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Cleaning fanatic shares the bits of your house you’re DEFINITELY forgetting to clean – including a filthy bit of the loo

CERTAIN areas of your home, like the floors and countertops, are cleaned regularly, but there are some less obvious areas that keep on being missed.

Unfortunately, this can mean dirt, dust, and germs can build up without you noticing.

A Canadian TikToker has shared the often forgotten places in a home that need to be cleaned[/caption]

Thankfully one woman from Canada, who goes by lizluxehome on TikTok, has revealed the areas of your house you’re forgetting, as well as how often you should be cleaning them.

Liz first revealed that one area of the home that people need to focus on is the hood fan grates, which sit above the stovetop.

She recommends that everyone cleans them at least once a month to stop dust and grime from building up.

Next, the mother suggests people clean their cabinet kick plates. This is the section that sits at the very bottom of the cupboard, just above the floor.

Liz recoomends cleaning these once a week, which is also how often you should be wiping down your cabinets.

Often when cleaning, things that are out of sight are also out of mind, which is why Liz said people often forgot to clean fan vents. These should be cleaned every few months to avoid dust build up.

Finally, she suggests that everyone cleans their toilet seat locks regularly, as they can be covered in germs. She said this should be done as often as you clean the toilet.

This isn’t the first time Liz has shared her advice on how to keep a clean home. Her TikTok account is filled with videos where she shares her best tips on keeping your home tidy.

She focuses on maintaining a clutter-free lifestyle, which she maintains by adapting the ‘don’t put it down but put it away’ habit.

Hood fan grates sit above the stovetop and should be cleaned at least once a month[/caption]
The cabinet kick plates are often one spot in the house that are forgotten about[/caption]
Fan vent covers need to be leaned to keep away dust and germs[/caption]
Toilet seat locks can be covered in germs, which is why they should be cleaned as often as you clean the toilet[/caption]

Elsewhere in easy cleaning hacks, a cleaning fanatic shares an easy way to clean grubby walls in minutes – and it makes your entire house smell amazing too.

A savvy gran shares genius bin bag tip to keep them in place – and people reckon it’s ‘life changing’.

And you can clean bathtubs that have non-slip floors – and it’s actually really easy.

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