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Baby Reindeer fans confused as Richard Gadd is described as ‘one of the most famous comedians in the UK’ on US chat show

BABY Reindeer fans have been left baffled after Richard Gadd was described as one of the UK’s funniest comedians.

The star, 35, appeared on a huge US chat show last week alongside his co-star Jessica Gunning and was showered with praise from host Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy Fallon Show
Richard Gadd discusses being one of the UK’s top comedians[/caption]
Jimmy Fallon Show
He appeared on Jimmy Fallon with Jessica Gunning[/caption]

Jimmy told him: “You are considered one of the more famous comedians in the UK. The Telegraph said you are one of the 50 funniest comedians of the 21st Century.”

He replied: “Yeah, the revered 23rd spot, actually funnily enough, one ahead of Chris Rock.”

The comments sparked surprise in the UK, with many claiming they had never heard of Richard until his hit Netflix show Baby Reindeer.

One person commented: “’Considered one of the more famous comedians in the UK’. Mate, tell them you wrote a good screenplay and no one had a f**kin clue who you were. be honest.”

A second remarked: “Genuinely hadn’t heard of him until Baby Reindeer was released.”

While a third added: “I’ll be completely honest, I’ve haven’t seen this guy once in my entire life. He is definitely not one of the more famous comedians in the UK.”

Others were quick to defend him and pointed out he was actually very well-known in comedy circles.

Richard became a household name earlier this year after a show he wrote, called Baby Reindeer, was released.

It depicts comedian Donny Dunn – played by Richard – being stalked by the character Martha Scott, played by Jessica Gunning, 38.

Internet sleuths took just days to pinpoint the “real” inspiration behind the character Martha – legal graduate Fiona.

Last week it was revealed that Fiona has now sued Netflix for over £130million after claiming ‘defamation’.

She has filed a suit for defamation and is reportedly seeking over $170million (£132million) in damages, as reported by the BBC.

In documents seen by the outlet, Harvey alleged that Netflix did not protect her identity.

Harvey accused Netflix of using a lot of her own speech phrases – that were easy to find on her old social media posts.

Many people said they didn’t know him before Baby Reindeer
The Netflix show became an overnight hit
Ed Miller/Netflix

She alleged the show took minimal efforts to conceal her identity from viewers – including the fact ‘Martha’ was a lawyer too.

Now Harvey is suing on numerous counts including defamation, negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, violations of right of publicity.

Baby Reindeer by numbers

The Netflix series has become quite the breakout smash hit...

  • 7 Number of episodes in the series
  • 30 Number of countries the series has topped the Netflix chart in
  • 64 Percentage increase in viewers the show earned in its second week, compared to its first
  • 97 The show’s percentage score on industry bible Rotten Tomatoes
  • 41,071 Amount of emails Richard claims he was sent by the real life Martha
  • 13.3 million Number of viewers who tuned into the show during its first week

Following the series, Harvey claimed she has been constantly harassed and her reputation destroyed.

The ‘real life Martha’ has always strongly denied all accusations made in the show.

She vehemently refuted allegations she ever stalked or sexually assaulted Richard Gadd.

Harvey also denied being a convicted stalker.

Fiona Harvey pictured here with Piers Morgan[/caption]

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Max free trial returns just in time for House of the Dragon season 2 this week

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Kai Havertz’s fiancee Sophia stuns in see-through outfit on hen weekend as fans say Arsenal star is ‘so lucky’

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Panthers take Game 1 of Stanley Cup Final as Sergei Bobrovsky shuts out Oilers

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