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Love Island feud ‘exposed’ as fans spot star has ‘no friends in the villa’

ANOTHER day, another Love Island feud, but it seems that viewers are becoming increasingly concerned for the welfare of contestant Mimii Ngulube.

The 24 -year-old appears aloof in the villa and somewhat removed from the drama. But astute fans have decided that this is a sign of her vulnerability, after being shunned by her co-stars.

Mimii was left in the lurch when her love interest abandoned her[/caption]

The Islander was blindsided to find that Ayo had switched his affections to Uma[/caption]

On Friday’s episode, Mimii was left single after her beau, Ayo Odukoyah chose to switch his affections for bombshell, Uma Jammeh, 23, instead.

But fans on social media believe that she’s now in a compromised position, being played by her former love interest and his new squeeze.

One said: “I feel so bad for Mimii, the fact that Ayo is telling her one thing and Uma another and the girls never told Mimii what Ayo did on the terrace with Uma. There is clearly no friends in there for Mimii.”

Another said:  “Oh Mimii has no allies in that house. Why is nobody telling her what Ayo is saying and doing around the villa, yet they were quick to tell Uma what she said about the handholding. These girls piss me off so bad.”

Meanwhile another said: “The girls are way too faced. They tell whoever is in front of them what they want to hear. They’re doing fake nice, friendships.”

When the news broke last Friday that Mimii had been dumped by Ayo, many viewers commented on her lack of emotion, as she remained composed in her electric blue dress.

But producers clearly have other plans for the star as she was promptly sent on a date with new bombshell; Oma Nyame, which clearly made her ex Ayo prickle, as the camera panned to a close up of his face.

No sooner had the episode ended, viewers took to X, formerly know as Twitter, to discuss how Mimii’s ice queen persona won’t help her in the competition.

One said: “I love that mimi is composed and reserved but on a show like this you gonna have to show your vulnerability at some point & let the guys know how you feel, it’s still a show at the end of the day.”

“Gonna have to show some personality” is code for give us some drama. Dear ‘mimi’, please don’t, they’ll drag you for it, continue being yourself,” urged another.

As a third noted: “Mimi is beautiful but i’m seeing no personality being shown like it’s highkey boring.”

Meanwhile another penned: “Mimi is more reserved, and maybe that’s why he didn’t click with her. I hope she meets someone that can match that energy.”

And another added: “Mimi lack of personality is the reason why Ayo gravitated towards Uma.”

Love Island line up 2024

Just in case you hadn't heard, Love Island is back on the box with a brand new batch of sexy islanders all looking for love this summer.

The Girls

Patsy Field – The Sun revealed how Love Island had signed stunning Patsy Field, who is an Influencer with a disability.

Samantha Kenny – Liverpool lass Samantha Kenny is a 27-year-old works in a beauty salon as a make-up artist.

Mimii Ngulube – Student nurse Mimii Ngulube has swapped Portsmouth for Majorca.

Jess White – Shop manager Jess White hails from Stockport.

Harriett Blackmore – Harriet Blackmore is good pals with YouTuber Saffron Barker.

Nicole Samuel – Account manager and former champion dancer Nicole Samuel is a 2024 Islander.

The boys

Joey Essex – Towie legend and reality star OG Joey Essex was a surprise bombshell.

Ciaran Davies – Welsh rugby hunk Ciaran Davies is in the plush villa.

Sean Stone – Sean Stone runs a sweet firm and is hoping he is just as sweet with the ladies.

Munveer Jabbal – Munveer Jabbal is the oldest contestant in the villa this year at 30-years-old.

Ayo Odukoya – Meet Ayo Odukoya who is a footballer and former model.

Ronnie Vint – The Sun revealed how Ronnie Vint – who is best mates with Olivia Attwood’s hubby Bradley Dack – is in the villa this summer.


Sam Taylor – Hairdresser Sam Taylor was first to go after Joey Essex stole his girl.

Viewers have suggested that Ayo prefers Uma’s outgoing personality[/caption]
Ayo and Uma shared a kiss and Mimii was the last to find out[/caption]
Mimii remained composed during the setback, but fans believe she should show more emotion[/caption]

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Who could England get next in Euro 2024 knockout stage after going through to last-16?

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