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Kendall Jenner, Veronika Rajek and Ed Sheeran lead list of celebs and F1 Wags at glamorous Miami Grand Prix

A HOST of A-listers from Hollywood and the sporting world were in Miami for today’s Formula One action.

Ed Sheeran, who was celebrating Ipswich Town’s promotion back to the Premier League today, was among the top names at Miami International Autodrome.

Ed Sheeran is among the big names in attendance at the Miami Grand Prix[/caption]
He was spotted enjoying a hug with George Russell[/caption]
Footy legend Zinedine Zidane poses with Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez[/caption]
Heidi Berger, girlfriend of Daniel Ricciardo, and the other WAGS were also in attendance[/caption]

And speaking of football, even the legendary Zinedine Zidane was spotted watching prior to Lewis Hamilton having a ding-dong battle in the sprint race earlier only to miss out on scoring a point after a post-race penalty for speeding.

The seven time world champion was hit with a drive-through penalty for going too fast in the pitlane, triggering a sanction of 20 seconds that was bolted on to his time.

Hamilton was in the wars after fighting with Haas’ Kevin Magnussen, who admitted to using “silly tactics” to keep Hamilton behind him.

But his own error in the pitlane – when all the cars were told to drive through the pitlane due to a first lap incident – cost him and he was demoted from eighth to 16th.

Gorgeous Slovakian influencer Veronika Rajek also enjoyed herself in a barely there black outfit as a guest of the Haas F1 Team.

Another renowned influencer, Ivana Knoll, found the right gear to rev up the day as she cheered on her beloved Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin and even managed to get a photo with the driver.

As things went up the gears, American model Kendall Jenner put on a chic display as she posed with Susie Wolff and Tommy Hilfiger.

The WAGS were also out in force in the Florida sunshine to offer their support to their men ahead of the action.


Chinese golfer Muni Lily was there for Williams ace boyfriend, Alex Albon, as model Kika Gomes looked stunning while backing Alpine’s Pierre Gasly and George Russell’s girlfriend Carmen Mundt also turned heads.

Charles LeClerc had girlfriend Alexandra Saint Mleux in attendance, as did Mick Schumacher with his partner Laila Hasanovic.

The beautiful Heidi Berger is dating racing ace Daniel Riccardo, and she was also spotted looking sizzling by the track.

The “queen of the paddock” Lissie Mackintosh continued to take F1 by storm as she looked incredible in a short blue skirt.

And American singer Karla Cabello, who was formerly in girl group Fifth Harmony, struck a stunning pose in the paddocks.

On the track, Hamilton made an aggressive start from 12th shooting up the inside into turn one and the presence of his Mercedes caused the two Aston Martins to bang into each other.

Lance Stroll was sent out of the race by his teammate Alonso while Lando Norris was also caught up in the mess and also retired from the sprint.

The incident saw the safety car deployed and the train of cars were ferried though the pitlane, where Hamilton made his mistake.

He has also picked some damage in the first-lap squeeze but managed to keep on track and in the race.

Kendall Jenner and Tommy Hilfiger pose for a photo in the Florida sunshine[/caption]
Croatian model Ivana Knoll turned heads as she waled into the paddock[/caption]
Veronika Rajek wore this daring outfit trackside[/caption]
F1 star Alex Albon and Lily Muni looked very much in love as they arrived together[/caption]
Kika Gomes was in Miami to support her fella Pierre Gasly[/caption]
Camila Cabello looked incredible as she made her grand entrance[/caption]

The desperate Dane once cut the corner, earning a 10 second penalty, he then pushed Hamilton off track, earning him another 10 second penalty.

Eventually he pulled over to allow Yuki Tsunoda and Hamilton past but not before notching up another couple of infringements totalling another 15 seconds.

Hamilton’s battle and penalty was the only real highlight of this short sprint race in Miami which was won by Max Verstappen.

The Dutchman started on pole but was unable to pull away in his usual manner. He radioed his team to explain his lack of grip.

But he still finished first to increase his lead in the championship by 27 points over Sergio Perez.

He said: “My engagement wasn’t good at the start so I had to squeeze him [Charles Leclerc] a bit.

“Luckily everything worked out in turn one. Then we had the safety car to calm things down a little bit, but after that, steadily we could increase the gap a little bit.”

Daniel Ricciardo finished fourth in a much-needed boost to the Aussie, who has so far struggled this season.

Charles Leclerc had his girlfriend Alexandra Saint Mleux by his side[/caption]
George Russell and Carmen Mundt were all smiles as they arrived at the track[/caption]
Mick Schumacher walks in with Danish model and girlfriend Laila Hasanovic[/caption]
‘Queen of the paddock’ Lissie Mackintosh looked incredible in this outfit[/caption]

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Glen Powell’s parents crash Texas movie screening to troll him

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Glen Powell’s parents crash Texas movie screening to troll him

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