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I visited spectacular Spanish city with amazing art galleries, swanky bars and £22 flights

IF you’re in need of delicious food and drink, amazing shopping, beautiful scenery and fabulous weather, look no further than Madrid.

When we think of Spain, we tend to picture the bustling city of Barcelona or the sandy beaches surrounding the Balearics.

Stock photograph of Plaza Mayor, a large historic- square in central Madrid, Spain illuminated at twilight blue hour.
Spain’s landlocked capital Madrid has everything you need for the perfect European city break
Royal Palace
The Royal Palace is a must-see for history buffs

But Spain’s landlocked capital city has everything you need for the perfect European city break and it is affordable too.


APART from the stable weather, good food and incredible architecture, the Spanish capital caters to all tourists and age groups.

It is also ideal for couples who need a well-earned break from work to recharge.

Locals live the traditional Spanish lifestyle — they don’t start work until around 10am, and this is followed shortly after by a lengthy lunch break and siesta plus late nights socialising.

As a tourist, you will be able to take advantage of this. It means you can sleep in and enjoy a late breakfast.

You won’t have to worry about museums, shops and restaurants closing early either — in fact, all these places are best visited in the evening.


IF you are active, everything in central Madrid is made for walking.

But why go by foot when you can take the city’s fully air-conditioned Metro system?

It is easy to use and costs just €12.20 for a ten-return trip pass, which is all you will need for a short break.

Cab transfers to and from the airport are fixed at €30, but you can get the train for just €3.


THE Royal Palace of Madrid is a must-visit for history and architecture enthusiasts.

Admission costs just €12 each, and it is only a short walk from the Temple of Debod — a quirky Egyptian temple located in the heart of the capital.

Cheerful woman taking a selfie in front of the lake and Alfonso XII Monument in the Buen Retiro Park (Parque del Buen Retiro) in Madrid, Spain
Check out the picturesque El Retiro Park
Madrid, Spain - August 6, 2015: Tourists visiting the famous San Miguel Market, Madrid. The market wants to be part of the agenda of Madrid events doing different activities related to leisure and culture, helping to revitalize the old capital.
If you love food stalls, visit the Mercado de San Miguel

Madrid is home to some of the world’s most renowned art galleries, including the Prado Museum, which shouldn’t be missed.

It contains some of Europe’s finest art collections, and there is free entry between 6pm and 8pm Monday to Saturday.

If you happen to be in Madrid on a Tuesday, visit the botanical gardens free of charge between 10am and 1pm.

From here, make your way to the beautifully kept El Retiro Park and hire a €4 rowing boat to take in King Alfonso XII’s monument from the lake.

Avid shoppers should make time to stop by the world’s biggest Zara at the Plaza España and the city’s biggest flea market in El Rastro on Sunday mornings.


IF you are looking for the most traditional tapas, you have got to visit La Entretenida which is a short walk from the Banco de España.

It has a charming atmosphere and the food is delicious with salad dishes from around €13 and seafood plates of tempura prawns or calamari from €21.

Bar Tomate in the Chamberi district serves up some of the tastiest Mediterranean food and it has enough to please all tastebuds.

The trendy restaurant has a selection of pizza, pasta, meats and seafood dishes mostly under €18.

And if you love food stalls, then visit the Mercado de San Miguel.

This historic market is renowned for its gourmet tapas, seafood, cheeses, and wines with prices as low as €4.


ENJOY a classic sangria over nibbles at 360° Rooftop Bar on the 27th floor of the Hotel Riu Plaza España.

Entry costs just €5 per person in the day and €10 each at night. It will also give you access to take snaps from suspended glass walkways.

Patio de Leones on the roundabout surrounding the Puerta de Alcala — Madrid’s answer to the Arc de Triomphe — offers huge jugs of sangria that are enough to keep you buzzing all evening.

And you can’t miss Chueca, Madrid’s “gay village” which has dozens of swanky bars, shops and restaurants. You are destined to get a great street-side cocktail here.


THE Pavilions Hotel in the heart of the government district offers an exclusive boutique experience and serves a phenomenal breakfast in its open-air restaurant.

Each room is home to stunning artwork giving the hotel a gallery feel. Best of all, it’s just a ten-minute walk from El Retiro Park.

Fancy a stay right in the heart of the city? Head for the Hotel Riu located in the Plaza España.

Enjoy a swim and tipples around the rooftop pool which showcases some of the best views of Madrid.


GETTING THERE: Ryanair flies from Stanstead to Madrid from £22 each way. See ryanair.com.

STAYING THERE: The Hotel Riu Plaza España has deluxe twins available for £127 per night. See riu.com.

Rooms at the Pavilions Hotel are from £131 per night. See pavilionshotels.com.


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MTA reveals new electric buses, charging stations in Queens

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