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Maverick to Integrate Visa Acceptance Platform Into Sales Enablement Solution

Maverick Payments will connect to the Visa Acceptance Platform to increase authorization rates and reduce fraud and friction.

This integration, which will go live in the third quarter, will add several capabilities to the Maverick Dashboard that is designed for sales enablement platforms and delivered by sales organizations and enablement platforms like independent sales organizations (ISOs) and independent software vendors (ISVs), the full-service payment provider said in a Monday (June 10) press release.

“This direct connection to VisaNet through Visa Acceptance Solutions provides substantial technological advantages to our customers via various benefits from enhanced token management, fraud prevention and overall acceptance optimization — the result will drive profitability for our merchants through our vast distribution network of ISO and ISV resellers while directly leveraging Visa’s secure and scalable infrastructure,” Ben Griefer, chief operating officer at Maverick Payments, said in the release.

The integration of the Visa Acceptance Platform with the Maverick Dashboard allows sales enablement platforms to monetize payments in a scalable, white-label environment, according to the release.

Together with the direct connection to VisaNet, this integration will enable Maverick resellers and merchants to access solutions available via the Visa Acceptance platform, including network tokens, 3D Secure, fraud prevention, machine learning (ML) acceptance enhancements, Account Updater and push to card, the release said.

These new capabilities will join the payment products and services and existing integrations to shopping carts and other third-party systems already offered by Maverick Payments, per the release.

White-labeling payment solutions has emerged as a powerful tool for sale organizations and merchants to streamline their operations and boost their bottom lines, but it requires investing the right amount of time and resources to learn the system and set everything up correctly, Griefer told PYMNTS in an interview posted in May.

“Ultimately, technology is there to make everyone’s life convenient and make the operation more efficient and scalable,” Griefer said. “But it comes with taking the time to understand, make sure you’re checking all those boxes when you’re looking at maximizing the use case.

By offering white-label solutions, Maverick Payments allows partners to focus on sale while Maverick handles the technological backbone, Justin Downey, vice president of product at Maverick, told PYMNTS in an interview posted in May.

“Businesses that can adapt to very convenient ways for customers to pay are going to win in the long run … so staying on top of offerings for a streamlined payment and checkout experience is a heavy focus,” Downey added.

The post Maverick to Integrate Visa Acceptance Platform Into Sales Enablement Solution appeared first on PYMNTS.com.


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Kai Havertz’s fiancee Sophia stuns in see-through outfit on hen weekend as fans say Arsenal star is ‘so lucky’

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