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Bank Holiday revellers don’t let the rain spoil their fun & kick off long weekend with booze-fuelled night on the town

BANK Holiday revellers didn’t let the rain spoil their fun as they kicked off the long weekend with a booze-fuelled night on the town.

The masses swarmed the streets of Birmingham last night in their best clothes, posing as they made their way to the pubs.

Pubgoers braved the weather in Birmingham last night to kick off their bank holiday weekend with a bang[/caption]
Revellers tried to keep dry before they headed into the bars[/caption]
Despite the weather, most were in good spirits[/caption]
It comes as parts of the UK are preparing for sunshine, while others have been warned more downpours are on the way[/caption]

But dozens were forced to pull out their umbrellas and use their jackets for cover as the rain teamed down.

Some were ever forced to shelter in doorways to protect the looks, while others beamed as they walked along the footpaths amid the downpours.

Ladies donned their heels and best dresses while men could be seen sporting their tidy shirts and favorite shoes.

Some women could be seen in formal dresses, and others showed off their favourite trousers.

Some men polished themselves up and chucked on suits, but others were happy in their flannels and jeans.

Crowds could be seen gathering outside the likes of Rosies, while performers danced on the street.

And despite the weather being wet, the groups didn’t let it put a dampener on their evening.

It comes as parts of the UK are bracing for a washout – while others are in for warmer weather.

The Met Office is predicting “unsettled” weather for the long weekend as millions head off on staycations. 

Southern parts of the UK and the Midlands are expected to see the best of the sunshine with potential highs of 19C, say the Met Office.

But forecasters say there will be a split across the country today, with southern parts of England and Wales set to be dry and bright.

Areas of northern England and Scotland could experience heavy outbreaks of rain to dampen Bank Holiday spirits.

Greg Dewhurst, a meteorologist at the Met Office, said there would be “plenty of sunshine around, but it will become cloudier the further north you are”.

He advised those looking for the Saturday sun to head to areas in the Midlands or East Anglia, where temperatures could peak at around 18C.

Tomorrow morning, northern areas of the UK will experience heavy showers, although Mr Dewhurst said: “Hopefully, across the day the clouds will break, and there will be some sunnier spells.”

The Midlands, East Anglia, and southern areas of Wales are set to experience the sunniest spells and warmest temperatures over Sunday and Monday.

In the sunniest areas, temperatures could peak at a pleasant 19C to 20C.

Met Office's five-day forecast

Most northern areas will have a cloudy day with showery rain, locally heavy and perhaps thundery. Northwest Scotland, central and southern England, along with south Wales will be brighter with warm sunny spells, though some heavy showers, especially southeast England.

Scotland, Northern Ireland and northwest England will be cloudy with patchy rain, and some rain arriving in Cornwall later. Turning chilly elsewhere with clear spells and mist or fog patches.

Often rather cloudy in the north with some showery rain, heaviest across Scotland. Outbreaks of rain also affecting parts of southwest England. Warm sunshine and isolated showers elsewhere.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:
Warm sunshine on Bank Holiday Monday, though with heavy showers too. Showers fewer in number and less heavy on Tuesday. Mostly fine and warm midweek, though some rain far northwest.

The forecaster confirmed there are currently no Met Office weather warnings in place for the weekend.

However, he urged people to continue to check in, with the forecast for Monday currently “uncertain” and changeable.

While the East Midlands and East Anglia should be sunny and warm, there is a chance of longer spells of rain developing in areas of the south of England.

Meanwhile, the RAC has predicted as many as three million motorists making leisure trips today alone.

It comes after a “cluster of thunderstorms” were forecast yesterday across parts of England.

However, it’s not all bad news – as there is some sunshine on the cards.

Deputy Chief Meteorologist Mark Sidaway said: “There continues to be uncertainty around the track of a low-pressure system which is expected to cross the southern UK this weekend, meaning there is some uncertainty about some of the forecast details. 

“While it will remain unsettled with further showers or longer spells of rain, all areas should see some drier conditions at some point and, in any sunshine, it should feel quite warm. 

“But for the exact details for your area stay up to date with forecast over the coming days.”

The masses queued outside Rosies[/caption]
The rain didn’t stop many enjoying their booze-fuelled night[/caption]
Revellers battled to keep dry when the winds picked up, too[/caption]
Some joined performers for a dance on the street[/caption]

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Gunmen open fire and kill 4 people, including 3 foreigners, in Afghanistan's central Bamyan province

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