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‘It’s a summer essential’ insists Primark worker as £3 ‘stretchy and supportive’ buy tipped to be a sell-out

SHOPPERS have been urged to to pick up a “stretchy and supportivel” top in Primark that costs just £3 – and the colours scream summer.

Staff at the bargain store have tipped their ribbed crop tops to be very popular after the new stock arrived on the rails.

Primark shoppers are set to love a new summer arrival[/caption]
Primark staff say the £3 crop top is a summer essential[/caption]
It comes in a range of summery pastel colours[/caption]

The East Kilbride store employees even insisted they’re a “summer essential”.

They said: “Stretchy and supportive, absolute bargain.

“Summer essential, £3 crop tops.

“These tops range from a 2xs – XL which is a UK 4-20.”

The crop top is only available on the website in black and white if you’re looking to check availability in store.

But if you do find them in your nearest shop, there’s also pastel shades of yellow, orange, purple and blue up for grabs.

Primark bosses say: “A lightweight top for the summer months, let our ribbed crop top be a style you can wear again and again.

“Sporting a vertically ribbed texture, an elasticated design around the hemline and neckline for the most flattering fit, and thick shoulder straps, this top is as practical as it’s pretty, making it the perfect match for midi skirts and high-rise shorts.

“It’s safe to say, this top is certainly topping the style charts!”

If this has inspired you to head to Primark sometime soon, fashion fans have been raving about a range of other buys from the chain recently.

If you’re into animal print, you’ll need to check out Primark’s latest leopard print slip skirt and midi dress.

For those that need to give their underwear drawer a refresh, the new matching underwear sets will have you open-mouthed.

This comfy and flattering frock from Rita Ora’s range is sure to turn heads at weddings.

And if an everyday summer dress is missing from your wardrobe, this white midi frock could be one for you.

But not everything in store is proving a hit with shoppers at the moment, as some screamed an accessory has “no business returning” after spotting it.

Fashion fans claim they feel a “thousand years old” after noticing the viral disc belt – often dubbed as ”the most unflattering” accessory of the noughties – is back on the high street.

People have also joked they have PTSD after a footwear trend made a n unwelcome return.

Why is Primark the place to go to for bargains?

JUST how does Primark do it? Continue delivering on-trend items at such incredible prices? According to bosses, it's down to four points.

  • They “sell a lot of items” – Thanks to that, they are able to make savings by buying in bulk for their 191 UK stores
  • They “do very little advertising”
  • While their clothes offer the “latest trends”, they “don’t use expensive hangers, tags or labels”.
  • And lastly, they try to be “as efficient as possible when transporting products from factories to stores”. This includes things like asking “suppliers to pack our t-shirts so they are ready to go straight on shelf”.

For more information about how Primark keeps their costs so low, and are able to deliver such amazing bargains, visit the Primark website.


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Panthers take Game 1 of Stanley Cup Final as Sergei Bobrovsky shuts out Oilers

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Max free trial returns just in time for House of the Dragon season 2 this week

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