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‘WOW that’s amazing’ cry shoppers as they spot Surf detergent reduced to just 22p at major supermarket

SHOPPERS are rushing to grab a wash day bargain as Surf laundry detergent is reduced to just 22p.

Asda has slashed the price of bottles of Surf tropical lily detergent which usually retails at £3.30.

The deal was spotted by one shopper who stocked up on the hugely discounted detergent

One bargain hunter shared the deal with other shoppers on the Hotukdeals Facebook page.

The post read: “Surf tropical lily was reduced to 43p last week, popped in again today and it was reduced further to 22p”.

The poster added that it would be worth checking in your local store as the person reducing the item said it was part of a “national clearance”.

Other shoppers were quick to comment on the deal, one person said: “Wow that’s amazing!”

Another added: “OMG that is cheap.”

While a third said: “I bet they don’t have this in my local.”

This shopper picked up the laundry detergent from the Kettering branch, but this does not mean it will be in all.

You can find out where your local Asda is by putting your postcode into the store locator tool on the retailer’s website.

Bear in mind that deals like this do not stick around for long, and a lot of the time you have to be in the right place at the right time.

Wow that’s amazing

Social media user

You could always try phoning ahead to check if the item has been reduced to save disappointment.

We think this deal in Asda will be hard to beat but we had a look around to see what other retailers are charging for the item.

Tesco, is selling the detergent for £2.95 to Clubcard customers.

Waitrose is charging £3.25 and Morrisons and Sainsbury’s customers can expect to pay £3.50.

Iceland is the most expensive when it comes to the Surf detergent as it is charging £6.

Bear in mind that prices fluctuate all the time and these were correct at the time of writing.

You can use comparison websites such as Trolley and Price Spy to price-check items across different retailers.

However, do bear in mind both of these websites work off the retailer’s online prices which might be different to in-store.

How to save on your supermarket shop

THERE are plenty of ways to save on your grocery shop.

You can look out for yellow or red stickers on products, which show when they’ve been reduced.

If the food is fresh, you’ll have to eat it quickly or freeze it for another time.

Making a list should also save you money, as you’ll be less likely to make any rash purchases when you get to the supermarket.

Going own brand can be one easy way to save hundreds of pounds a year on your food bills too.

This means ditching “finest” or “luxury” products and instead going for “own” or value” type of lines.

Plenty of supermarkets run wonky veg and fruit schemes where you can get cheap prices if they’re misshapen or imperfect.

For example, Lidl runs its Waste Not scheme, offering boxes of 5kg of fruit and vegetables for just £1.50.

If you’re on a low income and a parent, you may be able to get up to £442 a year in Healthy Start vouchers to use at the supermarket too.

Plus, many councils offer supermarket vouchers as part of the Household Support Fund.

It’s not the first time in recent months shoppers have been whipped into a frenzy after spotting a bargain on shelves.

Just weeks ago, one B&M shopper found the “bargain of the year” after spotting giant boxes of Easy laundry powder for £1.40 a pop.

Meanwhile, Freddo fans were rushing to snap up their favourite treat for less when one supermarket slashed the price for a limited time.

The bite-size Dairy Milk bars were reduced in Sainsbury’s to the original price of just 10p in celebration of 200 years of Cadbury.

Also, other sweet-toothed shoppers were buzzing after spotting a new Cadbury Twirl flavour on shelves for just 29p.

How to save money at Asda

Asda superfan Eilish Stout-Cairns previously shared five money-saving tips with The Sun which you could use on your next trip.

For one, she said, it’s worth picking up Asda’s budget Just Essentials range which could save you hundreds of pounds a year.

You don’t have to employ this tip just in Asda either – “downshifting”, as Martin Lewis calls it, can save you money across all major supermarkets.

Asda shoppers should sign up to the retailer’s Rewards scheme too, which rewards you with “pounds” when you spend in-store or online.

You can also get up to 10% cashback on so-called “Star Products”, which change regularly and are flagged to you on the app.

In other Asda news, the retailer is opening hundreds of convenience stores across the UK as part of giant expansion plans.

Plus, in January it revealed 82 locations where it is going cashless in a blow for shoppers.

Do you have a money problem that needs sorting? Get in touch by emailing squeezeteam@thesun.co.uk.

Plus, you can join our Sun Money Chats and Tips Facebook group to share your tips and stories.


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LIV Golf’s Sergio Garcia misses out on U.S. Open spot, but still has chance to play

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