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Meet Slovenia’s gorgeous Wags, from a mummy blogger and influencer to a professional tennis star

ENGLAND’S final opponents in Group C come in the shape of Slovenia.

After the disappointing draw against Denmark, the Three Lions know nothing but a win will do to seal a top place finish.

Mia Golob calls herself ‘Simple like quantum physics’ on her Instagram account
Instagram @mia_mujadzic_golob
Mia is one of Slovenia’s prettiest Wags and loves to dress up in Dior
Instagram @mia_mujadzic_golob
Glam Mia is engaged to midfield ace Andraz Sporar
Instagram @mia_mujadzic_golob

While the team from the Balkans have their own designs on qualifying for the knockout stages.

Cheering our opponents on will be their stunning Wags.

From a mummy blogger to a pro tennis star who has been victorious at Wimbledon, here are the Slovenia stars’ partners.

Mia Golob

Mia calls herself ‘Simple like quantum physics’ on her Instagram.

But, the glam Wag, who is engaged to Andraz Sporar, seems anything but.

Her social media account shows she loves amazing breaks away, enjoying a holiday in Greece back in April.

Mia is also well tuned to fashion, showing off her love for Dior – wearing the brand in multiple outfits.

Wera Blazic

Wera is Slovenia’s most popular Wag and another complete fashionista.

She married midfielder Miha Blazic in December, 2023 in a glitzy ceremony at a five-star Kempinski Palace hotel in their homeland.

Wera’s Instagram is also an ode to her favourite designers, and where she shows off lavish purchases like Chanel shoes and Tom Ford make-up.

The pretty brunette has 108,000 followers on Instagram.

Wera Blazic Slovenia’s most popular Wag and another complete fashionista
Instagram @wera_marzeda
Wera boasts 108,000 followers on her Instagram account
Instagram @wera_marzeda
Wera married midfielder Miha Blazic in December, 2023 at the five-star Kempinski hotel
Instagram @wera_marzeda

Olga Danilovic

From the most popular to the most famous, Olga is a pro tennis player.

Her highest ranking was 104 in the world, but don’t let that fool you into thinking she hasn’t scored any success.

Danilovic, 23, scored plenty of success in the Junior Grand Slams in various doubles events.

In 2016, she lifted the French Open title while in 2017 she added Wimbledon and US Open titles to her honours.

Her other half is shotstopper Jan Oblak.

Olga Danilovic is the most famous Wag of the Slovenian team[/caption]
Danilovic is a pro tennis player who won junior titles at Wimbledon and the US Open
Danilovic and goalkeeper Jan Oblak make a sporting super couple in their homeland

Tjasa Hudolin

Mummy blogger Tjasa is enamoured by her two children with Aljaz Cotman, who missed out on selection for his country.

But the pair have taken to social media to support Slovenia and get into the spirit of the Euros.

Tjasa is a well-known influencer in the country, who is often asked to partner with wellness brands and shares her parenting tips to her 20,000 followers.

Mummy blogger Tjasa Hudolin has a big following in Slovenia
Instagram @tjasahudolin
Tjasa promotes wellness brands and dishes out parental tips to her Instagram followers
Instagram @tjasahudolin
Tjasa Hudolin and Aljaz Cotman are watching the Euros from afar after he wasn’t picked
Instagram @tjasahudolin

Ana Mlakar

Ana is well-versed to the English way of life, so she will know exactly what this game means.

Her husband Jan Mlakar, who is currently playing for Pisa in Serie B, also turned out for Brighton, QPR and Wigan.

The loved-up pair said their ‘I do’s’ at the fancy Tri Lucke hotel in Slovenia in 2022.

They share two children, as well as a loveable British Bulldog called Cocco who has its own Instagram.

Instagram @mlakaranaa
Jan Mlakar and Ana are well-versed in English culture[/caption]
Today, the Mlakar family live in Pisa, have two kids and dog who has his own Instagram page
Instagram @mlakaranaa

Slovenia Euro 2024 guide

THE SCOTLAND of the Balkans - Slovenia have qualified for three tournaments since independence in 1990 but never reached the knockout stages.

However, striker Benjamin Sesko is touted as the next Erling Haaland and gives the Slovenes reason to be more optimistic this time.

MANAGER: Matjaz Kek

In his second spell as boss and has been in charge since 2018 – lost just two qualifying games despite having to overcome the death of his father.

STAR MAN: Jan Oblak

The Slovenes will hope that Sesko can provide the goals at one end while Oblak, one of the best goalkeepers in the world, can keep them out at the other.

How Slovenia attack

Slovenia will be one of few teams at the Euros to play a 4-4-2, with Sesko partnering former Middlesbrough striker Andraz Sporar up front.

When Slovenia attack, the two wingers will come inside to play as makeshift attacking midfielders in a front four. They are also dangerous on the counter-attack.

How Slovenia defend

Slovenia will play in two banks of four and drop deep to deny the opposition space.

They will not break out of their shape to press under almost any circumstances.

Read the full Slovenia Euro 2024 guide, including predicted line-ups, odds and Wags

Zara Senicer

The very beautiful Zara prefers to keep a low-key profile.

Her Instagram is set to private, so the very rare snippets we see of the lifestyle she leads appear on partner Timi Elsnik’s social accounts.

However, on her Twitter page she appears to be Slovenia’s biggest fan.

She regularly shares Elsnik’s tweets, following the team’s progress.

Timi Elsnik and Zara Senicer prefer to keep their romance under wraps
Instagram @timielsnik
Instagram @timielsnik
Zara is occasionally seen in the stands, where she cheers on partner Elsnik[/caption]
Zara supports Elsnik’s efforts on social media, where she regularly retweets his posts
Instagram @timielsnik

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