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Jason Kidd on Derrick White's block on PJ Washington: 'It looked like a foul'

Mike Curtis: Jason Kidd on Derrick White’s block on PJ Washington: “It looked like a foul, but it wasn’t called so it wasn’t a foul.”
Source: Twitter @MikeACurtis2

What’s the buzz on Twitter?

Joe Vardon @joevardon
Luka is hurting. Kyrie is struggling. And Jason Kidd’s mind game didn’t work. All are ingredients in a recipe for the Dallas Mavericks’ 2-0 deficit at the NBA Finals, @TheAthleticNBA…11:56 PM
Cameron Tabatabaie @CTabatabaie
Jrue Holiday says it’s Derrick White who has helped him thrive in Boston
(@JackSimoneNBA with the Q) PM

Cameron Tabatabaie @CTabatabaie
Derrick White on how Jrue Holiday has been a mentor and partner with him in the Celtics backcourt
(@JackSimoneNBA with the Q) PM

Mike Curtis @MikeACurtis2
Jason Kidd on Derrick White’s block on PJ Washington:
“It looked like a foul, but it wasn’t called so it wasn’t a foul.” – 11:05 PM
“We are far away from the goal. We can’t relax, we can’t be satisfied.” 😤
@joshhart and @malika_andrews with Derrick White on the Game 2 Celtics victory 🏆 PM

Cameron Tabatabaie @CTabatabaie
Derrick White on playing alongside Jrue Holiday and Kristaps Porzingis:
Just love being teammates with both of them PM

John Karalis @John_Karalis
Derrick White on Jrue Holiday being a great teammate “He could have come in and said ‘I’m Jure Holiday’ and I would have been like ‘you’re Jrue Holiday, 100%'” – 10:57 PM
Ben Rohrbach @brohrbach
Derrick White on Payton Pritchard’s buzzer beater, which Joe Mazzulla called the play of the game: “That’s what Payton Pritchard does.” – 10:57 PM
Tony Mejia @MejiaDinero
Kyrie Irving has a 2-on-1 set up after the turnover, slows down to let the defense recover and ultimately leaves PJ Washington the ball for a catch and gather instead of a lob. Was he fouled? Definitely could’ve whistled Brown for a push. Was this on Irving? Absolutely #NBAFinals PM

Brian Robb @BrianTRobb
Joe Mazzulla on Derrick White’s block: “That was sick.” – 10:49 PM
Kevin Chouinard @KLChouinard
Luka is so good that it probably hasn’t happened in his career until now, but it feels like Dallas could use less deliberation and more getting into actions ASAP in the shot clock.
Jrue Holiday and Derrick White (feat. Al and Kristaps) just aren’t like everyone else. – 10:48 PM
Duane Rankin @DuaneRankin
Block or Foul?
#Mavs down five with 50.5 left in Game 2 when Derrick White was credited for blocking P.J. Washington’s transition attempt.
Jaylen Brown had his hand on Washington’s back as he elevated to contest. Made layup on other end as #Celtics up 2-0.
Thoughts? #NBAFinals PM

StatMuse @statmuse
Most threes this Finals:
8 — Luka Doncic
7 — Derrick White
4 — Jrue Holiday
4 — Jayson Tatum
3 — Al Horford
3 — Jaylen Brown
2 — Kristaps Porzingis
2 — Sam Hauser
Luka is the only Mav with multiple 3-pointers. PM

Tony Mejia @MejiaDinero
After watching it again and again, Kyrie Irving set PJ Washington up to get blocked by not forcing the defense to commit to him and end result was awfully costly. He’s rightfully lauded as one of the most skilled guards ever. Needed to be perfect there. Wasn’t. Passed too early. – 10:37 PM
Kevin O’Connor @KevinOConnorNBA
Kyrie Irving with a 6/19 and 7/18 in Games 1 and 2. Getting totally outplayed by Jrue Holiday and Derrick White. If Kyrie isn’t gonna offer way more in Dallas then Luka Doncic is gonna have to take 30+ shots. – 10:32 PM
StatMuse @statmuse
Derrick White tonight:
18 PTS
Clutch. PM

Jared Weiss @JaredWeissNBA
Jason Kidd dared the Jays to splinter. They combined for 19 assists tonight, two fewer than Kidd’s entire team. – 10:29 PM
The Ringer @ringernba
(📼 @NBA) PM

Jared Weiss @JaredWeissNBA
Doncic misses the three and the Mavs aren’t fouling. Celtics take a 2-0 Finals lead back to Dallas after Tatum and Brown combine for 19 assists. Jason Kidd tried to drive a wedge, but they’ve seen that move plenty of times and didn’t flinch. – 10:27 PM
Jorge Sierra @hoopshype
Derrick White is the (blank)-best point guard in the NBA. – 10:26 PM
Tim Bontemps @TimBontemps
Dallas had a chance to get this thing down to a one-possession game after a terrific Derrick Jones block on a Jayson Tatum drive.
But Derrick White stopped PJ Washington at the rim with a beautiful block, and Jaylen Brown drives and scores at the other end to push it back to 7. – 10:26 PM
Kevin Chouinard @KLChouinard
The Derrick White chasedown block would have been a lot more impressive if Jaylen Brown wasn’t stiffarming PJ in the back lol. – 10:26 PM
Mike Finger @mikefinger
Derrick White used to make blocks like that for non-championship teams, too. – 10:26 PM
Gary Washburn @GwashburnGlobe
Derrick White with the block of his life on P.J. Washington and Brown cashes in a layup for a 105-98 lead with 29.8 left. #Celtics #Mavericks #NBAFinals10:26 PM
Kevin O’Connor @KevinOConnorNBA
David Aldridge @davidaldridgedc
Jrue Holiday sequence:
Sees that Dallas is about to commit an 8-second violation, jumps Luka’s desperation pass past midcourt, fills in transition and buries a 3.
Rebounds Kyrie miss, feeds Derrick White for dagger 3.
Brad Stevens is Executive of the Next Several Years. – 10:24 PM
Wes Goldberg @wcgoldberg
Jrue Holiday and Derrick White are just making swing play after swing play. Man. – 10:20 PM
Justin Verrier @JustinVerrier
We’re two months from Derrick White and Jrue Holiday starting a podcast – 10:20 PM
Gary Washburn @GwashburnGlobe
Wow, #Celtics get a backcourt steal and then a Holiday 3, and then turned a #Mavericks miss into another Derrick White 3. BOS 103, DAL 89 with 3:32 left. Timeout Mavs. – 10:19 PM
Tim Bontemps @TimBontemps
Derrick White knocks down a 3, Jason Kidd calls timeout, and that should just about do it here in Boston. – 10:19 PM
Steve Bulpett @SteveBHoop
Porzingis not moving all that fluidly after going down during the PJ Washington follow-up hoop at 6:21. And now Horford is replacing him after a timeout at 4:40. – 10:17 PM
Stephen Noh @StephNoh
Derrick White might have the best closeouts in the league. You can never drive by this dude. – 10:05 PM
Steve Bulpett @SteveBHoop
Jrue Holiday playing like HE was the one who took it personally when Jason Kidd said Jaylen Brown was the best player on the Celtics. (23 points on 10-12 shooting and eight rebounds through three quarters.) – 9:55 PM
Peter Vecsey @PeterVecsey1
I suspect it’s almost time for Jason Kidd to spill a cup of soda on the court… – 9:43 PM
John Hollinger @johnhollinger
That last pull-up 3 from Derrick White just put Jerry West in the concussion protocol. – 9:38 PM
Frank Isola @TheFrankIsola
Jason Kidd spent the first 30 seconds of the time out “talking” to referees Tony Brothers & Bill Kennedy. He wasn’t happy. – 9:35 PM
Stephen Noh @StephNoh
Jason Kidd is going to come into Game 3 saying that Kristaps Porzingis, Jrue Holiday, and Derrick White are Boston’s second, third, and fourth-best players. – 9:27 PM
Stephen Noh @StephNoh
Look at Derrick White cover all of the ground here. PM

Stephen Noh @StephNoh
Here’s what Jason Kidd & co. went to out of timeout. Boston leaves Derrick Jones Jr. wide open again above the break, Derrick White is conceding that shot. He can’t make them pay. PM

John Hollinger @johnhollinger
Derrick White with the Udonis Haslem Memorial 15-foot baseline jumper attempt. Slow clap from every power forward who was active in 1997. – 9:06 PM
Stephen Noh @StephNoh
Watch Kyrie here on the after free throw play, small thing but great veteran knowledge.
Repositioning all of his teammates so that Luka can iso in the post and as the best shooter on the floor, he will be one pass away if Derrick White tries to double. PM

Stephen Noh @StephNoh
Given how comfortable Boston is with letting DJJ/PJ Washington shoot above-the-break 3’s, Kidd is trying to counter with putting Kleber in there as a better pick-and-pop option against Porzingis.
He hasn’t been able to hit ’em either yet. PM

Stephen Noh @StephNoh
Tatum taking this shot is perfect timing, as Doris says that he won’t be affected by Jason Kidd proclaiming Jaylen Brown as the best player on the Celtics. PM

Gary Washburn @GwashburnGlobe
Unsuccessful challenge for #Mavericks. FTs for Derrick White. #Celtics #NBAFinals8:21 PM
Sean Grande @SeanGrandePBP
Bad use of a challenge by Jason Kidd.
Foul on Washington upheld, two free throws for Derrick White, Dallas loses its challenge. – 8:21 PM
Stephen Noh @StephNoh
This above the break 3 from PJ Washington was open throughout all of G1. Boston was willing to live with this shot.
Zero hesitation from Washington in drilling it in Game 2. PM

Stephen Noh @StephNoh
First possessions of games can be very telling.
DAL first possession: Luka targets Derrick White, gets the switch & uses his size advantage to score over him.
BOS first possession: Nobody matches up with Jrue Holiday (lol). Easy layup. PM

Mike Curtis @MikeACurtis2
That’s the key for Dallas. If PJ Washington can take advantage of those looks from the perimeter, it’ll take a lot of pressure off Doncic and Irving. – 8:11 PM
“You’re trying something. Why? Because you’re worried. Because after you saw what you saw in Game 1 … [you] might not have enough to beat these boys.” 😳
@stephenasmith reacts to Jason Kidd’s comments on Jaylen Brown being the best player on the Celtics 👀 PM

Sean Grande @SeanGrandePBP
Mavericks at Celtics – TD Garden – June 9, 2024 – NBA Finals Game 2 Starters
Boston – Holiday, White, Brown, Tatum, Horford
Dallas – Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving, Derrick Jones Jr., PJ Washington, Daniel Gafford
OUT – Boston: None Dallas: None PM

Sirius XM NBA @SiriusXMNBA
“It certainly adds some spice to the series”
#Pacers head coach Rick Carlisle responds to the comment Jason Kidd made about Jaylen Brown being the #Celtics best player with @TheFrankIsola and @GregAnthony50. PM

Kurt Helin @basketballtalk
Jason Kidd says he continues to be a gametime decision, but Luka Dončić looked pretty good warming up before Game 2 PM

Mike Curtis @MikeACurtis2
Jason Kidd says Luka Doncic suffered his chest contusion by either “taking a charge or diving on the floor.” Reiterates that he’s questionable and they’ll see how he feels. – 6:30 PM
Eddie Sefko @ESefko
Luka is questionable. Will go through warmups and see how he feels. Thoracic injury was suffered either taking a charge or diving for a loose ball, per Jason Kidd. – 6:28 PM
Brian Robb @BrianTRobb
Luka Doncic got hurt by diving on the floor or taking a charge according to Jason Kidd. He’s still questionable at this point awaiting how he warms up. – 6:27 PM
Mike Curtis @MikeACurtis2
Jason Kidd says he Luka Doncic suffered his chest contusion by either “taking a charge or diving on the floor.” Reiterates that he’s questionable and they’ll see how he feels. – 6:27 PM
Vincent Goodwill @VinceGoodwill
Jason Kidd says they’ll make a decision on Luka Doncic once he goes through warm ups. Thinks Luka got the injury diving on the floor for a loose ball – 6:27 PM
Stephen Noh @StephNoh
In Game 1, Boston did a great job of utilizing Porzingis by
1) manipulating the matchups (Putting KP on DJJ/PJ Washington) and
2) pre-switching Porzingis when he was on Lively to keep him out of PnR defense.
More on Boston’s defense:… PM

Stefan Bondy @SBondyNYDN
Jason Kidd spilled soda on the NBA Finals. I’ve seen this before.…4:14 PM
Stefan Bondy @SBondyNYDN
Jason Kidd always found the angles.…7:41 AM

More on this storyline

Bobby Manning: Brown on the chase down block with White: “Derrick has been all-defensive all season long … we made a tough rim read, rim reads lead to transition. We have to manage that better … I was able to sprint back and make a play (with White).” -via Twitter @RealBobManning / June 9, 2024
StatMuse: Most career Finals points by an active Celtic: 163 — Jaylen Brown, 145 — Jayson Tatum, 112 — Jrue Holiday , 85 — Al Horford, 74 — Derrick White -via Twitter @statmuse / June 9, 2024
So how do they rectify the corner three-point shortage? “Just get into the paint and collapse the defense,” said P.J. Washington, who is one of the corner flingers the Mavericks rely on the most, along with Derrick Jones Jr. and Josh Green. “Maybe get them in transition, run better. Just be aggressive into the paint and we feel like those shots will come. -via / June 8, 2024
“They’ve got to be better on the ball, and Doris (Burke) talked about this on the broadcast,” Redick said. “I had the advanced stats updated this morning but Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum both had too many blow-byes last night if you’re the Dallas defense. They got to the basket, and then the second defender came, and then all of a sudden Boston is now in their swing-swing game. So containing Tatum and Brown off the dribble, before you make any offensive adjustments, you’ve got to be able to do a better job of that. “I’m not saying Luka (Doncic) is going to be perfect, I’m not saying Kyrie (Irving) or Josh Green is going to be perfect. I’m not saying Derrick Jones Jr. or PJ Washington is never going to get blown by. But you’ve gotta be better there.” -via Clutch Points / June 7, 2024
According to several members of the team’s basketball operations staff, Irving has grown more vocal over time in this Mavericks role. And by the time this playoff run arrived, he had long since become the most influential of them all in the locker room, according to Washington. “He has had something to say after every game,” Washington said. “I think the best (moment) was in LA, after our first playoff game (in the first round, a 109-97 loss to the Clippers). He texted the group, just saying ‘Stick together. It’s only the beginning. It’s only gonna get harder from here.’ It’s having those encouraging words from him that makes everybody play better and feel better about themselves. Obviously, he’s a superstar. He’s an icon. So for him to put the confidence in us just makes us feel 10 times better. He’s a leader in every way possible.” -via New York Times / June 6, 2024
Mike Curtis: Jason Kidd: “We’re positive. Boston held serve and now we have to go home and hold serve.” -via Twitter @MikeACurtis2 / June 9, 2024
“We never tanked anything,” the Mavericks owner said. “We just decided to play our younger players the last couple of games. But it’s [general manager] Nico Harrison’s and mine’s and [coach] Jason Kidd’s job to make the tough decisions. Nobody who decides to rebuild effectively likes it. When you play your young players, it’s not always fun. So we just felt it was time to go young.” -via New York Post / June 9, 2024

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Frustrated England stars including Kane and Bellingham consoled by Wags and family in stands after tame Denmark draw

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