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‘I’ll have to talk to my agent’ says Harry Kane as England star offered transfer from Bayern during press conference

HARRY KANE joked he will speak to his agent after being offered unlimited bratwurst and free drinks if he signs for a seventh-tier German team.

The England skipper, 30, was quizzed by the media ahead of the Three Lions’ final Euro 2024 Group C game against Slovenia on Tuesday.

Harry Kane was jokingly offered a shock transfer away from Bayern Munich[/caption]
The England skipper signed the shirt of seventh-tier SG Lauscha/Neuhaus[/caption]
He opted against putting pen to paper on a deal at the German minnows

Kane had to respond to questions about his own role in the team, England’s abject performances so far – and even hit back at Gary Lineker’s “s***” comment.

But he let out a big smile when he was asked about leaving Bayern Munich – to join minnows SG Lauscha/Neuhaus, based near England’s plush Weimarer Land spa and golf resort in Blankenhain.

Local comedian Jonas Greiner, representing broadcaster MDR Jump, asked the striker about his views on the area, before changing gears and offering him the chance to extend his stay in the region.

And he even had SG Lauscha/Neuhaus’ fluorescent yellow shirt ready in case Kane accepted the plucky offer.

Greiner said: “Could you imagine living here one day? Do you want to stay? We have a seventh-division team you may have heard of, SG Lauscha/Neuhaus.

“They have a contract offer for you. You get free Thuringia rostbratwurst all you can eat, free drinks in every bar, and mindestlohn (minimum wage).

“You will have much more time for the national team. If you want, I have your jersey here.”

Kane joined in the laughter in the press room – before playing along with the joke.


The ex-Tottenham striker replied: “It’s very well prepared. I’ll have to talk to my agent and see what we can do!

“But you have good golf courses. I mean the golf course we’re staying on is fantastic so it’s not a bad plus.


“It’s been great. You know the reception I’ve had not just here but in the whole of Germany has been incredible. I think since I moved to Bayern Munich I’ve added a lot of supporters to me.

“Every hotel we’ve been to so far and just around the stadium and everything, the support has been amazing, so I just want to say thank you for that.

“I don’t know if it’s on my mind to move here one day, but we appreciate you guys hosting us.”

And although he refused to sign the contract, Kane did autograph the Lauscha/Neuhaus shirt at the end of the press conference.

But Greiner joked his local side had enjoyed a more successful season than Bundesliga giants Bayern last term.

Greiner told the PA news agency: “He could be good in the team. We don’t have a Jude Bellingham but we have many players who can drink on one day and on the next day they play.

Jack Wilshere: Southgate must be brave with Rice

By Jack Wilshere

GARETH SOUTHGATE should be brave and play Declan Rice as our sole holding midfielder.

But if England manager Southgate doesn’t want to do that — and he probably doesn’t ­— then he needs to give Rice the chance to play more like he does for Arsenal.

Let’s be absolutely clear here. Rice was so important for us again during that first half against Denmark.

The fact that he had a difficult second 45 minutes showed how much England were struggling.

Rice himself would hold his hands up and say he gave away the ball too often.

But what I took overall from his performance is that he needs more help in the engine room.

Read here how Jack Wilshere would resolve the Declan Rice dilemma.

“They hit the ball even if they drank like 15 beers the day before and I guess that’s high-level pressure they can deal with.

“It would be a great match with a professional player who can score the goals so that the other players can drink like 17 beers the day before.

“They were promoted this year so it’s another benefit for Harry Kane – more titles than Bayern Munich this year!”

Away from the fun and games, Kane had some strong words to hit back at the pundits criticising England so far at the tournament.

Lineker and Alan Shearer were among the strongest in voicing their concerns – with the current No9 coming in for particular negative press.

But the captain was quick to point out that no England men’s team have lifted a major trophy since 1966 – and the support would be much appreciated.

'We're struggling with and without the ball', admits Harry Kane

HARRY KANE admits England “haven’t been good enough” at the Euros.

Here’s what skipper Kane said after the disappointing 1-1 draw with Denmark:

“We’re struggling with and without the ball.

“The pressing in both games hasn’t been quite right. We haven’t been good enough, from top to bottom, from me to Picks (Jordan Pickford).

“Everyone is dropping below their level a bit, in terms of retaining the ball, playing under pressure.

“We know there’ll be a bit of noise and disappointment back home.

“But it’s a time to stay calm and we’ll get there step by step.

“It wasn’t our greatest game but we got away with draw.

“We are starting games well. But when the teams are dropping a few players deeper we are not quite sure how to get the pressure on, and who is the one who is supposed to be going.”

“In the second half, we changed it with me and Jude (Bellingham)  playing in front of their two midfielders. But it was difficult.”

Kane said: “I’d never want to be disrespectful to any player, especially a player that’s worn the shirt and knows what it’s like to play for England.

“What maybe ex-players who are pundits now have got to realise, it’s very hard not to listen to it now, especially for young players who are not used to it or some players are new to the environment.

“I know they’ve got to be honest and have their opinion but they have a responsibility as an ex-England player that a lot of players looked up to, people do care about what they say and do listen to them.

“Everyone has got their opinion, but the bottom line is we haven’t won nothing as a nation for a long, long time and a lot of these players were part of that, and they know how tough it is.

“It’s not digging anyone out, but it’s just the reality that they do know it’s tough to play in these major tournaments and tough to play for England.”

Comedian Jonas Greiner is on a bid to sign a big-name player for SG Lauscha/Neuhaus[/caption]

Who is Euro 2024's sexiest star?

EURO 2024 has something for everyone from stunning goals, thrilling matches… and the continent’s biggest hunks, writes Jack Figg.

Several stars have lit up the group stages with their skills on the pitch – but others are also catching the eye for their looks.

But who is the sexiest?

Thankfully AI boffins have carried out an analysis on the facial attractiveness of all players at the tournament.

And it’s bad news for Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions who are the fourth UGLIEST in the competition – one place below Scotland.

In fact it’s England’s group rivals Serbia who have fans swooning the most – boasting an average score of 77.90/100 with defender Strahinja Pavlovic deemed their most attractive.

While Turkey defender Mert Muldur has been ranked as the tournament’s BEST-LOOKING player.

But who is England’s sexiest star, and who makes the Euros’ hunkiest XI? Read our full story.

England legend’s glamorous daughter dazzles in bikini on France holiday and sends fans into meltdown

The Truth About Female Sexual Desire

A school for African diplomats has opened in Moscow

The Faculty of International Journalism and Mass Communications of the Eurasian International University conducts an additional set of applicants!

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