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Thomas, Yaldo, Hitts, Garlock, Diehl and Flora Also Win at US 131 Motorsports Park

MARTIN, Mich. – Clinton Township’s Shahead Hussain emerged as the roll racing King of the Bakery and James Short of Stanford, KY, won the Small Tire Shootout on Friday. Saturday Small Tire Shootout it was Wixmon, MI based Saif Nabor taking the win over Jason Sammons of Davison, MI before rain halted competition in Street Car Takeover at “Michigan’s Fastest Track,” US 131 Motorsports Park.

Hussain turned back Zach Hicks of Margate, F, inL the roll racing feature although Hicks had the unique distinction of earning a being a runner-up in roll racing and a semifinalist in traditional drag racing, reaching the penultimate round in the Street Racer class.

Other roll winners included Chris Thomas of Flowery Branch, GA, who prevailed in the Wild Street class, Kyle Yaldo of West Bloomfield, who won in Mild Street and Andy Hitts of Fremont, who was the Daily Street winner.

Among the standing start racers, Saif Naber of Wixam just missed doubling up in the Small Tire competition.  He won on Saturday but came up short against Short in the Friday finale.  Tyler Garlock of Plymouth, Richland’s David Diehl and Casey Flora of Bowling Green, KY, were the winners in Stick Shift, Street Racer and Street Racer Mild, respectively.


* * * *

           MARTIN, Mich. – Results from the rain-shortened Street Car Takeover event Saturday at US 131 Motorsports Park (results include reaction time, track time and finish line speed; hometowns are Michigan unless otherwise indicated):


King of the Bakery – Shahead Hussain, Clinton Township,187.89 mph, def. Zach Hicks, Margate, FL, 182.85 mph.  Semifinalist – Nicholas Ryan, Bloomfield Hills.

150 Wild Street – Chris Thomas, Flowery Branch, GA, 156.96 mph, def. Brandon Baker, Brighton, 151.06  Semifinalist – Kevin Dickey, Rockfort, MI. Mild Street – Kyle Yaldo, West Bloomfield, 124.28 mph, def. Hisham Mansoor, Canrow Township, 144.56 mph.  Semifinalist – Taylor Carey, Gregory.

130 Daily Street – Andy Hitts, Fremont, 127.48 mph, def. Que Buford of Davison, MI 122.08.


Samll Tire Shootout (Friday) – James Short, Stanford, KY def Saif Nabor, Wixam. Semifinalist – Tyler Baber, Niles.

Small Tire Shootout (Saturday) – Saif Naber, Wixam, def. Jason Sammons, Davison, foul.  Semifinalist – Chuck Stefanski, Ashland, Ohio.

Small Tire Shootout (Saturday) – James Short, Stanford, KY, .045, 4.242, 174.28 mph, def. Saif Naber, Wixam, .067, 9.493, 67.51 mph.  Semifinalist – Tyler Baber, Niles.

Stick Shift – Tyler Garlock, Plymouth, .171, 8.731, 164.96 mph, def. Michael Recchia, Hanover Park, IL, .287, 15.861, 67.71 mph.  Semifinalist – Bryan Crane, Macomb.

Street Racer – David Diehl, Richland, .319, 14.367, 83.83 mph, def. Ethan Capizzi, Holland, 1.116, 18.929, 67.82 mph.  Semifinalist – Zach Hicks, Margate, FL.

Street Racer Mild – Casey Flora, Bowling Green, KY, .072, 8.206, 161.64 mph, def. Chris Merry, Battle Creek, .222, 8.363, 142.54 mph.  Semifinalist – Brandon Miller, Allendale.


DRAG RACING (Not Completed) – Drivers still in.

Street Racer Daily (8.90 index) – Justin Keith and Kyle Cartwright.

Daily Driver (11.00 index) – Lance Baker, Harley Town, Shawn Napier.

Daily Driver Mild (12.00 index) – Matt Belt and Jimmy Kline.

Heavy Weight – Craig Blossom and Jonathan Moores.

Women and Wheels – Taylor Gary, Bailey Peterson, Yvonnda Hutchins, Amanda Houk, Trista Scholten, Danielle Stanke.


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Frustrated England stars including Kane and Bellingham consoled by Wags and family in stands after tame Denmark draw — latest news 24/7. You can add your news instantly now — here

News Every Day

Meet Slovenia’s gorgeous Wags, from a mummy blogger and influencer to a professional tennis star

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Рэпер ST

Свобода - не вседозволенность: Рэпер ST о самоцензуре и свободе слова

News Every Day

Frustrated England stars including Kane and Bellingham consoled by Wags and family in stands after tame Denmark draw

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