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These are the best gym workouts: 100+ that'll help you sculpt, strengthen and tone, now gyms are open

Google search for 'gym workouts' has grown 629% in the last two weeks.

Gym workouts: Young woman working out in gym, using gym equipment

It’s probably unsurprising to read that gym workouts are en vogue, mere days after gyms and outdoor workout spaces have opened their doors once more. The stats say it all: an awful lot of you are officially on the hunt for the best gym workouts, with search growing 629% in the last two weeks.

So, we thought we’d round up the best sweat sessions currently available, from your favourite PT’s and studios. These aren’t just one off workouts – most are fitness apps or gym programmes that promise to give you weekly, monthly and even yearly structure to your sweat sessions. Simply download an app and go from there.

You can also find one-off workouts on most apps, if that’s what you’re after.

Banish gym anxiety for good by arming yourself with a workout plan semi-tailored to you and your needs. In this round up, there’s a gym workout for everyone, from beginners who want to get their heart rate up, to apps designed for the more experienced to help you reach those strength training goals.

Not so keen on heading back to the gym? It won’t be for everyone, and many will just home workouts now. The future of fitness looks very different to pre-COVID, so remember to do whatever works best for you. Our round ups of the best free home workouts and the simplest no kit home workouts, as well as our favourite budget-friendly home workout kit, may help.

100+ gym workouts to try, now you can


What? Grace Beverley’s workout app SHREDDY offers a little bit of everything – recipes, classes and scaled workout programmes to suit your needs, too. It’s mainly strength focused, but offers cardio and yoga options, too.

Grace herself is currently six weeks in, training from one of her own guides, and, fun fact: SHREDDY users have completed 1,482,132+ workouts in total to date. Not bad.

Price? Monthly £9.99 monthly, £24.99 quarterly, or £74.99 annually. Can be purchased on the App Store, Google Play Store or from the SHREDDY website.


What? FIIT really does have it all – if you’re after a workout programme from some of the UK’s best personal trainers, then this one’s for you. Get a sweat on with Gabi Dawn Allen, learn the tricks of the Crossfit trade with Gus Vaz Tostes from WIT or improve your Pilates and yoga flows with Cat Meffan.

There are hundreds of classes, group workouts and training plans to choose from, plus you can track metrics, challenge your own personal bests and schedule workouts with others, so you really do get bang for your buck.

Price? £20 monthly,  £45 quarterly or £120 annually, but also available as a 14 day free trial. Can be purchased on the App Store and Google Play Store.

3. Nobs

What? Lucy Mountain’s brand new ‘no bullshit’ workout app. This app offers the perfect gym workouts for strength training newbies keen to master the basics and build from there.

Buy for empowering twelve week programmes designed to help you improve your strength, tone your muscles, and build your confidence, too. And don’t worry, there’s not a burpee in sight, but the app does offer healthy recipes and daily positivity affirmations, similar to the Mind app, but, well, more Nobs-y.

Price? £11.99 monthly, £31.99 quarterly price, or £119.99 annually. Available on the App Store and Google Play Store. If you’d rather just buy the programme, you can do that on the Nobs Guides website, too.


What? Grndhouse was originally launched last March to offer regular gym goers a strength-based home option. But it’s really rather good, and also suited to the gyms, now they’re open again. Let their roster of PT’s take your training to the next level.

Price? From £20 per month. Check the Grndhouse website now.

5. Tone & Sculpt

What? From personal trainer Krissy Cela is Tone & Sculpt, her workout app with over 400 home and gym workouts. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner or haven’t been to the gym for yonks – there are workouts for loads of different fitness abilities, as well as meal plans, qualified nutritional advice, a user community, motivational challenges, and more.

Price? £13.99 monthly or £84.99 a year. Also available for a 14 day free trial, and available on the App Store and Google Play Store. Head to the Tone & Sculpt website for more.

6. Peloton

What? Sure, the Peloton app might be designed with an actual Peloton bike in mind, but what’s to say you can’t use it at your local leisure centre on one of their spin bikes? Plus, it’s not just spin classes they offer – they’ve got over ten different types of live streamed workouts, from stretching, to running, to bootcamp and more. It’s a great one if you’re a cardio enthusiast looking to structure their runs or

Price? £12.99 a month. You can try a 30 day free trial – available on the App Store and Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore, and Roku players & TVs. Check out the Peloton website for more information.


What? Kayla Itsines, the queen of strength training and HIIT workouts, has designed a whole app to make gym workouts that little bit less intimidating – and it’s good. Again, you can either opt for a home or gym based plan, but there’s loads of options – 5,000 different sweat sessions, to be precise. That’s a whole load of gym workouts to choose from. Happy sweating.

Price? From £14 a month, although the app does include a seven day free trial. Available on the App Store and Google Play Store. Head to the SWEAT website for more information.

8. The Body Coach

What? You’ll all have heard of Joe Wicks, and while he’s known for his at-home HIIT sessions, his app includes a whole variety of gym workouts, too. He actually originally got famous for his 90-day plan, which is now available in app form, and guides you through a three month gym and nutrition plan, too.

Think dumbbell and kettlebell sets tailored to help you lose fat and up your strength, too.

Price? From £14.99 a month, but there is a seven day free trial available, if you’re keen to try. Available on App Store now. Head to The Body Coach website for more information.

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