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White Sox Calling Up Top Infield Prospect

One of the White Sox’s top prospects is heading to the big leagues for the first time, according to James Fox of FutureSox. Bryan Ramos was unexpectedly pulled in the middle of his AA game last night, and now we know why. According to MLB.com, Ramos is the #4 prospect in the White Sox organization and could be the third baseman of the future. He will join the White Sox in St. Louis shortly, and his first game action will represent his MLB debut. 

Ramos’ 2024 Season

The timing of Ramos’ promotion is intriguing and even questionable considering the circumstances. While the 22-year-old third baseman had a solid season at AA last season, that has yet to be the case thus far this year. Ramos enters the day slashing just .182/.265/.307 in 98 plate appearances at the AA level in 2024 and has never played at the AAA level. Promoting him to the majors straight from AA is an aggressive assignment for a young player who has not been lighting the world on fire this season.

40-Man Roster Options

Fellow infielder Lenyn Sosa is part of the equation. He has been crushing the ball since the team sent him back to AAA. Sosa also has significantly more experience at the highest levels of professional baseball than Ramos. However, Ramos has heated up lately in his own right. He is hitting .333/.389/.667 with five doubles and two home runs over his last eight AA games. Both infielders are on the 40-man roster, but Sosa is on the 7-day injured list in AAA. That could be another explanation as to why Ramos got the call over him. Danny Mendick missed last night’s game with lower back tightness, which may be another reason for Ramos’ call-up.

Hopefully Ramos Actually Plays

Even though Ramos is getting called up, he might not see the field much if prior history is any indication. Pedro Grifol prefers playing veterans over young players. The White Sox promoted top infield prospect José Rodriguez from the minors last season, but he hardly played. Sosa has fallen into the same category at times. Ramos might serve as a warm body on the bench instead of seeing game action on the field, given his lack of experience. If this is the case, calling him up is a questionable decision. He must play daily to get consistent at-bats whether in the minors or the majors.

It will be interesting to see Ramos’ role in his initial cup of coffee in the big leagues. Calling him up straight from AA is a testament to the White Sox belief in him as a player. Ramos’ minor league track record speaks for itself. He has produced at every level he has played at so far and has appeared on top 100 prospect lists in recent years. It is just a matter of whether he will be given the opportunity to prove what he can do. Ramos will hopefully be a long-term piece in completing the White Sox puzzle, and his development is worth keeping an eye on.


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Move over Harry Kane and Jude Bellingham the real England champ is a 15 yr old SUBBUTEO star

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News Every Day

Tesla under investigation over Fremont factory toxic emissions, and faces lawsuit over alleged health harms

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Move over Harry Kane and Jude Bellingham the real England champ is a 15 yr old SUBBUTEO star

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