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Major mobile network makes big change to roaming charges – and customers will be delighted

JET-SETTING Three customers can cut phone costs abroad as the telecoms provider shakes up its roaming tariffs.

The network has added 92 new roaming destinations with its new Go Roam Around the World Extra pass.

Three has added a new roaming pass for customers[/caption]

Under the new add-on, customers can use their calls, texts and data allowance in more than 160 destinations around the world, including Albania, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, China, Haiti, Qatar, South Korea and Thailand.

The Sun has reached out for pricing details from Three and will update the article as soon as confirmed.

The existing Go Roam Around the World pass covers 71 destination and is available as three, seven and 14-day passes from £5.

Three customers wanting to roam in Europe, you can buy a Go Roam Europe with three, seven and 14-day passes from £2.

Outside of the passes, customers can pay a daily roaming charge of £7 to unlock their UK allowance abroad for 24 hours.

And if you want unlimited data while abroad, a Data Passport can be used in 89 destinations worldwide, costing £5 for 24 hours.

A fair use policy of 12GB per month applies.

Mark Gardiner, director of consumer at Three UK said, “International Travel is hugely important for many of our customers especially as we enter the summer.

“This significant growth of our Go Roam offering will ensure that customers can now visit even more countries and continue to use their phone hassle free.

“This experience is further improved on our Three You Way plans or through our Roaming Add-Ons.”

Before Brexit, all UK data plans in Europe could be used at no extra cost, but since then several operators including Three have reintroduced the charges.

However, there are some networks that still offer free roaming on the continent.

If you are often travelling in Europe it could be worth switching provider to save.

Networks with free roaming in Europe:

  • Asda

Asda will let you roam for free in 46 European countries.

The provider says you don’t need to tell it if you’re going away, you can simply carry on texting, calling and streaming as you would at home.

  • BT Mobile

BT Mobile’s ‘Roam Like Home’ offering lets its customers roam for free in 47 destinations.

You can use your mobile plan allowance to use data, make calls and send texts back to the UK as well as to receive calls and texts for free when you’re roaming in these zones.

  • GiffGaff

GiffGaff plans can be used in the EU and some other destinations at no extra cost.

If you’re a pay as you go customer, the provider says it will charge you at your usual UK rates.

However, there is a cap of 5GB.

  • iD Mobile

Roaming comes as standard on all iD mobile phone and SIM only plans.

This means customers can use their UK monthly allowances of minutes, text and data in 50 destinations worldwide.

There is a fair use data cap of 30GB.

  • Lebara

Lebara says that you can use UK plan allowances while roaming in the EU or India for no extra cost.

There is a fair use cap of up to 30GB on the unlimited data plan.

  • O2

O2 is the only major network provider that has not brought back roaming charges.

If you’re travelling in what it calls its “Europe Zone”, you can call text or use data like you would in the UK and for no extra cost.

There is a fair usage cap of 25GB.

  • Plusnet

Plusnet’s “Roam Like at Home” offering lets customers use their monthly plan allowance in more than 40 EU destinations, including France, Spain, Italy and Germany.

Plusnet has a fair usage policy in place which applies to any plans with a data allowance of 20GB or more each month.

  • Smarty

Smarty lets its customers roam in the EU for no extra costs. If your plan includes calls and texts, they’ll also work as usual.

There’s a fair use limit on data of up to 12GB.

  • Talkmobile

Talkmobile is another network with free EU roaming.

For customers who joined or upgraded before March 14, 2023, the fair use limit is 15GB per month.

Customers who joined after that date have a lower allowance of 5GB per month.

  • Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile has extended its free roaming offer until 2025.
That means that you can use your text, call, and data allowances at no extra cost in 48 destinations.

How to avoid roaming charges

Simrat Sharma, a mobiles expert at Uswitch, said switching to an eSIM - short for embedded SIM - can be cheaper than using international roaming.

“eSIMs make it easier to change networks,” she said.

“So for example, if you’re abroad you can quickly connect to the local network to pay local rates – without having to add or swap a physical local SIM card for your device.

“This means travel eSIMs are almost always cheaper than using international roaming, as users are effectively tapping into the same network plans as locals.

If you’re regularly switching numbers or travelling to different locations, you’ll be able to keep them all safely in digital format rather than carrying around a number of small cards.

“The software can easily be accessed via your device’s app store and uploaded to your phone in a few quick steps.”


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Exclusive - Sayantani Ghosh expresses happiness as sets of her show Dahej Daasi shifted close to her home; says 'I've been manifesting this for quite some time now'

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