%, Hernández 0.8%)
  2. Jake Burger — 43% (Rodríguez 21%, Colás 12%, Céspedes 11%, Montgomery 9%, Kelley 1.3%, Ramos/Thompson/Kath/Hernández 0.6%)

Yoelqui Céspedes

Center Fielder
Age 24
2021 SSS poll ranking 7
2021 High Level Birmingham (AA)
Overall 2021 stats 72 games ▪️ 8 HR ▪️ 27 RBI ▪️ .285/.350/.463 ▪️ 16 BB ▪️ 83 BB ▪️ 18-of-24 SB
Céspedes saw his season delayed by visa issues, and his first two weeks or so were spend at DH. He also had an underwhelming showing in the Arizona Fall League (22 strikeouts in 19 games, .466 OPS).

Oscar Colás

Right Fielder
Age 23
2019 High Level Japan Western League
Overall 2019-20 (Japan, Cuba) stats 87 games ▪️ 16 HR ▪️ 66 RBI ▪️ .290/.351/.497 ▪️ 30 BB ▪️ 82 BB

While not officially a member of the White Sox organization until January 2022, it is widely assumed that Colás will join his multiple Cuban countrymen in the White Sox organization. For all the talk of Colás as the “next Ohtani,” he has not pitched professionally since 2018-19 in Cuba, and for just three games there at that.

Andrew (Drew) Dalquist

Right-Handed Starting Pitcher
Age 21
2021 SSS poll ranking 10
2021 High Level Kannapolis (Low-A)
Overall 2021 stats 3-9 ▪️ 23 starts ▪️ 83 IP ▪️ 4.99 ERA ▪️ 79 K ▪️ 56 BB ▪️ 1.723 WHIP

Dalquist managed to stay healthy in 2021, unlike his rotation counterparts Matthew Thompson and Jared Kelley. While solid but unspectacular, Dalquist may have positioned himself as the first of the trio to see Winston-Salem.

Erick Hernández

Left Fielder
Age 17
2021 High Level N/A

While not officially a member of the White Sox organization until January 2022, it is widely assumed that Hernández will join the White Sox organization. He bats left, and has been comped — for what comping is worth — to Juan Soto. He is still just 16 years old, not turning 17 until January.

Wes Kath

Third Baseman
Age 19
2021 High Level ACL White Sox (Rookie)
Overall 2021 stats 28 games ▪️ 3 HR ▪️ 15 RBI ▪️ .212/.287/.337 ▪️ 8 BB ▪️ 42 BB

Kath was the second round draft choice of the White Sox in 2021, out of Desert Mountain High School in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Jared Kelley

Right-Handed Starting Pitcher
Age 20
2021 SSS poll ranking 5
2021 High Level Kannapolis (Low-A)
Overall 2021 stats 0-7 ▪️ 12 starts ▪️ 23 23 IP ▪️ 7.61 ERA ▪️ 26 BB ▪️ 27 K ▪️ 2.113 WHIP

Kelley sat with shoulder issues for almost two months in the middle of the season.

Colson Montgomery

Age 20
2021 High Level ACL White Sox (Rookie)
Overall 2021 stats 26 games ▪️ 0 HR ▪️ 7 RBI ▪️ .287/.396/.362 ▪️ 13 BB ▪️ 22 K

Montgomery was the first round draft choice of the White Sox in 2021, out of Southridge High School in Huntingburg, Ind.

Bryan Ramos

Third Baseman
Age 20
2020 SSS poll ranking 33
2021 SSS poll ranking 21
2021 High Level Kannapolis (Low-A)
Overall 2021 stats 115 games ▪️ 13 HR ▪️ 57 RBI ▪️ .244/.345/.415 ▪️ 13-of-17 SB ▪️ 51 BB ▪️ 110 K

José Rodríguez

Age 20
2020 SSS poll ranking 32
2021 SSS poll ranking 18
2021 High Level Birmingham (AA)
Overall 2021 stats 111 games ▪️ 14 HR ▪️ 51 RBI ▪️ .301/.338/.469 ▪️ 30-of-41 SB ▪️ 26 BB ▪️ 72 K

Popeye’s meteoric rise through the system was rewarded with an assignment to the Arizona Fall League, where he largely ran out of gas (.226/.273/.323 in 16 games)

Matthew Thompson

Right-Handed Starting Pitcher
Age 21
2020 SSS poll ranking 12
2021 SSS poll ranking 10
2021 High Level Kannapolis (Low-A)
Overall 2021 stats 2-9 ▪️ 20 starts ▪️ 73 ⅔ IP ▪️ 5.99 ERA ▪️ 78 K ▪️ 38 BB ▪️ 1.683 WHIP

Thompson battled some injury issues in his first full pro season, sitting out for a month in June-July.

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