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The Horse & Hound Podcast 62: British Olympic bronze medal-winner Lottie Fry | Mindset for rider fitness | Tokyo eventing review | News round-up

In our 62nd weekly episode of The Horse & Hound Podcast, currently supported by Petplan Equine, team bronze dressage medallist and Olympic debutante Lottie Fry talks to H&H’s Lucy Elder about her Tokyo experience. Our team in Tokyo review the Olympic eventing action while H&H’s Eleanor Jones and Lucy Elder discuss equine obesity in the show ring and proposals to change FEI dressage rules. In this week’s advice section, personal trainer Katie Bleekman offers advice on why working on your mindset is key in relation to fitness for riders. We hope you will find this useful.

Olympic dressage lottie fry
Britain’s Lottie Fry in action with Everdale during the Tokyo Olympics.

Episode 62 of The Horse & Hound Podcast, our popular audio service available every Thursday morning for our H&H digital subscribers and currently supported by Petplan Equine, is now live.

Each episode is available for all H&H fans to listen to via your favourite podcast app 24hrs after its early release to our H&H digital subscribers. Search for “The Horse & Hound Podcast” in your preferred podcast app and click subscribe to be notified about each new episode. This will allow more listeners to make The Horse & Hound Podcast an essential part of their week on Friday morning.

In our 62nd weekly episode of The Horse & Hound Podcast, Olympic team bronze dressage medallist Lottie Fry, talks to H&H senior news writer Lucy Elder about her experience in Tokyo.

“It’s still sinking in – I still have to keep looking at the medal and all of the messages of congratulations” – Lottie Fry on her unforgettable time in Tokyo

Our team in Tokyo will review the Olympic eventing action and then, moving on to the week’s top news stories, H&H’s news editor Eleanor Jones and Lucy Elder will discuss equine obesity in the show ring and proposals to change FEI dressage rules.

“Although there are still a good few show animals that are obese, the overall picture at the Royal International last week, was a lot better than it was a couple of years ago” – Eleanor Jones on obesity in showing

In this week’s advice section, we welcome back personal trainer Katie Bleekman, who will be offering advice on mindset in relation to fitness, and how working on your mental strength can help you improve your performance in the saddle.

“It’s really important that if you work on your mindset, you make yourself mentally strong and robust, so you will be far more able to push your physical boundaries” – Katie Bleekman

We are also bringing you daily podcasts throughout the Olympics, supported by Toggi, reviewing each day’s action and looking ahead to the next day’s competition, so make sure you subscribe on your podcast app to ensure you don’t miss an episode.

H&H Plus podcast: episode 62



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