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The Top 10 President’s Day Sales To Shop Over the Long Weekend

Another year, another weekend full of Presidents’ Day sales.

You’ve got work off which is nice, so maybe you’re focused on getting some stuff done around the house. You know, cleaning those dishes you said you’d get to last Monday. Tackling your laundry bin that surpassed the height of the Andes. Meal prepping for the first time like you said you would make your 2021 New Year’s resolution.

Or, maybe you’re like us — ignoring all of those mundanities and scouring the web for the best President’s Day sales of 2021.

President’s Day happens once a year, people. It’s time to take advantage.

This year, we’ve collected the top 10 President’s Day deals you need to know about. Meaning, yeah, essentially no other President’s Day sale matters. Sorry, Gap.

Whether you’re in need of some new furniture, a luxury sheet set or even a brand new mattress, look no further: here are the best President’s Day sales going on right now.


1. Casper

DEAL: 15% off all mattresses and 10% everything else on the site with code PRES15 until February 21.

They say you spend 1/3 of your entire life in bed, so why do it on a crappy mattress? Let’s get real, that crappy hand-me-down mattress your Aunt Patty gave you when she upgraded in 2011 simply isn’t going to cut it anymore. Right now, you can save 15% off all mattresses at Casper this President’s Day. They have a slew of options to choose from depending on what your mattress preferences are. From plushy hybrids to comfortable options under $400, there surely is a mattress that will fit your needs. While you’re at it, snag a couple of pillows, sheets, weighted blankets, bed frames and more for 10% off. You’ll be sleeping soundly in no time.

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress, best president's day sales 2021


2. Tushy

DEAL: 10% off your entire order with code BREAKUP

This year, President’s Day falls on the day right after Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re spending the holiday with a significant other or alone in your bed with a box of chocolates to yourself, the day after V-Day means you’ve gotta wait a whole year to celebrate again. Thankfully, no matter how your Valentine’s Day ends up, you can look forward to the very next day where you can purchase a Tushy bidet for 10% off. Tushy capitalized on the day after V-Day in quite literally the most hilarious way ever by enforcing customers to use the word “BREAKUP” upon checkout to get the deal. So, if you want a cheaper bidet, you might have to dump your special someone.

Tushy, best president's day sales 2021


3. Burrow

DEAL: 10% off all orders up to $1,799, $200 off orders over $1,800, $250 off orders over $2,200, $300 off orders over $2,600, $400 off orders over $3,000, and $500 off orders over $4,000 — through February 21

It’s never been a better time than now to spruce up that living space just ahead of your spring cleaning endeavors. Lucky for you, Burrow is offering a wide range of deals spanning across numerous spending points, meaning the more you spend, the better the deal will be. Burrow is mainly known for its high-quality, modern line of seating. All seating options available offer a little something extra to set the bar apart with some included added spacing, tables and even USB ports for charging. Not only that, but Burrow also has a multitude of tables, shelving, rugs and more to choose from.

Burrow Seating, best president's day sales 2021


4. Wayfair

DEAL: up to 70% off until the February 15

Wayfair truly does have just what you need. If you’ve never had the chance to shop at Wayfair before, now’s the time we recommend you do. They. Have. Everything. And it’s all so damn stylish. Improve that home interior without taking a second mortgage out on your home, because just about everything is on sale at Wayfair right now. Get up to 60% off living room seating and bedroom furniture, up to 70% off area rugs, up to 55% off kitchen and dining room furniture and much, much more.

MORE: Best President’s Day TV Deals

Kelly Clarkson Home Baker 66" Wide 3 Drawer Sideboard


5. Under Armour

DEAL: up to 50% off outlet styles plus free shipping on orders over $60

If your main goal of 2021 was to get that body back into shape after spending a year in quarantine, Under Armour is letting you know that it’s better late than never. Right now, you can get up to 50% off all outlet styles from Under Armour, so you can snag all the workout wear your body needs for a solid training session. Lucky for you, this includes the UA Sportsmask, which we named the Best Athletic Face Mask of the year in our 2020 Man Awards.

UA Sportsmask


6. Urban Outfitters

DEAL: 30% off BDG Denim until the 16th

Let’s keep it real — you need a new pair of jeans. We don’t care how attached to them you are. They’re looking frumpy as hell and we all know they’re way too close to tearing. Purchase your new favorite pair of jeans right now from BDG Denim at Urban Outfitters during their current 30% off sale lasting ’til Tuesday. They have multiple styles to choose from for both men and women. Best part of all? Not only does the brand have jeans, but jackets, shirts and more.

BDG Denim


7. Saatva

DEAL: $200 off all orders over $1000 sitewide until February 15

Okay, fine, you caught us. While we love Casper, we also love Saatva. We understand that the brands are somewhat rivals, but hey, both deals are way too great to pass up mentioning. Saatva has a range of award-winning mattresses that typically go over the $1000 price point to begin with, so you’ll be saving big on stellar mattresses for your body and sleep style. Like Casper, Saatva also sells bedding, frames and bases, too, so feel free to go overboard here.

Saatva Classic Mattress


8. SkinStore

DEAL: up to 50% sitewide and extra 10% off with code EXTRA until February 17

If you haven’t yet heard of SkinStore, boy, are you behind. SkinStore is your online retailer for all things skin-related. Creams, moisturizers, serums, exfoliators, oils — you name it. If you’re the kind of person that has somehow yet to start a skincare regimen, now’s the time because SkinStore is offering 50% off sitewide with an extra 10% off with code EXTRA at checkout to ensure your face is looking the best it ever has. What are you waiting for? Let’s revitalize that mug of yours.

SkinStore Skin Care Products


9. Chewy

DEAL: 20% off select puppy products with code PUPPYBOWL until February 28, up to 30% off dog crates, mats and pens from Frisco until February 14, and 20% off health and wellness items with code HEALTHY20

Not everything you buy this President’s Day has to be for you, maybe consider your pets this time around. Chewy has been a long-appreciated pet retailer for quite some time now with products and essentials trusted by pet owners worldwide. Right now, in honor of the yearly Puppy Bowl, you can receive 20% off select products for your pup with code PUPPYBOWL at checkout. Additionally, V-Day deals include 30% off dog crates, mats and pens from Frisco. Although that technically doesn’t register toward President’s Day, it is still on for the whole weekend. Lastly, snag 20% off health and wellness products with the code HEALTHY20. Because who doesn’t want their pet to be as healthy as they can be this year?

Frisco Fold & Carry Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate


10. Therabody

DEAL: Buy one get one free on all TheraOne products

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it should be quite obvious when we say we love Therabody. Their line of Theragun massage guns is genuinely unmatched in comparison to any other massage gun brand. Period. But, this President’s Day, we’re focusing less on Therabody’s line of massage guns and solely on their line of CBD products called TheraOne. We’ve reviewed TheraOne once before and we’ve been floored since. If you’re suffering from any muscle aches and pains throughout your body, we’re sure TheraOne has a product to solve your issues.

This deal technically ends on V-Day, but you can still get in on the offer as long as you give Therabody your email address. You’ll then get a single-use code to use at checkout and bam. Your BOGO offer shows up.

TheraOne Products


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