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Everything to Know About the Midheaven in Astrology

Your birth chart can tell you a lot about your personality and your career goals. All you need to create your birth chart is your birth time, your birthdate, and your place of birth. Then you’ll know much more about your astrological traits! Here is everything you need to know about your midheaven sign:

What is the midheaven in astrology?

white and black round lights
Unsplash / Denes Kozma

The midheaven is also called the Medium Coeli, MC, or Middle Sky. This is the zodiac on the 10th house cusp. This represents your highest aspirations or lifetime achievements. Learning about your midheaven can re-energize your sense of purpose. It can help push you in the right direction when it comes to your career.

How to determine your midheaven sign:

Lunar eclipse illustration
Unsplash / Farzad Mohsenvand

The midheaven is a part of the ecliptic. It corresponds to the highest point in a celestial object’s apparent daily traverse of the visible sky. This is midway between its ascension on the eastern horizon and the descent on the western horizon.

In order to find your midheaven sign, you need to create your natal chart. Once you have it in front of you, you should look for the vertical line on top and the little MC above it. This marks the zodiac sign that was directly overhead at the exact moment you were born. In other words, this is your midheaven.

What it means to have a midheaven based on your sign:

Zodiac Signs
Unsplash / Josh Rangel

The signs represent different personality traits and career aspirations. Here is what each midheaven means:

Midheaven in Aries

If your midheaven is in Aries, you have had many passions throughout your life. It’s common for you to jump from career to career. You’re a self-starter and might end up self-employed. That way, you don’t have to take orders from anyone other than yourself.

You’re a competitive person, so you’re going to fight to the top of whatever career you choose. Since you’re a risk-taker, you’ll attempt things others are too afraid to try.

Midheaven in Taurus

two brown yaks standing on ground
Unsplash / Pascal van de Vendel

If your midheaven is in Taurus, you’re searching for a stable, long-term career. You don’t want any surprises. You want to stick to a routine and generate wealth.

Since you’re skilled with your hands, you’ll be excellent in sculpture, gardening, and architecture. You’re also creative enough to work in home renovation, music, crafts, or performance art.

Midheaven in Gemini

If your midheaven is in Gemini, you’re an excellent communicator. You would make an amazing advertiser, salesman, or public relations manager. You’re able to talk customers into anything.

Someone with a midheaven in Gemini would also do great with teaching, journalism, or writing in general. Basically, you belong in a career where you talk (or type) often. You’re meant to open up closed minds.

Midheaven in Cancer

crab on rock
Unsplash / Chandler Cruttenden

If your midheaven is in Cancer, you’re empathetic and intuitive. You care about others, which is why you should work in pediatrics, therapy, social services, or education.

Since you genuinely care about helping others, you would also make a wonderful mentor. You are meant to change lives in one way or another. You need a career where you are able to show your nurturing side.

Midheaven in Leo

If your midheaven is in Leo, you are a natural-born leader. You should work in the government, sales, education, or wedding planning. You would also work well as your own boss, so you don’t have to report to anyone else.

Leos want to be the center of attention and socialize with as many people as possible. You want to better your community and influence others to reach their full potential. Although you love the spotlight, you also love pushing others into the spotlight.

Midheaven in Virgo

If your midheaven is in Virgo, you prefer a stable, predictable routine. Since you have an analytical mind, scientific fields and medical fields fit you best.

You would make an amazing searcher, teacher, data collector, or librarian. You’re a hard worker, and you aren’t going to stop until you’ve helped heal the world at least a little.

Midheaven in Libra

If your midheaven is in Libra, you’re a social butterfly with strong connections and networking skills. Since you’re flexible, you might switch careers throughout your life.

However, you’ll work best in media, the arts, and fashion. You’ll also make a great lawyer or diplomat because you care about justice. You want everyone to have equal rights and be treated fairly.

Midheaven in Scorpio

black and brown jumping spider on white sand
Unsplash / engin akyurt

If your midheaven is in Scorpio, you prefer to work long hours alone. You don’t want to be surrounded by coworkers or customers. This is why you would work best in fields like psychology, social sciences, research, and criminal investigation.

Anyone with a midheaven in Scorpio isn’t afraid to search for hidden motives and place themselves in danger. You might change careers several times before finding something that sticks.

Midheaven in Sagittarius

If your midheaven is in Sagittarius, you want to continue learning and share what you know with others. You would make a great counselor, teacher, photographer, or filmmaker.

You need a job where you can share your ideas with the world while learning about others in the process. If traveling is involved, it’s an extra bonus. You aren’t happy staying in one place.

Midheaven in Capricorn

brown goat near beach during daytime photo
Unsplash / Person B1

If your midheaven is in Capricorn, you have a lot of dedication, persistence, and endurance. You’re willing to work hard to get what you want, and you make the most of your time and resources. You never give up on yourself.

Anyone with their midheaven in Capricorn would make an excellent farmer or real estate broker. Overall, Capricorn midheavens just want to reach success — and appear successful to others.

Midheaven in Aquarius

If your midheaven is in Aquarius, you don’t want to follow tradition. You’re a rebel with an unconventional attitude. You belong in a field like astronomy, engineering, or astrology.

However, your originality would also make you a great fashion designer or artist. You need a career that allows you to create social change and better humanity.

Midheaven in Pisces

silver fishes underwater
Unsplash / Sebastian Pena Lambarri

If your midheaven is in Pisces, you are creative and kind to animals and children. Since you’re so sensitive, you would make a great masseuse, podiatrist, performer, artist, or healer.

Someone with a Pisces midheaven is meant to nurture others through story, song, and teaching. You want to make the world a better place in any way possible.

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