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I’m an XS and my bestie’s an XL – we’ve found a bargain summer co-ord from Tesco that looks great on both of us

WITH summer just around the corner, if you’re looking to give your wardrobe an upgrade but without breaking the bank, you’ve come to the right place.

With many of our purses feeling tighter than ever before, if you want to bag yourself a bargain, we’ve got just the thing for you.

Fashion fans are raving about a bargain co-ord from Tesco – and it’s not only super flattering, but it’s perfect for summer too
So if you want to look stylish this season, without breaking the bank, then you’ll need to check this out
Social media users raved about Tesco’s F&F range[/caption]

And it doesn’t matter what clothes size you are, as thanks to Tesco, you can now get your hands on an affordable co-ord that looks great on all body shapes.

Fashion fans Christie Mac, a size 22 woman from West Sussex and her bestie, Sophie Martin, who is a size 8, took to social media to model the new-in crochet outfit, leaving many open-mouthed.

The ‘size inclusive duo’ proudly tried on the two-piece outfit – a stunning striped vest with a matching crochet skirt. 

Alongside the Instagram post, the fashionistas penned: “They’ve done it again girls..

“@fandfclothing have got us running for this new co ord! 

“If trousers aren’t your thing, this midi skirt and vest crochet set is calling for you!”

The girls explained that Sophie was wearing a size XS in the outfit, whilst Christie modelled a size XL.

Whilst the vest is just £16, the skirt is priced at £19.50. 

The blonde beauties then added: “The set [is] just £35.50 for both! What a barg!”

The fashion fans styled the two-piece set with a pair of black sandals, a handbag and sunglasses – making this look perfect for a warm summer‘s day. 

The Instagram post, which was shared under the username @sophieandchristie, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly amassed almost 2,500 likes and 74 comments.

Fashion fans sprinted to the comments to share their thoughts on the outfit – and many were eager to get their hands on it. 

I need to go to Tesco

Instagram user

One person said: “Ohhhh I need this. How lush.” 

Another added: “Amazing matching set!” 

What can I get with Tesco Clubcard?

TESCO'S Clubcard scheme allows shoppers to earn points as they shop.

These points can then be turned into vouchers for money off food at the supermarket, or discounts at other places like restaurants and days out.

Each time you spend £1 in-store and online, you get one point when you scan your Clubcard.

Drivers using the loyalty card get one point for every two litres spent on fuel.

One point equals 1p, so 150 points gets you a £1.50 money-off voucher, for example.

You can double their worth when you swap them for discounts with “reward partners”.

For example, £12 worth of vouchers can be swapped for a £24 three-month subscription to Disney+.

Or you can swap 50p worth of points for £1 to spend at Hungry Horse pubs.

Where you can spend them changes regularly, and you can check on the Tesco website what’s available now.

Tesco shoppers can also get Clubcard prices when they have the loyalty card.

The discounted items change regularly and without a Clubcard you’ll pay a higher price.

These Clubcard prices are usually labelled on shelves, along with the non-member price.

But it’s worth noting that just because it’s discounted doesn’t necessarily make it the cheapest around, and you should compare prices to find the best deal.

You can sign up to get a Tesco Clubcard in store or online via the Tesco website.

A third commented: “Wow! Love this set.” 

Whilst someone else beamed: “I’m obsessed with this.” 

Tesco upping their fashion game

DEPUTY Fashion Editor Abby McHale shared her thoughts on Tesco's fashion game.

Abby explained: “There have been a fair few viral sensations coming from Tesco recently and this doesn’t look like it’s going to be stopping anytime soon.

“Pieces such as a linen monochrome embroidered co-ord and pinstripe three piece suit have been putting F&F at the forefront of fashion. 

“The supermarket’s new occasion range is also not one to be missed, featuring sequins that are perfect for summer, lots of linen and classic tailoring, this is sure to be a range that will be flying off the shelves. 

“Their satin slip dress is just £22.50 and it looks like something you would see on the catwalks.”

Another Tesco shopper wrote: “Love F&F! The best!!” 

Meanwhile, one fashion fan penned: “I’m heading to Tesco as soon as I’m home.” 

Whilst another agreed: “I need to go to Tesco asap.”

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