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Inside the 10 cheapest UK properties with prices starting from £22,500

IF you’re looking to buy a home but money is tight, finding somewhere within your budget could be more of a struggle.

Although some experts reckon prices could fall as much as 6% over the year, the average UK home costs £249,633, according to the Land Registry.

We’ve rounded up the 10 cheapest homes on the market in the UK

This would mean scraping together a deposit of tens of thousands – a daunting prospect for many.

But we’ve found homes listed on Zoopla that are going for as little as £22,500, which is a tenth of the average UK property price.

And although saving enough for a deposit is still tough, you’ll only need roughly £2,250 for a 10% deposit to secure the cheapest homes on the list.

Most of them are in Scotland, so you’ll need to be up for moving the distance if you don’t live in these parts already.

What are the different types of home surveys?

A SURVEY gives a detailed inspection into the condition of a property, highlighting any major repair work that’s needed.

It can also help you decide whether or not you’re paying the right amount for your home.

The reports are carried out by qualified surveyors and costs vary from company to company. There are also different types of surveys depending on the depth of the report that you want and your budget.

These are the different types of surveys and their typical prices, according to the Homeowners Alliance:

Condition report, £300 or more

This gives a traffic light report to indicate the conditions of various states of the property – green for okay, orange for cause for concern.
The report provides you with a sumary of defects and possible risks but won’t provide any advice or valuations.

HomeBuyers report, £450 or more

On top of everything you get in the condition report, you’ll also get a valuation and an insurance reinstatement value – which is an estimate of how much you’ll receive if the building were to burn down.

Home Condition survey, £400 to £900 
These are carried out by the Residential Property Surveyors Association (RPSA) rather than the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and includes information on broadband speeds, a damp assessment and boundary issues to consider. The price depends on the valuation of the property.

Building survey, £500 or more

These are extensive reports where the surveyor will go into places such as the attic, check behind walls and look between floors and above ceilings. It will also provide advice on repairs, estimated costs and timings, and what will happen if you don’t carry out the repairs. Prices depend on the size of the property.

Before splashing out, you should pay to have a survey carried out.

This is especially important for homes that need work, and they will come at an additional cost to the survey your mortgage lender will carry out.

Here’s a look at the 10 cheapest homes on the market:

Three bed flat, Scotland: £22,500

This is one of the UK’s cheapest homes on the market[/caption]
The kitchen needs a revamp, as some of the kitchen counters are falling apart[/caption]

For £22,500, this three bed flat in the Scottish town of New Cumnock, East Ayrshire, is one of the cheapest flats your money can buy.

The home also has a lounge, kitchen, and bathroom, and it’s located on the upper floor of the building.

You’ll also have access to a private garden at the back of the property.

It’s a small price tag, but you’ll have to factor in extra cash needed to make the flat liveable before you can move in.

The kitchen cabinets look like they are falling apart, and the bathroom could do with an update.

If you want to pop to the nearest city to New Cumnock is roughly an hour’s drive away from Glasgow.

You’ll need to stump up £2,250 for a 10% deposit, and you can check the property out in more detail here.

Two bed flat, Scotland: £22,500

This flat in New Cumnock is on the market for £22,500[/caption]
If you’re not a fan of blue, you’ll need to invest in some paint[/caption]

Also one of the cheapest homes on the market and a 12 minutes drive away from New Cumnock is this ground floor, two bed flat in Cumnock.

It also has one bathroom, a lounge, and a kitchen, and you’ll have access to a garden too.

If you fancy putting in an offer, you’ll probably need to have £2,250 in the bank for a 10% deposit.

But you’ll need to have extra cash available to spruce it up.

The kitchen looks to be in good condition, but the other rooms could do with a bit of work.

One is bright blue and the paintwork on the walls is a little patchy – so you might want to think about redecorating.

You can check the flat out on Zoopla’s website.

Two bed flat, Scotland: £22,500

For a 10% deposit, you’ll need £2,250 for this flat in New Cumnock[/caption]
The bathroom will need some work, so make sure to budget for this extra cash[/caption]

Also for sale in New Cumnock is this two bed flat for £22,500.

The flat also has an entrance hall, lounge, kitchen and bathroom, and there’s a garden at the back and a gravelled area at the front.

Like the other flats at this price, you’ll need to factor in extra money for work which needs doing.

The bathroom in particular could do with some love, and the kitchen too.

Again, you’ll need £2,250 for a 10% deposit and you can check the house out in more detail here.

Two bed flat, Scotland: £23,950

Glasgow is a 21 minute drive away from this flat in Chapelhall[/caption]
It looks like there’s mould on some of the walls, but other rooms look to be in better condition[/caption]

For a little bit extra, you could buy this two bed flat in the Scottish village of Chapelhall, North Lanarkshire, for £23,950.

At this price, you’ll need to be able to fork out £2,395 for a 10% deposit.

Although there looks to be mould on the walls of one of the rooms – which looks to be the lounge – it doesn’t look like the kitchen needs too much work.

However, most of the rooms could probably do with a makeover.

You could even be neighbours with Christmas-mad gran Tina McTavish, 69, who loves the festive season so much she transformed her home into Santa’s Grotto. 

If you want to pop to your nearest city, hop on the M8 – which is a stone’s throw away – and head west to Glasgow which is a 21 minute drive away.

One bed flat, Scotland: £25,000

You’ll have to pop in an offer for at least £25,000 for this one bed in Kilmarnock[/caption]
You might want to replace the bathroom[/caption]

You’ll have to pop in an offer for at least £25,000 if you want a chance of bagging this one bed flat in Scottish town Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire.

It also has a lounge, kitchen, bathroom and hallway, and there’s also a communal garden.

If you’re not a fan of red carpets or blue bathrooms, make sure you have extra cash set aside as the flat is “in need of modernisation”, according to the advert.

The town has a football club, Kilmarnock FC, if you fancy popping out to watch a game or two.

If you want to take a trip to your nearest city, head north east to Glasgow, which is a 31 minute drive away.

You’ll need at least £2,500 for a 10% deposit and you can take a closer look at the flat here.

One bed flat, North East: £25,000

This house near Sunderland will set you back £25,000[/caption]
The flat comes with a small price tag, but it needs some attention[/caption]

For the same price, head south east to Houghton Le Spring, near Sunderland, to bag yourself this one bed flat.

This upstairs end flat also has a living room, bathroom and kitchen.

The flat is messy and in need of a refurbishment – and worryingly, there looks to be holes in the walls along the staircase.

If you look past the upunded sofas and rubbish on the floor, the flat doesn’t look to be in too bad condition.

But you’ll probably need to set aside a chunk of money to do it up, and you’ll need £2,500 for a 10% deposit.

You might also meet a few people who live in the neighbourhood who have been up close and personal to a few Donald Trump look-a-likes.

Mum-of-two Amanda Brewster, 36, once discovered the ex-President’s face in a Tesco tuna steak, and pub go-er Matthew Smith, 40, almost ate a pork scratching that looked exactly like him too.

You can check out the flat on Zoopla’s website.

One bed flat, North East: £25,000

This flat will cost you £25,000[/caption]
You might need to revamp the bathroom before you move in[/caption]

Up next is this one bed flat in Hartlepool, near Durham, for £25,000.

This ground floor flat also has an entrance hall, lounge, kitchen, and bathroom.

There’s only four photos of the inside of the flat, but most rooms look to be in alright condition – although it could probably do with a new bathroom.

If you fancy it, then you’d better act fast – someone has already made an offer of £20,000 for it.

Make sure you have £2,500 for a 10% deposit, though.

If you’re looking to get fit after lockdown, you could take a trip to former Mr Universe Eddy Ellwood’s gym in the town.

You might have to wait a while to take a trip, as it was shut down earlier this week after he refused to close it during lockdown.

You can check the flat out here.

Two bed flat, Scotland: £25,000

If you’d like a less jazzy bathroom, you’ll need some extra cash for a makeover[/caption]

Also up for sale in the Scottish town of Cumnock is this two bed flat for £25,000.

It also has a kitchen, lounge and bathroom, and there looks to some grassy areas outside of the block of flats.

It looks a little dark at the minute judging by photos of the interior, so you might need some extra cash to do the flat up.

The toilet, sink and bath in the bathroom are also all blue – so if this isn’t your cup of tea, you might want to give this room some attention.

You’ll also need £2,500 for a 10% deposit and you can check the flat out here.

One bed flat, Scotland: £27,000

This flat in Beith will set you back £27,000[/caption]
It doesn’t look like the kitchen and lounge need much work[/caption]

This first floor, one bed flat in the Scottish village of Beith, North Ayrshire, will set you back £27,000.

It also has a lounge and kitchen area and bathroom.

This flat looks to be in the best condition compared to the others. 

Some rooms, like the kitchen and the bathroom, look like they hardly need any work.

However, you should factor in the costs of redecorating if the decor isn’t quite to your taste.

For a 10% deposit, you’ll need to have saved up £2,700 and you can check out the property here.

Two bed flat, Scotland: £27,500

This two bed, upper floor flat in Cumnok is on sale for £27,500[/caption]
A couple of the rooms are in need of a paint job[/caption]

The tenth cheapest house on the market is once again in Cumnock.

This two bed, upper floor flat is on sale for £27,500, and also has a lounge, kitchen, and bathroom.

It also looks like you might have access to a back garden, judging from the pictures.

Like the other flats, this will need a bit of redecorating, so you’ll need to budget for this cost when thinking about putting an offer in.

Make sure you have £2,750 for a 10% deposit.

Emma Nairn ended up spending another £7,000 doing up her run down home, while this couple transformed a run down £85,000 methodist church into a £300,000 family home.

House prices are expected to drop in 2021 by as much as 6%, according to Halifax’s latest house price index.

 This would almost wipe out all of the gains seen in the “mini boom” in the second half of 2020

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