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Inside pregnant Cardi B & Offset’s daughter Kulture’s 3rd princess themed birthday party featuring ponies & massive cake

PREGNANT Cardi B and husband Offset have given fans a sneak peek into their daughter Kulture’s incredible 3rd birthday party.

The WAP rapper – who is currently expecting her second child – threw a princess themed bash featuring ponies, farm animals and a HUGE cake.

Cardi showed off her daughter Kulture’s incredible birthday party[/caption]

Cardi, 28, and Offset, 29, celebrated their firstborn child with the extravagant fairytale party alongside doting friends and family.

The songwriter documented the entire day on her Instagram story, sharing snaps of little Kulture in a huge pink ballgown to match with her mom.

The event, which features an outdoor petting zoo, tunnel of balloons and host of Disney princesses, looked like every little girl’s dream.

Cardi filmed an excited Kulture as she blew out the candles on her huge birthday cake, played in a ball pit and enjoyed a pony ride.

Cardi was dressed in a huge pink ballgown to match her daughter[/caption]
Kulture rode on a pony and enjoyed a petting zoo for her birthday[/caption]

The Hustlers actress, who announced her pregnancy last month, wore a huge pink ballgown with a tulle skirt flowing behind her.

Proud dad Offset, who was seen doting on his young daughter in the snaps, opted for a three-piece white suit as he played Prince Charming.

Kulture kicked off her birthday celebrations by riding alongside her parents in a horse-drawn carriage to the venue, where crowds waited for them.

The three-year-old enjoyed a pony ride as well as petting alpacas in the zoo before being led inside to meet Disney’s Princess Tiana in a balloon tunnel.

Proud dad Offset doted on his young daughter[/caption]
Cardi showed off the huge castle-themed cake[/caption]
The three-year-old met with the Disney princesses on the door[/caption]

Belle and Cinderella also awaited Kulture and her friends as children toddled around in the fairytale-themed venue.

The evening was concluded with a cake – featuring a horse and carriage and nodding to notable moments in Cardi, Offset and Kulture’s lives.

Cardi and Offset let loose on the dance floor at the end of the night, as the Up rapper cradled her blossoming baby bump under her dress.

The birthday celebrations for Kulture continued the following day, as Cardi B and Kulture took to the American Dream Meadowlands theme park in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

The family enjoyed time on the dance floor together[/caption]
Cardi also took her daughter to a theme park for her birthday[/caption]

Cardi donned a hot pink ensemble that fight tightly around her bump, pulling her hair into a tight ponytail and accessorizing with large hoops.

She carried around a white purse as she filmed Kulture running around the theme park in a white top and shorts and Gucci cardigan.

“Are you here to have fun?” Cardi could be heard saying to Kulture and her friends gathering around her, to which they answered: “Yes!”

She filmed as they laughed and screamed on a series of rides, including a ferris wheel and the Nickelodeon Slime Streak.

She and Kulture enjoyed rides at the American Dream Meadowlands[/caption]
She filmed Kulture having fun on the rides[/caption]

The mother-daughter duo them took to a train inspired ride together, with Kulture happily telling her mom’s Instagram fans they were on the “choo-choo train”.

Last week, Cardi left her millions of followers stunned with how she hid her pregnancy from her Instagram fans until last month.

The star created a Tik Tok to reveal the techniques she used to keep the pregnancy a secret until she was ready.

Posting the Tik Tok to her 99million followers on Instagram, the voice-over “no body’s going to know” played on a loop as a series of clips played.

The clips showed Cardi posing up a storm in a matching legging and crop top blue set that almost had a snake-print vibe to it.

Posing against a white wall, the star didn’t look a day pregnant as she flaunted her curves and pulled a few poses.

But then in another clip filming herself standing in front of a mirror in the exact same outfit, Cardi turned to the side to reveal she was pregnant at the time but the optical illusion effect of the outfit hid it.

The star took to Instagram last month to announce her pregnancy with Offset by sharing a photo of herself posing fully nude with the exception of white clay covering her breasts and baby bump.

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