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I went from tiny hotel gig to performing for 14,000 Take That fans in minutes – it was a dream

A GUITARIST told how he was plucked from a hotel bar to open for Take That after support act Olly Murs flight was cancelled.

Daniel Rooney, 26, was midway through his set at the Radisson RED when he was whisked to the sold-out OVO Hydro to fill in for the stranded singer.

Pop band Take That playing live at the OVO Hydro in Glasgow tonight (Friday) on their This Life Tour 2024.Last minute stand in for Olly Murs Daniel Rooney , who was playing at The Raddisson Red hotel next door . He was introduced by Ross king..Credit for image RHM Productions..
Daniel Rooney, 26, stood in for stranded Olly Murs at the sold-out OVO Hydro after being plucked from a hotel bar at 20 minutes’ notice
Wattie Cheung
Pop band Take That playing live at the OVO Hydro in Glasgow tonight (Friday) on their This Life Tour 2024.© Wattie Cheung……3/5/24.Editorial Use Only, All reproduction fees payable,No Syndication .©Wattie Cheung tel 07774 885266.email.... wattiecheung@mac.com
More than 14,000 fans packed out the OVO Hydro to see the pop legends
Wattie Cheung
Pop band Take That playing live at the OVO Hydro in Glasgow tonight (Friday) on their This Life Tour 2024.© Wattie Cheung……3/5/24.Editorial Use Only, All reproduction fees payable,No Syndication .©Wattie Cheung tel 07774 885266.email.... wattiecheung@mac.com
Take That hailed Daniel for saving the day after he agreed to fill in at short notice
Wattie Cheung

He revealed he legged it to the venue and was playing in front of 14,300 screaming fans just 20 minutes later.

Daniel got the shout after desperate Gary Barlow rang showbiz presenter pal Ross King who was watching him play before the massive show.

He told The Scottish Sun: “I was about 12 songs in and had not long finished playing Shine by Take That.

“Gary had phoned Ross to say Olly couldn’t make it and did he know anybody?

“I think it was meant to be a joke, but he told him there was a guy in the hotel who sounded alright.

“Around 20 minutes later I’m walking out on stage having legged it across the car park carrying my guitar.

“It was like a dream come true.”

Daniel, from Carmyle, Glasgow, was an hour into his set in front of dozens of guests at the hotel when he pegged it to the Hydro across the road in the city centre.

He says he didn’t have enough time to feel nervous and rattled through a soundcheck before launching into his half-hour performance.

The musician revealed the roar of the crowd when he came onstage and after his first song helped put him at ease.

Daniel played a crowd-pleasing mash-up of Stealers Wheel’s 1972 hit Stuck In The Middle With You and synth-pop duo Erasure’s A Little Respect, as well as fellow Scot Paolo Nutini’s Candy and sparked a massive singalong to Andy William’s Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.

He added: “For the first song I was a little uncomfortable but was able to relax after that.

“It’s by far the biggest gig I have ever played.

“When I came off the Take That boys were waiting at the side of the stage.

“They were so lovely, gave me a big hug and told me I’d done well.

“Gary told me he had gotten some video and they let me stick about to watch their show.

“My family sometimes come to my gigs but none of them were there.

“They’re gutted they missed it but are so happy for me.”

Daniel credits retired dinner lady mum Ann, 64, and self-employed painter and decorator dad PJ, 62, with sparking his love for music.

PJ is a guitarist and harmonica player and the couple always had instruments around the house and constantly played Beatles, Rolling Stones and Elton John records when he was growing up.

Daniel plays gigs seven nights a week in venues across Glasgow, including Radisson RED, St Luke’s pub and Wunderbar.

He has recorded eight songs with his friends in the Belbert Grady Band he hopes to release later this year and is hunting for a house with pharmacist girlfriend Amy Detta, 26.

Radisson RED manager Graham Chalmers told of the moment he spotted his bar’s entertainer leaving.

“It was a strange moment when I looked over and saw Danny put his coat on and lift his guitar.

“I asked him what was going on but when he told me, how could you stand in the way of that sort of opportunity?”

To find out more about Daniel search danielrooney_music on Instagram.


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Johnny Nelson Reveals His Wide Fury-Usyk Scorecard: “Don’t Be Fooled”

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Move over Harry Kane and Jude Bellingham the real England champ is a 15 yr old SUBBUTEO star

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