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Jay Blades’ wife looks downcast as she’s seen for the first time since announcing split from Repair Shop star

JAY Blades’ wife has been seen for the first time since announcing she’s walked out on The Repair Shop star.

Lisa, 43, looked downcast as she was pictured on a dog walk amid her 18-month marriage breakdown.

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Lisa Blades on a dog walk with her sister[/caption]
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The TV star’s wife walked out the marriage[/caption]
She announced the end of her marriage to TV’s Repair Shop star Jay[/caption]

The fitness guru confirmed the relationship was over, saying she’d “grabbed a bag of a few things and just left”, adding: “I’ve never cried so much”.

She wed the BBC presenter, 54, in Barbados in front of just 15 guests at a beachfront villa in Barbados, exchanging “imperfect” rings designed by Repair Shop ­colleague Richard Talman.

But in an emotional online statement, Lisa described herself as “broken” as she admitted their marriage was over.

She said: “The world got the best parts of my husband. I got a whole lot of everything else.”

Lisa added in an online statement: “I wanted my husband to love me and keep me safe and I would love him right back.

“But it just got worse and worse, until I grabbed a bag of a few things & just left.”

The fitness instructor added she “didn’t want this day to come”, and agreed she would need counselling over the split.

Lisa first revealed the break-up early yesterday, posting on Facebook group TheWkout Family where she gives gym tips to 5,600 members.

A few hours later, after The Sun made inquiries, she shared the same statement to 141,000 followers on Instagram page thewkoutofficial.

Lisa said: “I have been quiet until now, but the papers seem to be picking up on this story.

“I don’t know how to say this because it’s still really raw. Last weekend I finally left.

“I probably should be really angry but I’m just incredibly sad about the whole thing right now. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much.”

Next to the post, she shared a photo of her in her bridal gown in Barbados, with Jay, in his suit and trademark glasses.

Lisa added in her post: “Anyway, That’s why there’s been no new wkouts. I would never miss a wkout. I’d do it on the pavement bare foot & naked if I had to.

The world got the best parts of my husband & over time, I got a whole lot of everything else

Lisa confirmed the relationship was over in an emotional statement[/caption]
Jay welcoming King Charles on a Repair Shop special in October 2022[/caption]

“This is the first post I’ve made out loud and it feels like I’m numb.

“I will admit I’m crying as I type this as I can’t believe this is even real. I hope you don’t mind if I just have a few days trying to figure out my life as I’m currently in a spare room with a few essentials.

“I don’t know what else to say. The world got the best parts of my husband & over time, I got a whole lot of everything else.

“No matter how mad it got I still apologised & still tried to fix it, because I loved my husband, very much. All my love, A very broken Lisa-Marie x”

The couple wed 18 months ago[/caption]
Fitness guru Lisa, 43, described herself as ‘broken’ over the shock split[/caption]


Jay got down on one knee with a ring he designed and was made by his co-star Richard Talman who works as a goldsmith on the show in 2021.

They tied the knot in a sunny Caribbean ceremony on November 2022 with just 15 guests attending.

Speaking to Hello! magazine about their special day, Jay, 52, said: “One word sums up the day: perfect.

“We had our closest family there, the weather held out and everything worked out so well.”

Lisa, 41, added: “Once you get to a certain age, you realise what’s actually important on the day – and that is having the people around you that love you for who you are. 

“So we made the day our day.”

Jay was overcome with emotion during the ceremony.

The television presenter confessed: “I think the thing that was most emotional for me was actually saying the vows.

“It was almost like I had tunnel vision and I could only see Lisa there.

“And honestly, that’s when it really hit me. I was like, ‘We’re really getting married now!’. That’s the only time I really got emotional.”

Jay was previously married to his ex-wife Jade.

The pair, who split up in 2015, share daughter Zola, 15.


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Tesla under investigation over Fremont factory toxic emissions, and faces lawsuit over alleged health harms

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Move over Harry Kane and Jude Bellingham the real England champ is a 15 yr old SUBBUTEO star

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