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David Tennant is airhead captured by extremism – I know showbiz folk who hate woke agenda but fear being cancelled

WHERE are the bloody Daleks just when we need one? Or those Cybermen?

Doctor Who has been talking inter-galactic bollocks again and we need one of those creatures to sort him out.

At some LGBT awards bash David Tennant decided to do a bit of virtue signalling[/caption]
The actor attacked Tory politician Kemi Badenoch for her views on transgender people[/caption]

Well, I say Doctor Who. I’m really talking about the Scottish actor David Tennant.

He first played the Doctor in 2005 and it’s about all anyone remembers him for.

He’s a very woke bloke, Tennant, and at some LGBT awards bash he decided to do a bit of virtue signalling.

He attacked Tory politician Kemi Badenoch for her views on transgender people.

Badenoch’s views are broadly those shared by the vast majority of people in the country.

She simply believes that women should not have to share safe spaces with blokes who call themselves women.

Tennant said he wished Kemi “did not exist any more”. And he told her to “shut up”.

Well, never mind what I think about that — Kemi can defend herself.

She said: “A rich, leftie, white male celebrity so blinded by ideology he can’t see the optics of attacking the only black woman in Government by calling publicly for my existence to end . . . Tennant is one of Labour’s celebrity supporters. This is an early example of what life will be like if they win.”

The Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, agreed and he said that, actually, Tennant was the problem.

I don’t suppose this will bother David Tennant very much, given a chance there’s nothing our luvvies like to do more than brownnose trans campaigning groups such as Stonewall.

An awful lot of these airhead actors have been captured by this extremist ideology.

And you have to say, it’s been good for their careers.

The odious cast of Harry PotterEmma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint — lost no time at all in sticking the boot into the woman who had brought them their success, author JK Rowling.

Like Badenoch, Rowling believes trans people should be treated with compassion and respect — but not to the extent of undermining women’s rights.

So the luvvie world cancelled her.

She wasn’t invited to Harry Potter celebrations, despite the fact that she IS Harry Potter.

And when Rowling then looked for support from the people whose lives she had transformed, none was forthcoming.

Because these leftie luvvies who believe they are kind and gentle are utterly ruthless.

And anyone who disagrees with their idiotic world views suddenly finds work very hard to come by.

They get written out of public life.

Much as happened with genius writer Graham Linehan.

Graham, who wrote Father Ted, has been given pretty much no work since he expressed his views on trans-genderism.

Views which, again, are shared by the majority of people in the country.

Because this is the thing with these ideological extremists.

Nobody else is allowed to have their say.

Only one view is allowable.

I know quite a few directors, writers and actors who hate the woke agenda.

But they dare not say anything for fear of losing their careers.

And as Ms Badenoch said — it does indeed make you worry what might happen when Labour gets into power next Thursday.

What will happen to the rest of us when we simply try to state what we believe in?

Spare me the zero worship of Assange

GAWD help us, with the treatment doled out to Julian Assange by the BBC.

He’s just been released from prison.

The treatment doled out to Julian Assange by the BBC has been shocking[/caption]

And for the Beeb it was like Nelson Mandela and his long walk to freedom.

Assange was a criminal and arguably a traitor.

He endangered service personnel from his own side in the WikiLeaks scandal.

He claimed to be a journalist.

But he was very far from that – just a fairly creepy computer hacker.

It’s probably right that he is now free after 14 years either holed up in foreign embassies or in prison.

I hope he enjoys his freedom.

But he ain’t no hero.


SIR Keir Starmer has admitted that the country was right to have voted against Jeremy Corbyn in the 2019 General Election.

Trouble is, Sir Keir was right by Magic Grandpa’s side throughout the campaign.

Keir Starmer has admitted that the country was right to have voted against Jeremy Corbyn in 2019[/caption]

If he had one or two doubts about the mad old scrote, why didn’t he tell us at the time – and stop campaigning for Labour?

And his excuse – that he didn’t think Labour would win – is devoid of principle and scarcely believable.

These get my votes…

I’M aware politicians are not everybody’s favourite people right now.

And this makes us all a bit disillusioned with democracy.

Here’s who I think deserve your votes next week[/caption]

But there are some good people standing for election next week.

Individuals who show a bit of bravery and spine, aren’t afraid to criticise their own parties and work hard for a cause.

Here are a few, from across the spectrum, who I think deserve your votes next week.

ROSIE DUFFIELD (Labour, Canterbury).

Labour’s Rosie Duffield is a terrific local MP[/caption]

Terrific local MP and one who has been forced to stand up to bullies from within her own party on the transgender issue.

MIRIAM CATES (Conservative, Penistone and Stocksbridge).

Miriam Cates is an excellent election candidate[/caption]

Another excellent MP who has had to battle the thugs from Hope Not Hate, over the same issues as Rosie.

A first- rate local MP too.

DOMINIC DYER (Lib Dem, Buckingham and Bletchley).

Lib Dem MP Dominic Dyer has worked for animal rights his entire life[/caption]

A bloke who has worked for animal rights for his entire life.

It would be great to see him elected.

DAVID DAVIS (Conservative, Goole and Pocklington).

David Davis is a tireless supporter of freedom of speech[/caption]

A thorn in the side of his party and a tireless supporter of freedom of speech and individual liberty.

NIGEL FARAGE (Reform UK, Clacton).

Nigel Farage will tear up the House of Commons[/caption]

Probably the most effective politician since Tony Blair.

Come on, imagine him tearing up the House of Commons.

ME (SDP, Middlesbrough South).

Well, goes without saying, doesn’t it?

Suave, well-groomed, elegant and hung like a moose etc . . .

Why no ceasefire?

ANOTHER week goes by and STILL the deranged terrorists of Hamas refuse to sign up to a ceasefire.

So why are there not protests by all those juvenile halfwits with their keffiyehs and Palestinian flags?

They were the ones demanding a ceasefire, remember.

The truth is, those brats do not really care about the loss of Palestinian lives.

All they care for is destroying Israel.

Mainoo a no-no, Gareth

THE football pundits must have very short memories.

Southgate gets it right third time,” they were all saying.

Kobbie Mainoo may not be the quick fix England fans expect him to be[/caption]

This was about England’s midfield problems and who plays alongside Declan Rice.

First, Gareth used Trent Alexander-Arnold – nope, it didn’t work.

Then he tried Conor Gallagher, who scurried about all over the place.

But that didn’t work either.

But finally he got it right, they said, using Manchester United youngster Kobbie Mainoo.


Think back, gentlemen.

That was the pairing used by Gareth Southgate in the 1-0 defeat to Iceland on June 7.

Possibly England’s worst ever performance.

It was calamitous.

Back to the drawing board.

So now it’s nay Jude

ANOTHER evening of stupefying boredom and frustration, accompanied by lager and Kettle chips.

OK, the second half of England’s performance against Slovenia was a little better.

Jude Bellingham was pretty absent during England’s 0-0 draw with Slovenia[/caption]

But still nowhere near enough to vanquish a tiny country consisting of about 37 people clinging to the side of a mountain in the Julian Alps.

Jude? Jude who?

What really bothered me was the attitude of England manager Gareth Southgate and some of the players BEFORE the match.

Subjected to stinging criticism, they responded by saying, effectively: ‘We don’t give a monkey’s. People can say what they like, we’ll carry on doing the same ’ol.”

Well, good luck with that approach on Sunday, lads.

Therapist nightmare

A WOMAN has won £200,000 in damages from her sex therapist.

Ella Janneh claimed Michael Lousada told her his penis was like a “laser” and would “burn up” her trauma.

Ella Janneh has won £200,000 in damages from her sex therapist[/caption]
You Tube
Michael Lousada told Ella his penis was like a ‘laser’ and would ‘burn up’ her trauma[/caption]

By God, therapists talk some self-serving rot.

And this one kind of takes the biscuit.

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Warner will not be considered for 2025 Champions Trophy: Bailey

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