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Dozens of Afghan troops rounded up, executed and dumped in mass shallow graves in latest Taliban onslaught

DOZENS of Afghan troops were rounded up, executed and dumped in mass graves in what is the latest horrifying attack by the Taliban.

Graphic pictures posted online show the bloodied bodies of what is claimed to be military personnel in Kang District in south-eastern Afghanistan.

Pictures were posted online reportedly showing Afghan soldiers who had been murdered by the Taliban[/caption]
Another picture shows five bodies with blood and bullet holes in the wall[/caption]
It is the latest in the Taliban’s onslaught in Afghanistan[/caption]

In one image, posted to Twitter by Afghan journalist Bilal Sarwary, three bodies are shown dumped in a shallow grave with bullet-proof vests and empty ammunition cases lay beside them.

In another, five bodies can be seen against a wall covered in blood and bullet holes.

The locals who captured the disturbing images claimed that “a number of soldiers who were taken captive after fighting were first tortured, their hands were tied and eyes were gouged.”

Earlier today it was reported that the Taliban had overrun Kang District and that dozens of soldiers surrendered.

“Now [the] Taliban are doing [a] clearance operation in the district centre and government offices,” the journalist who posted the images online said.

In the nearby province of Helmand, the Taliban slaughtered groups of civilians with the UN stating that at least 40 people were butchered and 100 were wounded on August 2.


Civilians in the besieged city of Lashkar Gah were urged to evacuate as General Sami Sadat’s troops manned barricades in Helmand Province.

Sadat warned of “devastating consequences” if the Taliban aren’t defeated – and vowed to wipe out the Islamist militants.

He told residents to “‘leave as soon as possible so that we can start our operation”.

Sadat added: “I know it is very difficult for you to leave your houses – it is hard for us too – but if you are displaced for a few days please forgive us.

“We are fighting the Taliban wherever they are. We will fight them and…we will not leave a single Taliban alive.”

The Taliban launched its offensive across the country as the final US troops prepare to leave next month, seizing more than ten provincial capitals as it advanced.

US and Afghan air forces have pounded Taliban positions after five days of fierce fighting that saw Islamist fighters capture parts of the city centre.

The ruthless militants have already slaughtered dozens of civilians and vowed to crush gay men to death by pushing walls on them as they plot to reinstate their strict interpretation of Sharia law across war-torn Afghanistan.

The terror group has seized a third of Afghanistan and show no sign of slowing down their blitz offensive.


Sadat fears if the Taliban is victorious it could lead to a surge in terror attacks across Europe and the US.

He said: “This is not a war of Afghanistan, this is a war between liberty and totalitarianism.”

Refugees have been fleeing to borders to escape as the brutal terror group sweeps across the country.

The UN Assistance Mission for Afghanistan expressed “deepening concern” for civilians in Lashkar Gah as the fighting raged.

If Lashkar Gah falls it would be a huge blow to the Afghan government.

A large Taliban assault has been launched on regional capitals, with Lashkar Gah at the centre of the fighting.

Kandahar – also in Helmand – and Herat, in the northwest, have also seen major clashes.

In Herat, Afghan special forces have been deployed and airstrikes are taking place.

Government forces pushed back Taliban fighters from parts of the city – including near the airport, which is vital for resupplies.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the militants plan to free Afghanistan from the “invasion of foreign countries”.

“An Islamic government should rule the country,” he told The Sun Online from Kabul.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the militants plan to free Afghanistan from the “invasion of foreign countries”.

“An Islamic government should rule the country,” he told The Sun Online from Kabul.

“The hands of the individuals who have come from foreign countries and have stolen the country’s treasure should be cut off.”

It was reported the Taliban had overrun Kang District and that dozens of soldiers surrendered earlier today[/caption]
The Taliban reportedly completed a clearance operation in Kang district centre[/caption]
Soldiers guard the roof of Government offices after Afghan soldiers surrendered[/caption]

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