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‘Great idea’ hail pet owners after spotting handy gadget at B&M for just £8 – and it’s perfect for the hot weather

PET owners have hailed a handy gadget that can be bought at a high street store.

As households across Britain heat up, many with furry friends are desperately trying to cool theirs down.

the outside of a b & m store with a blue sign
The product is being sold at B&M[/caption]
a small fan that says chilly 's paws on it
The USB chargeable fan is being sold at B&M

The country has been battling soaring temperatures with shoppers rushing to buy fans for themselves.

But B&M is one retailer being hailed for their cheap and cheerful chargeable USB fan that is “perfect for pets”.

The bargain £8 appliance can be attached to any dog crate and simply just needs turning on.

One buyer shared the post online and branded it “worth every penny”.

Even though it’s cheaper than Aldi, she said.

The woman wrote: “USB cooling fan for your dogs crate only £8 in B&M. I have gathered apparently cheaper in Aldi

“But B&M is local to me so I got from there! And it’s worth every penny to keep my baby girl cool.

“And Aldi one requires batteries this one is USB chargeable don’t require any batteries!”

Other shoppers were quick to comment on the viral post.

One wrote: “We need something like this for the boy!”

A second added: “I need one of these!”

Meanwhile a third commented: “I bought one of these the other day. It’s perfect.”

There are a number of hacks and items that you might already have in your home which could help with the summer heat.

Keeping blinds and windows closed

When the sun is shining it can be difficult to keep your windows and blinds shut. 

But knowing when to open and when to close them can be an extremely cost effective hack to stop your house overheating. 

When temperatures are cooler opening a window lets cold air in – but when the weather is warmer it does the opposite. 

So to keep your house cool on a budget keep blinds and curtains closed when the sun is shining through your windows. 

This is to stop the heating effect of sunlight coming through the glass.

If you are keen to get some fresh air again it should be okay to open the window again when the sun has moved away. 

Water and ice bowl 

This is a handy trick using everyday household items. 

To try this hack, fill up a small bowl with water and then add a few ice cubes. 

Place the bowl in front of a fan and then turn it on. 

This affordable hack aims to keep your room cooler by circulating the cold air produced by the water and ice.

Fans are really great tools to keep you cool but sometimes they can push warm air around a room, rather than cool it down.

This trick helps you get the most out of your device. 

But it is important to stay safe using electrical devices and not to put water to close to any electrical device – including fans.

Fans are a good investment to make as they are quick fix to help you cool down. 

You also don’t have to spend a fortune when buying one. 

The Sun has rounded up the cheapest fans currently on the market – with some costing as little as £8. 

Switch off unused appliances

This tip is not only simple but can also help you save on your energy bill. 

If one of your appliances isn’t in use then make sure that it is turned off.

This will create less heat and may cool your own temper as well.

As well as that, it will also help you cut down on your energy bill. 

If you have an appliance such as an air fryer you might want to consider using that instead of a traditional oven. 

This is because air fryers use less watts than an oven and do not create as much when you open them. 

Ditching your hairdryer or straighteners for a few days can also really help in keeping your body temperature down. 

Get the tinfoil out

Using tin foil to shield your home from the sun’s rays can help to keep your home cool without having to turn on a fan or air-con.

To try this method out all you need to do is cover your windows with the shiny cupboard staple. 

Be especially sure to cover the windows that are hit with direct sunlight. 

You can do this by dampening the shiny side of the foil and sticking it to your windows.

Another way to try this method is by cutting out pieces of cardboard that will fit the size of your window and then cover them with a reflective tin foil layer.

You could also use sticky tape to make sure it stays put.

This is a cheap way to stay cool as temperatures are set to hit close to 30 degrees in some parts of the UK. 

The Sun found tinfoil for as little as 75p in Waitrose, if you don’t already have some to hand. 


This may not seem like an obvious hack but it can be a natural way to keep your home cool. 

Plants are natural air conditioners and generate moisture into the air. 

If you don’t have any green shrubs to hand, don’t worry you can find some online and in stores for a relatively cheap price. is selling a Madagascar dragon tree for £14.99. 

Meanwhile, Amazon is selling a Areca large indoor house plant for £12.99. 

Try popping your bed sheets in the freezer 

Trying to get to sleep when the weather is warm can at times be a nightmare, and really impact getting a good night’s rest. 

A clever hack is to put your bed sheets in the freezer for a few minutes to provide instant relief and lower your body temperature. 

The idea behind this method is to simply put your bed sheets into an airtight freezer bag- to avoid them getting soaked- and leave them in your freezer for a couple of minutes. 

If your freezer is not big enough to fit your sheets in, another way of styling cool overnight is to pop your pillow cases in there instead. 

The freezer tip is an alternative to using a fan, which can be expensive to keep running over night. 

Ditch your duvet

Your duvet can be an effective way of keeping you warm in the winter, but you might want to think about parting ways as the weather heats up. 

Remove your duvet cover from your bed sheets and place them in the cupboard for the summer months. 

You can just use your sheets as a cover while you sleep, and you might find it gives instant relief. 

Using bed sheets with the lightest material is also important as you do not want warm fabrics to cause you to heat up. 

Using a hot water bottle

This may seem bizarre but a hot water bottle does not only have to be used for keeping you toasty over winter. 

Instead, you can fill the bottle with cold water or crushed ice and place in on your body or at the end of your bed. 

The bottle works the same way in reverse. Instead of emitting heat it acts as a cooling device. 

If you don’t have a hot water bottle, you could also place a damp cloth on your forehead to get instant relief from warm temperatures. 

Thermal blinds 

This may come as a surprise but thermal blinds can be a useful addition to your home in the summer.

Not only are they good at keeping heat it but they can also keep your house cool as well. 

They cost as little as £8 in Dunelm, and can be installed yourself. 

However, if you require a handyman to fit the blinds you will have to factor in extra costs.

Top Tips To Nab The Best Shopping Bargains

Finding deals and offers can be tricky if you don't know where to look.

Here’s a list of hacks you can use to become a bargain-hunting pro and save on your shopping bill:

Join Facebook groupsExtreme Couponing and Bargains UK, Latest Deals and Reduce Your Supermarket Spend are all Facebook groups helping you reduce your spending and find good deals

Get following – Follow your favourite shops on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and sign up to its newsletters to get the latest on any offers

Check hotukdeals – The deal-sharing website lists offers as they’re spotted by savvy shoppers

Use barcode scanners – Retailers such as B&M let shoppers scan the barcodes on its app to see if it’s cheaper than the price listed on the shelf


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