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My $7 buy keeps my brows in place all day – I’ve been using for over a year & love it, make sure to comb with a spoolie

IF your brows have a mind of their own, this budget buy may be for you.

A woman with thicker eyebrows shared the beauty product she uses to keep them in place throughout the day.

A Reddit user revealed the budget-friendly beauty buy she uses to keep her brows in place (stock photo)[/caption]

Commenting under a post, Reddit user Mindless-Letterhead9 heaped on the praise for her favorite find.

The original poster had asked their fellow social media users for the items they swear by.

She said she wanted products that would hold her eyebrows in place “like superglue.”

“I can literally see the brow hairs drooping down again,” they explained.

Mindless-Letterhead9 recommended the Schwarzkopf Göt2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Gel, available for $6.29 from Target.

“It’s originally for hair on your head but I’ve been using it on my eyebrows for about [a year and a half] now and I love it,” she said.

She broke down the best way to apply the hair gel to your eyebrows, including the item she swears by to brush them out.

“Just make sure to use a Q-Tip to apply it on your brows and then comb your brows into place with a spoolie,” she explained.

Spoolie brushes are often used to apply mascara to eyelashes.

A pack of 100 disposable spoolie brushes is available for $5 from Amazon.

The social media user cautioned against making an easy mistake during application.

“Try to avoid putting it around your skin because it kinda dries with weird white streaks but it’s perfect on your eyebrows,” she said.

She heaped on the praise for the simple product, explaining that it keeps her eyebrows looking neat all day.

“My eyebrows stay in place alllll day and it doesn’t make your brows fall out,” she said.

One Reddit user enthusiastically agreed with the product recommendation.

The best Target beauty deals for May 2024

*if you click on a link in this article, we may earn affiliate revenue.

Target shoppers can currently snap up an array of sensational savings across the retailer’s beauty and personal care collection.

We’ve listed some of the hottest deals below, including dramatic discounts on skincare, haircare and make-up.

  • Jane Iredale PurePressed Blush Barely Rose, $32, $18.11 – buy here
  • ELEMIS Peptide4 Eye Recovery Cream 0.5 oz, $49, $28.99 – buy here
  • Too Faced Born This Way Healthy Glow SPF 30 Skin Tint Foundation, $42, $15 – buy here
  • Glo24K 7 Color LED Face Beauty Mask, $119.99, $69.99 – buy here
  • DL028-Pink Ultrasonic Facial Brush, $99.99, $39.99 – buy here
  • PurelyWHITE DELUXE Teeth Whitening Kit, $59, $39.99 – buy here
  • ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Cream SPF 30 1.6 oz, $138, $114.03 – buy here
  • GLO24K Night Cream with 24k Gold, $99.99, $49.99 – buy here
  • Kerastase Blond Absolu Cicaflash Fortifying Treatment 3 Pack, $72 $36.15 – buy here

“I second this!!” they wrote in the comment thread.

Other social media users shared their own tips and tricks under the original post.

“I’ve been really enjoying the soap brow method lately! Just take a bar of clear soap and lightly wet it on a spoolie then comb it through your brows,” shared one reader.

“Hair spray and a spoolie works best for me too or you can use a clean toothbrush,” said another Redditor.

“Elf Eyebrow Wax Pencil, it’s just a clear wax pencil. It’s amazing for getting those really crazy eyebrow hairs to stay in place. And it’s only $2!!” commented a third person.

The $7 brow gel is available from stores such as Target[/caption]

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$90,000 settlement approved in teen’s bullying lawsuit against LAUSD

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$90,000 settlement approved in teen’s bullying lawsuit against LAUSD

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News Every Day

Glen Powell’s parents crash Texas movie screening to troll him

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Разгром в Москве и драма в Сочи: «Динамо» без труда сохранило лидерство, но «Краснодар» остался в гонке за золото РПЛ

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Шапки женские вязаные на Wildberries, 2024 — новый цвет от 392 руб. (модель 466)

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Gunmen open fire and kill 4 people, including 3 foreigners, in Afghanistan's central Bamyan province

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