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Chat log from R8 of 2024: Sydney vs Western Sydney

frenzy: chaps
Cyberdyne: gday
carl: If Saint’s lose today they want “you know whatin”
Fordy13: afternoon gentlemen
macff: afternoon all
SwaggyP: Enjoy the game everyone.
Fordy13: don’t let me down Grundy, I’ve hung onto you ????
StuL: Good start Heeney
soup: What a goal, hopefully cads stays low today though
Fordy13: Grundy, stop giving away free kicks my guy damn.
cherry9: C Heeney. Going to be dicey if it rains. Need some early points
Fordy13: I’ve still got him on my bench will loop his score instead of Comben’s if he does well, either way probably goes next wk
soup: C on Heeney is very brave, guessing you don’t own Gawn cherry?
circle52: Hope do not regret changing VC from Heeney to Sheezel
StuL: Grundy stay down.
frenzy: no cash gen today Harvey, thanks sub
cherry9: No Gawn is killing me but I?m making other moves instead of trying to get him
soup: Get involved green you spook
Pavs: Sheesh just realized Thomas is sub. I suck
bhg26: Are they turning the effects mic up for the giants fans?
soup: Thank God I didn’t get Whitfield, early days though
imessenger: get the pill Greeny – bought you in to deliver son
navy_blues: been called a point who cares if it hits the post
naicosfan: shoot him a text imessenger maybe he’ll realise
Pavs: Went through goal side navy
imessenger: soup: possibly early – Houston better hey?
original: Who brought in Tom green ffs
navy_blues: well i better get my eyes checked Pav lol
soup: Yes Houston has been one of my best start picks
pcaman2003: My team is a comedy special. Rozee, Williams, Gulden and Green. So excellent! ????
bhg26: Green and Whitfield on fire
Devero_D: Darcy Jones looks good.
StuL: Green might be out.
bhg26: Think Jordon tagging Whitfield
Birdman18: Green hurt his knee
Beast_Mode: tom green cooked
Fordy13: Green got up sore before I think.
StuL: hes in the rooms
imessenger: Green down in rooms far out
naicosfan: flower green get back on
Fordy13: hopefully gets a jab and comes back out.
Birdman18: Now I’ve got Green and Steele with bung knees in the midfield
dearviolet: Tom Green cooked. Not what I need
TimT14: Green going down ruins my draft team
Fordy13: fuck yeah cadman
StuL: Its only an ankle. magic spray and run it off
Fordy13: I traded Steele to Merrett this week, watch Steele get 190 haha
Pavs: Traded out Cadman got Green and playing Thomas on the field. wow
LachieMcL: tom green do somethin gbrother
pcaman2003: Gulden making sure my score stays low..Elite by foot my arse.
Fordy13: ouch town pavs
cherry9: Heeney has the most complete game in the comp imo. Defends/tackles as well
StuL: Thats bad luck Pavs
original: Tom green my draft captain. Ah great
Geeaad: Is Tom Green done for the day? Pls nooooo, terrible trade In if so
GJayBee: What is Greens band aid for? Is he running well?
navy_blues: keep going giants
Geeaad: Now I have Steele and Green with cooked knees 🥴
GJayBee: On backyard duty with handbrake, can?t watch
Birdman18: Pavs don’t worry about rookies going up slightly more once you’ve traded them out. No point
pcaman2003: The way it’s going, think I’ll need all 40 trades. Just pathetic!
soup: I tink he’ll be back next quarter geead but fingers crossed
Kidult: His goal kicking just the downside @cherry9
GJayBee: I?d love it if extra trades costed 50 points
bhg26: Can we hit a fucking target
pcaman2003: bhg. Can you please have a word to Gulden? He’s being totally useless.
CamT: 40 trades and I’ll trill run out with 4 rounds to go.
Gelly: hope no one traded in green and captained him
original: Extra trad would be worth 200 points, but means nothing for league wins
cherry9: I have Steele, Green, and Steely Green. Not really
bhg26: Ill have a word with him and the other 21 swans out there pcaman
Beast_Mode: taylor is interesting will prob drop to about 430k, was averaging 95 before the ktfo game
cherry9: I dropped Steele for Gulden. Wasn?t copping an injured Steele this yr after having him last yr
StuL: Green still a chance to come back seeing as he’s a band aid.
cherry9: Hopefully a fanfooty bandaid is as good as the magic spray
Fordy13: yeah I went Steele to Merrett cherry, was just too risky
Fordy13: hopefully he gets a jab and limps his way to his BE
Fordy13: that looked ducking nasty
StuL: Still in the rooms so not looking good
navy_blues: green gone id say
soup: Sounds like he’s gone
Fordy13: whoever had thomas on field might be saved here
StuL: Sub made
LachieMcL: He’s gonna come back
Fordy13: 50% of teams in shambles
bhg26: Green gone there goes my good score
CamT: Please don’t anyone ask … “How long will Green be out for ?”
naicosfan: go flower yourself tom green
SwaggyP: subbed. Week cooked
Catatafish: Fucking cunt
banta: Not sure why teams don’t hard tag Heeney. In brownlow form and dominating games.
kisip: Green off? shoulda went vc loophole on heeney instead
navy_blues: naicos settle geez
pcaman2003: With Rozee, Williams and now Green,I’m cooked this week.
Pavs: Got Green also Fordy so no help
Fordy13: ouch
Norf17: Has anyone got that discord link?
navy_blues: ouch brown
navy_blues: holiday time
bhg26: Weve just lost both our key talls fuck you callum brown
bhg26: enjoy your holiday grub
banta: toby greene even playing? Haven’t seen him.
Hazza09: Absolute prick Tom Green
clay007: I’ve just got home. Any word on Steele? Is he still playing?
Beast_Mode: bunch of peanuts you lot, guy has an injury while you’re sooking in front of a screen lol
Troglodyte: Any word on weeks for Rozee hammy?
navy_blues: agree beast
naicosfan: cadman flying
soup: Definitely out next week trog but nothing else confirmed
naicosfan: just hit his be
Pavs: Peanuts again. Agree this time
Troglodyte: At least I don’t have to fix Cadman this round – get up there lad!
bhg26: Sydney knows how to put on a sporting event with its weather
StuL: Heendog is a good news story at least
Birdman18: What a cock up this round is turning out to be as well
Troglodyte: Put your phone down and get ya poncho out bhg
SonOfAGun.: Close the roof teehee
bhg26: Im enjoying the game from the comfort of sunny melbourne trog
navy_blues: best game ive seen from cadman so far
Troglodyte: Outrageous ????
Birdman18: With this weather Cadman will probably only finish on 70 anyway
bhg26: McCartin done fuck you callum brown
Troglodyte: Get tackling Jordo – can’t believe I still have you – but keep going all the same…
navy_blues: so mccartin could be out for a while with his history
navy_blues: brown prob looking at 5 weeks
ralfsmiff4: grundy saw ribs or head clash earlier this qtr now on bench, hopefully keeps going
imessenger: how long is green out for? or too early
ralfsmiff4: sore ribs*
Gelly: out for season for sure
StuL: an ankle should be a week i reckon
Pavs: Ask CamT imessenger ????
imessenger: hope so stu – gelly, get outaa here!
soup: you’d be filthy if you traded cadman to green
banta: Gulden, Heeney and Warner > Petracca, Viney and Oliver
CamT: Not too early, imessenger. He’s out for 4.
Dogs2024to: Not watching what happen to tom green
StuL: ankle dogs
Tig_Bitty: Sydney sure do have a monopoly on the old frees for
Manowar: just hover over the cross, you will find the answer!
LuvIt74: Damn Green good thing is most have him sinse the start. Hd the E on Cadman taking Berry off and put Maley on already
RooBoyStu: Brick Wall for Roberts BE 37
bhg26: Watching the game tig bitty?
LuvIt74: Jones looks a must get next week
Tig_Bitty: I take it you aren’t bhg?
bhg26: Youre funny tig bitty
LuvIt74: Glad i didn’t trade Grundy to Sweet & just got Sweet as R3 for buys
Manowar: most, 48% is not most!
Cascadian: I have Grundy but seriously how the hell is he on 69?
RooBoyStu: What are buys Luvit? How much you pay? Oh you mean byes
StuL: I traded Grundy. Could be a big mistake
Manowar: is
bhg26: Getting a lot of hitouts to advantage casca
dearviolet: I went against my own word and traded Grundy as well. Looking at his scores, he’s up and down. Not one steady average
Troglodyte: Hey CD, any extra tHT tackles for Jordo too?
StuL: i got Serong with Grundy money though
Hazza09: How is grundy on 70?
Troglodyte: Haha it worked – thanks CD
GJayBee: Shoooosh guys lol
Cascadian: Grundy just went down 5
Raspel31: One player from GWS-Green and that’s after Rozee- adieu game week.
Troglodyte: love Starship!
LuvIt74: @dearviolet but Grundy to English next week i would have made that trade this week but had to get Sweet as R3 for byes
OffaStep: Just tuned in now. Chat has Green out from 1 wk to season. They strapped it and he tried to resume? So, not too serious?
Pavs: I see Walsh lost 8 points overnight as well
StuL: should have got sweet at r3 probably
Manowar: definitely
Troglodyte: Green just milking a week off to fix up his fantasy team…
LachieMcL: Not too serious but he should have come back on if it was just a roll. Could be syndesmosis
OffaStep: Cheers.
dearviolet: LuvIt do you not have Dogga?
original: Whitfield u fraud
StuL: Green will be cheap for those that dont have him
soup: absolutely stu, green non-owners been kissed OTD massively here
StuL: Whitfield down makes me happy because i was considering him
soup: same, he was in my team for majority of the week..
Norf17: Whitfield what is going on
bhg26: Jordon tag Norf
bhg26: My 2 giants players combined for 35 my goodness
Birdman18: I swear every single week this year I’ve scored 250 points less than my projected. Absolute debacle
Manowar: your SC team has taken a Giant step forward
Hazza09: Piss off grundy
dearviolet: What’s wrong with Green? Is it a trade out contender?
soup: grundy always going to go big today, briggs easy matchup for rucks
RooBoyStu: Roberts going this week, brick wall
soup: Roberts to Trac next week, lock it in
StuL: Grundy had more cash to make.wish i kept him now
mags: Was crying about Green until I noticed my oppo captained him. Always somebody worse off than you…
bhg26: Yeah i dont want will hayward leaving
Manowar: big mistake!
pcaman2003: I can only wish what Errol could be without the low DE and clangers. Sigh!
StuL: wow mags.
Manowar: well give him a pay rise,
navy_blues: well sounds like lot of clubs chasing him bhg good offers on table
biggs2dujj: Roberts getting stitched up by CD
navy_blues: be a lot of clubs considering caleb daniel too dropped again by the idiot
Birdman18: Heeney is going to start dropping through the floor for anyone who doesn’t have him at this rate
Number 8: IIRC, Grundy has always done pretty well in the wet
LuvIt74: Roberts BE is 37 bloody hell relax
frenzy: nice birdman hey
LuvIt74: Whoever doesn’t have Heeney in there forward by now needs to stop playing SC
LuvIt74: Cadman has gone backwards since late in 2nd qtr
original: Daniel?s must be butchering it. 5 tackles and a goal alone should be almost 30
StuL: I thought Roberts was a longer burn than this week.
Raspel31: Green still very quiet, sigh.
SwaggyP: Blakey….
pcaman2003: Raspel. I can see him drinking Pina Colada’s in the front row. No wonder he’s quiet.
dearviolet: This was the week I finally pulled the pin on Jesse Hogan, served me well. Seems to have been the right choice
Number 8: Grundy and Briggs seem to have spent little time on each other. Odd.
Hazza09: This is the week I play someone without Heeney
frenzy: whoever has Cadman in their SC team should Ctrl Alt Del
pcaman2003: Errol and his clangers are killing me.
pcaman2003: Errol and his stupid clangers are killing me. Elite skills??
clay007: Sir Isaac has put the cue in the rack
StuL: power off grundy. yet more trade mistakes.
Cascadian: Have they started giving Heeney more forward time?
Raspel31: To keep Rozee was foolish but to lose Freen was careless-groan.
Rynnie: 5 kicks, 2 marks 108pts
LuvIt74: Frenzy Cadman was on 35 at quarter time, i have him as my Emergency but he needs to score 65 and i’ll take that thanks
Fordy13: Cadman gets another 10 he’s getting looped ????
pcaman2003: My only highlight so far is D Jones. Keep going lad.
Geeaad: Steele owners, we holding?
xodeus9: someone explain to me how Briggs has a positive SC to DT when he’s going at 15%?
Stu7: Spud Roberts
Cascadian: lol Cadman has absolutely hit a brick wall
soup: Anyone chuck the VC on Hayward?
bhg26: Knew i should have traded green to hayward this week
Raspel31: Well, hard to score from the nebch Stu7
Hazza09: Roberts brick wall?
StuL: Does this just about make the Swans flag fav?
FoopyTime: no stu
FoopyTime: i would want to see them win against other title contenders in melbourne
Wends: Arvo all… I’m in the Green trade in this week club… Inaugural sharing circle 5pm.
FoopyTime: they will be around it tho at the end of the season
LuvIt74: Grundys, Grundys, Grundys YUM
Raspel31: You are dead to me Wends- how could you/
BigChief: Just got home. What happened to Green? Was it a bad injury?
StuL: Then its us who are favourite.
bhg26: Heeney.
BigChief: Foopy you don’t rate Melb as a title contender then?
Fordy13: Ankle got caught under Mclean didn’t look pretty but wasn’t the worst. They restrapped it but no good, subbed him chief.
BigChief: Thanks Fordy. So a week or 2 out then?
Wends: lol, mea culpa Raspel… wonder what the venn diagram looks like for Grundy to RoMa trade couple of wks ago?
Gotigres: Looks like Roberts to Dale could be a good move by me.
navy_blues: i reckon do nt play next game just give saints the bye points
clay007: Someone said he left the game early to work on his supercoach team Big chief
StuL: one week hopefully if its just been rolled
naicosfan: great, another 2200 round because of many spuds after being projected 2500
frenzy: but my VC sheezel plays,Lol
naicosfan: roberts role been murdered by rampe
navy_blues: well then again saints havent ben great…. anything could happen lol
Raspel31: Never know Wada- Green’s 6 points might prove very important though I rather doubt it.
bhg26: Umps have to stop falling for that
Wends: Heard a few pundits push Roberts trade this wk bc of rain affecting his score; weather wld impact his mark stats
StuL: flower off grundy. ffs
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes James Peatling for a cheap goal from a free on Cunningham.
Silz90: Roberts lost his kick outs I’m not watching
Cascadian: exactly Naicos he is probably straight out for Petracca next week
navy_blues: 26 frees geez
circle52: Any one have both Rozee and Green
naicosfan: nah he still has kick outs, its just hes not getting the marks
JockMcPie: my mum has rozee and green, brutal week
Silz90: Has Roberts lost kick outs**
Wends: Looped him for that reason naicos
Silz90: Thanks naicos I might give him one more week
pcaman2003: So disappointed with Gulden’s disposal. Really costly for me.
naicosfan: very smart play wends.
J_Herer: Thank god – had to change my trade MCrouch to T Green, lucky!!!
lana2146: Green n Whitfield heavily owned by coaches in top 1000 green arrows for those that dont own em
Silz90: Smart wends who you looping instead
Wends: thanks to the stats nerds on the pods this wk naicos ;). Also: agreed StuL
Hazza09: Another shit week of SC, over it
frenzy: me thinks lots traded Grundy, hehe
Number 8: Gee, Callaghan has has a good month
Fordy13: Gee I’m glad I kept him.
Number 8: *had
Wends: Prob Graham Silz; just keeping fingers crossed no nasty surprises w late outs (esp Stewart!). Frenzy w the schadenfreud
J_Herer: I traded Grundy to English, ouch!
frenzy: lol Wends
Norf17: Had Whitfield, Green, Warner. Missos will not understand how SC can affect your weekend
Norf17: Gulden* not Warner
LuvIt74: J_Herer i think thats a great trade mate, i would have also but wanted Sweet as R3
LuvIt74: @J_Harer I’ll be doing the same by round 10 unless Grundy scores 100+ three weeks in a row which i doubt
StuL: Yes a few dolts traded Grundy. i originally had Sweet for Dempsey. Should have kept that
Wends: We’ll always remember where we were when we heard the Green news… Me, driving, seriously nearly had to pull over
Beast_Mode: frenzy only ppl with no idea


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