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White Sox unable to produce runs late in 6-4 loss to Red Sox

With the bases loaded in the sixth inning with two outs, White Sox catcher Martin Maldonado was at the plate. The catcher, more known for his defense, had a chance to give the Sox the lead after the Red Sox mustered three runs to tie the game.

But Maldonado flew out to left field, and the inning was over. After threatening, the Sox came away empty, which was why they dropped Sunday’s series finale 6-4 to the Red Sox.

Manager Pedro Grifol said he knows that questions will continue to arise whenever Maldonado is at catcher. Entering Sunday’s game, the veteran was slashing .074/.129/.116 and has historically been a poor hitter. Catcher Korey Lee is a better hitting option for the Sox, but Grifol didn’t want to pinch hit Maldonado because of his value behind the plate.

“Maldonado does a really good job behind the plate,” Grifol said. “Still in the sixth inning, I didn’t feel I needed to pinch hit right there. He’s really valuable behind the plate, but I understand. He’s not swinging it. It’s a hot topic every time he catches it. It’s going to continue to be a hot topic, and I’m going to continue to make decisions that I feel is best for the team, not just offensively.”

What cost the team on Sunday was an inability to produce the big hit and separate from the Red Sox. The Sox were 2-for-14 with runners in scoring position and outside of the fourth inning when they capitalized on back-to-back errors with a three-run homer by shortstop Paul DeJong, the bats were silent.

Entering Sunday’s game, DeJong was slashing .240/.286/.640 with a .926 OPS. He leads the team in homers (12).

The pitchers gave the team a chance to win. The lone mistake was Michael Soroka's 10th-inning error when he dropped the ball at first base that led to the go-ahead runs.

In the seventh inning, the Sox had runners on first and third twice and produced one run. However, the lack of additional run support allowed the Red Sox to stay in the game despite their blunders and lackluster play — the Red Sox committed three errors.

“Overall, we gave ourselves a chance to win,” DeJong said. “Scoring late is another thing we have to key in on and not let off the gas pedal, but [it's] easier said than done. It’s more of a mindset.”

The White Sox’ .211 batting average with RISP is the second-worst mark in baseball. They’re also last or second-to-last in OBP and OPS.

The Sox left Sunday with a series tie and the losing streak behind them, which you can tell weighed on the players. Outside of a dismal performance on Thursday, the Sox competed.

“It’s definitely a bummer,” said starter Chris Flexen, who threw five innings, allowed two runs, two walks and struck out three. “We split and we had a good chance to take one there and continue to fight. Guys are still swinging the bat very well here, putting up runs. We threw the ball well; just let a couple of them get away.

Starting Monday, the Sox have a seven-game road trip against the Mariners and Diamondbacks. With some formidable tests approaching, they can’t revel in this weekend’s success too much. They have to take the compete level from this weekend and apply it going forward.

“I’m going to rest and recover and prepare for a four-game set against Seattle,” DeJong said. “Another four-game series. We’re going to see them a lot, so we got to take advantage of them."

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Scotland star SENT OFF after ‘worst tackle ever seen’ as they capitulate in Euro 2024 opener against Germany

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