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I tried out Ryanair’s new £8 cocktails – you’re better off saving your holiday money for when you land

IN-FLIGHT menus on most budget airlines are often criticised for their lack of flavour, choice and offering.

But one airline could be trying – emphasis on the word trying – to change that perception thanks to a new drinks menu.

I tried Ryanair’s new in-flight cocktails
There are seven cocktails on the menu

Last month, Ryanair launched a new in-flight drinks menu, with an array of cocktails from just €9.50 (£8).

I opted to fly with the airline just so I could try one of their new cocktails.

The minute food and drink menus were handed out on my two-hour flight, I flipped to the back where I poured over the selection of cocktails on offer.

Seven cocktails were advertised on the menu, each with a unique name.

Drinks like the Dublin Lemonade (Jameson Irish Whiskey, Sprite Zero and sparkling water), the Fruit Snack, (Bombay Sapphire Gin, Sprite Zero and Capri-sun), the Rose Spritz (rose wine and Sprite Zero) and the Tropical Spritz (Bacardi Rum and Fanta Orange) cost €9.50 (£8).

While the other three cocktails (The Flying Iced Tea, the Tennessee Surfer and the French 75) cost €14 (£11.85) a pop.

After some deliberating, I decided to order the Rose Spritz because it felt like the perfect summer drink.

Even though I was ready to order, the trolley service was incredibly slow.

I put the slow service down to some confusion over the new in-flight cocktails.

This is because every time I saw a passenger order one of the cocktails, the flight attendants weren’t even aware the drink was on the menu.

I placed my cocktail order 70minutes after our departure time, which meant I only had 50minutes to sample a cocktail or two.

Despite being described as “ready-to-drink” by the airline, and beautifully pictured in the in-flight magazine, my expectations were quickly dashed when reality hit.

Instead of a “ready-to-drink” cocktail, I was given a small bottle of room-temperature rose, a can of warm Sprite and a tiny plastic cup.

It meant I had to mix the drink myself – something I certainly didn’t have on my travel bingo card for 2024.

I didn’t actually mind mixing the drink myself because it meant I was able to make my Rose Spritz to my liking.

From the two beverages, I was able to fix three tiny glasses of Rose Spritz, which made me feel like my money was spreading a little further.

Even though I enjoyed the novelty of ordering a cocktail on a Ryanair flight, I think I would much rather save my cash to spend at rooftop bar or a beachfront restaurant on holiday.

This is purely because the “cocktail” was rather underwhelming, and I know I can get something better, for the same price, on my summer holiday.

And I’m not the only person who’s tried Ryanair’s new in-flight drinks menu since the cocktails launched just a few weeks ago.

Instagram user Marty Guilfoyle went viral after he shared a video of his “ready-to-drink” Ryanair cocktail.

In the clip, he said: “I thought it might be a pre-made can, I definitely didn’t think I’d have to make it myself.”

While the cocktail may not have been pre-made, I enjoyed the novelty and can see the appeal – although I recommend spending your cash elsewhere on your summer travels.

Sun Online Travel have contacted Ryanair for comment.

Airlines with the best plane food

Korean Air

Korean Air won best airline cuisine in last year’s Global Traveler’s awards.

Some of their popular dishes onboard include bibimbap, a Korean rice dish, and ssambap, Korean rice lettuce rolls.

It also made the top 10 for airlines with the best plane food in CN Travelers 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards.

Japan Airlines

Coming in first place in the Reader’s Choice Awards was Japan Airlines.

The airline has partnered with six Michelin-star chefs, each of whom have three stars – so you can expect it to be good.

Passengers can choose bento boxes and miso soups onboard.

Singapore Airlines

Often voted one of the best airlines in the world, it is no surprising Singapore Airlines is said to have some of the best plane food.

Chef Dennis Littley said: “Their gourmet meals rival those of ground-based restaurants.”

Dishes include congee, a rice porridge, as well as Singaporean rice and curry options.

Sun Online Travel’s Sophie recently reviewed the business class on the best airline in the world.

Meanwhile, Deputy Travel Editor, Kara Godfrey recently tried the world’s best plane food that was even better than some meals on the ground.

I had to mix the cocktail myself, despite being dubbed as ready to drink
I had three tiny cups of my cocktail, which I mixed to my liking

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