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Going on holiday? Lookfantastic’s £30 Travel Beauty Edit is full of all the mini’s you need for your summer holiday

LOOKFANTASTIC has launched an unmissable beauty bundle, which is filled with several beauty travel essentials.

Lookfantastic’s Travel Beauty Edit has landed and if you have a holiday or not it is the summer solution. Let us explain…

The bundle could save you over £70 – excluding the possibility of a holiday[/caption]

LOOKFANTASTIC Travel Beauty Edit (worth over £100)

The Lookfantastic Travel Beauty Edit contains over £100 worth of beauty essentials for your summer vacation but could be yours for £30.

The Lookfantastic Travel Beauty Edit is a saving grace for the summer months, whether you are going on vacation, or staying in the UK.

Plus, Lookfantastic could even see you bag a free holiday, they’ve partnered with First Choice to give shoppers the chance to win £2,000 towards a package holiday, when they purchase the Lookfantastic Travel Beauty Edit

When shopping the Lookfantastic Travel Beauty Edit, simply add your email address to enter the competition, which will close at 9am on 31st July and only one entry is allowed per person.

The £2,000 contribution to a package holiday does not come with every Lookfantastic Beauty Travel Edit purchased.

However, the Lookfantastic Beauty Travel Edit is one of the most impressive limited edition beauty bundles we have seen from the retailer, as well as other beauty boxes, including the recently released ASOS’ Here Comes The Bride Beauty Box.

The curated bundle covers all bases and is the full 360 hamper, as it features travel essentials across body care, haircare, skincare and beauty tools.

The edit includes viral beauty buys, plus items to help you feel fabulous over the summer.

The beauty items include travel-size beauty items, which is genius considering the weight allowance when it comes to liquids packed in hand luggage.

The 15-piece edit features big brands from Bondi Sands, and Glow Hub, as well as Kiehl’s, Coola, and many more.

From in-flight beauty saviours, such as Beauty Pro’s Retinol Eye Patches, to Bondi Sands SPF50 Moisturiser, Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50, as well as a Lancaster Tan Maximiser After Sun Lotion to soothe the skin after basking in the sun’s rays.

The OUAI Melrose Place Body Cleanser is a god sent to cleanse the skin and remove sun cream from the day, while the Rituals The Ritual of Karma Shimmering Body Oil is a perfect accessory to apply to your skin morning, noon and night, for an added glow.

Alongside the Grow Gorgeous Volume Root Stimulating Primer, the kit also features a free Klorane Flax Dry Shampoo, which is another game-changer when travelling to make hair wash days last longer.

Let’s not forget the chance to win £2,00 towards a First Choice holiday.

Like with every Lookfantastic beauty box this hamper is a limited edition, so when it has sold out it is gone for good, though the contents can be purchased separately from Lookfantastic if you miss out.

Get it before it goes.

What’s inside the Lookfantastic Travel Edit?

  • Glow Hub Glow Giver Facial Serum 30ml (Travel-Size) – worth £14
  • Bondi Sands Sunny Daze SPF 50 Moisturiser 10ml (Travel-Size) – worth £2.50
  • Beauty Pro-Retinol Eye Patch (Full-Size) – worth £2
  • Grown Alchemist Age-Repair Intensive Moisturiser 12ml (Travel-Size) – worth £27
  • NEW Youth To The People Superfood Skin Drip Smooth + Glow Barrier Serum 4ml (Travel-Size)
  • CeraVe Hydrating Cream-to-Foam Cleanser 50ml (Travel-Size)
  • Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA++++ 5ml (Travel-Size)
  • Coola Dew Good Illuminating SPF Serum 7ml (Travel-Size)
  • OUAI Melrose Place Body Cleanser 30ml (Travel-Size) – worth £3
  • Rituals The Ritual of Karma Shimmering Body Oil 30ml (Travel-Size) – worth £7
  • Lancaster Tan Maximiser After Sun Lotion 15ml (Travel-Size) – worth £3
  • Revolution 5D Lash Pow Mascara 10ml (Full-Size) – worth £9.99
  • Illamasqua Powder Blush in shade Katie 4,5g (Full-Size) – worth £23
  • Tweezerman Micro Mini Tweezers in Blue (Travel-Size) – worth £10
  • Grow Gorgeous Volume Root Stimulating Primer 60ml (Full-Size) – worth £9.60
  • FREE Extra Treat: Klorane Flax Dry Shampoo 50ml
  • Plus a chance to win a £2,000 FirstChoice package holiday

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Faculty of International Journalism and Mass Communications Eurasian International University is conducting an additional intake of applicants! — latest news 24/7. You can add your news instantly now — here

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Ротенберг о матче звезд КХЛ и НХЛ: «Не терпится увидеть коллег-тренеров, ребят, с которыми прошли огонь и воду, играли на ЧМ, побеждали на Олимпийских играх»

Наталья Страшнова стала ведущей программы «Формула Верхневолжья».

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Surya set to pip Hardik , emerges as dark horse for India's T20I captaincy

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