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Google's former CEO lists $24.5 million mansion in most expensive ZIP code in the US

Eric Schmidt side-by-side Atherton home
Eric Schmidt bought his mansion for around $2 million in 1990, according to Zillow, and is now trying to sell it for $24.5 million.
  • Eric Schmidt, Google's ex-CEO, is selling his Atherton mansion for $24.5 million.
  • The property, located in the most expensive US zip code, includes a main home and a guest house.
  • Schmidt, who served as Google and Alphabet chairman, has a net worth of around $23.9 billion.

Google's former CEO, Eric Schmidt, and his wife, Wendy, are selling their Atherton mansion for $24.5 million.

The 5,265 square-foot listing includes a main home and a guest house in the most expensive zip code in the US. Schmidt's current net worth is estimated at around $23.9 billion, according to Forbes' ranking.

Schmidt, 69, served as CEO of Google from 2001 to 2011. He later served as chairman for Google and its parent company, Alphabet, until 2018.

Since leaving his role as CEO, Schmidt turned his focus to tech investments and philanthropy.

The five-bedroom home at the top of a cul-de-sac in Atherton has been Schmidt's primary residence for the last several decades.
Former Google CEO Eric Shmidt
Schmidt purchased the Atherton home for $2 million in 1990.

The former CEO purchased the Atherton home for around $2 million in 1990, according to estimates by Zillow. The home was built in 1969, according to the listing.

Atherton, a small town in San Mateo County, is known to be a hotspot for tech moguls, like former Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen, and former HP CEO Meg Whitman.
Eric Shmidt Atherton home
Other tech titans like Sheryl Sandberg and Paul Allen also purchased Atherton homes.

Schmidt is one of several tech executives that have called Atherton home.

Tech investors Ben Horowitz and Marc Andreessen, as well as early Tesla investor Alan Salzman, have also bought properties in Atherton.
Eric Schmidt Atherton home staircase
The home has dark hardwood flooring and traditional nodes of design.

The prestigious town is about a 45-minute drive to San Francisco and less than 20 minutes from the headquarters of Google, Meta, and Tesla. The average household income in Atherton is over $450,000.

It isn't the only home Schmidt bought in California. He bought Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi's 7,000-square-foot Montecito mansion in 2007.
Google former CEO Eric Schmidt
Schmidt's portfolio includes multiple properties on the East and West Coast.

He bought the home for $20 million and used to rent it out for weddings. However, he reportedly struggled to keep renting it after Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries used the home as their wedding venue and divorced soon after.

The billionaire also bought a Southern California "French chateau" in Los Angeles in 2014, about five minutes from the Playboy Mansion.

He also bought homes on the East Coast. In 2013, he purchased a $15 million penthouse in New York City and reportedly spent millions soundproofing it.
Eric Schmidt Atherton home kitchen
The Atherton kitchen has marble counters, white wooden cabinets, and a steel stove area.

Schmidt and his wife purchased a home in Nantucket in 1999, where she reportedly spent most of her time.

The billionaire also reportedly paid $67.6 million for a 267-foot superyacht in 2023.

The exterior of the guest house has an outdoor fireplace, an amphitheater on one side, and a cascading water feature on the other.
Eric Schmidt Atherton home listed
The home was designed by Schwanke architecture in 1969.

Both the guest house and main home were designed by Schwanke Architecture.

The home has multiple terraces and access to the outdoors in almost every room.
Eric Schmidt Atherton backyard area
The home has ample amounts of natural light.

The home has ample access to natural light with large open doors and windows throughout the home.

The estate has five bedrooms, eight total bathrooms, and a fireplace in the living room and family room.
Eric Schmidt Atherton kitchen
The estate has five bedrooms and eight total bathrooms.

The two-story home also has a wet bar, according to the online listing by The reSolve Group.

Schmidt's mansion includes three acres of park-like grounds and an outdoor pool.
Eric Shmidt pool backyard
The property has an outdoor pool and three acres of park-like grounds.

The property has a 3.36 acre lot and 5,265 square foot living area, according to the listing.

Like many Atherton homes, landscaping surrounding the house creates a secluded feel to the property.
Eric Schmidt Atherton home backyard
Many Atherton homes are secluded by landscaping or fencing.

Both the front and back of the house are shaded by large trees and greenery. The back of the house also has a fenced area to create privacy.

The estate includes a diverse selection of mature plants and specimen trees from Amdega Conservatory imported from the UK.
Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt greenhouse
The home features a greenhouse.

The greenhouse is equipped with wooden shelves, a sink, and black and white floor tiles.

The home also has several areas for growing plants or produce.
Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt greenhouse/garden
The home has a greenhouse and outdoor garden area.

In addition to the greenhouse, the outdoor area has several planting plots.

The home embraces the California landscape of while incorporating European design.
Eric Schmidt Atherton home living room
The dining room has a traditional design with large windows and greenery.

Dark wooden furniture and flooring contrast against bright green outdoor openings in the estate.

Read the original article on Business Insider

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$90,000 settlement approved in teen’s bullying lawsuit against LAUSD

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