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From Let It Be on Disney+ to Netflix’s Mother Of The Bride – the best new TV and films to stream next week

FEAST your eyes on the best films and TV shows landing on the world’s biggest streaming platforms with our selection of top picks.

You won’t want to miss the new groundbreaking shows available in just a few days’ time.

The sun has created a list of the best films and TV shows landing on TV next week


Mother Of The Bride

FILM Available from Thursday

Mother of the Bride will be airing on Netflix on Thursday[/caption]

When Lana’s (Brooke Shields) daughter Emma comes home from a trip abroad and announces that she’s getting married, you’d expect this proud mum to be filled with excitement.

The trouble is, the wedding’s taking place in a month and it’s in Thailand.

Understandably, the news puts Lana in a flap – but she’s going to need to brace herself because there’s worse to come.

By a strange twist of fate, Emma’s new fiancé is the son of Will (Benjamin Bratt), who broke Lana’s heart many years ago.


COMEDY Available from Thursday

Dark comedy Bodkin will be arriving on Netflix in a few days[/caption]

Strange things are afoot in the small Irish town of Bodkin.

A quarter of a century ago, a series of mysterious disappearances occurred in the town, and now, three mismatched podcasters – charming American Gilbert (Will Forte), no-nonsense journalist Dove (Siobhán Cullen) and eager researcher Emmy (Robyn Cara) – descend on the area, hoping to uncover the truth about what happened to the missing people.

However, before long they discover that while Bodkin might be small, it hides some very dark secrets – which many of the locals don’t want revealed.

The Final: Attack On Wembley

DOCUMENTARY Available from Wednesday

© 2024 Netflix, Inc.
The Euro 2020 games are relived in The Final: Attack on Wembley[/caption]

When England’s footballers reached the final of Euro 2020 – held in the summer of 2021 because of the pandemic – the excitement was infectious.

With the Three Lions making a major final for the first time since 1966, and fans desperate to celebrate after months of lockdowns, demand for tickets was sky-high – everyone wanted to be there to see the game.

Unfortunately, when the day of the match arrived, the occasion was marred by serious crowd trouble outside Wembley Stadium before kick-off, with 6,000 apparently ticketless fans causing chaos.

The story of the unrest – and what caused it – is told in this documentary, which features testimony from fans, journalists and others who were there.

Super Rich In Korea

REALITY Available from Tuesday

Super Rich in Korea will have you envious as flaunt their lavish lifestyles[/caption]

Warning: this show could make you feel very envious indeed.

In this new series, the other half in question are business heir David from Singapore, Korean Paris Hilton-alike Hee-ra, Italian fashion prodigy Teodoro, social-media sensation Noor and Pakistani aristocrat Anna.

Each of them has chosen to make South Korea their home because of their love of the local culture, and this series – hosted by Cho Saeho, BamBam and Mimi – opens the door to their world of high fashion, supercars, fabulous food and exclusive, opulent parties.

Cooking Up Murder: Uncovering the Story of César Román

DOCUMENTARY Available from Friday

Cooking Up Murder: Uncovering the Story of César Román will tell the real-life murder of Heidi Paz

Prepare yourself for a particularly unsavoury real-life murder story.

Spanish chef César Román had built himself a successful career as a well-known restaurateur, and was particularly famous for a regional dish known as cachopo.

But all that came crashing down in November 2018, when he was arrested for the murder and dismemberment of his girlfriend Heidi Paz.

He managed to flee and made his way to Zaragoza, where he used a false identity to get himself a job in a restaurant.

However, after a three-month manhunt, police finally managed to track him down and there followed a well-publicised trial.

The story of Román’s horrific crime is told across three gripping but gruesome episodes.

John Mulaney Presents: Everybody’s In L.A.

COMEDY Available from Saturday

John Mulaney in Netflix’s Presents: Everybody’s In L.A. Official[/caption]

Get ready for something very special.

As part of the Netflix Is A Joke festival taking place in Los Angeles, comedian John Mulaney will be presenting a live – yes, live – entertainment extravaganza, which will go out tonight and then every night from Monday.

Each evening, he’ll treat us to a celebration of the City of Angels, joined by a long list of surprise celebrity guests, so-called ‘normal’ folk and a bunch of fellow comedians, including Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and David Letterman.

There’ll be music, chat and lots of laughter, and, it being live, plenty of unscripted excitement.


Let It Be

FILM Available from Wednesday

The Beatles Let It Be documentary is getting a new lease on life[/caption]

In January 1969, The Beatles came together at Twickenham Film Studios, planning to spend the next few weeks writing, rehearsing and recording a new album.

They invited film director Michael Lindsay-Hogg to capture them doing it, for a documentary that would accompany the album.

Famously, things didn’t quite work out as planned, with growing divisions between John, Paul, George and Ringo leading to walkouts, disagreements and band members not showing up.

There were, of course, some unforgettable moments too, including the iconic rooftop concert that closes the film.

The original documentary – which was eventually released in 1970, just after the band had split – has been unavailable for many years, but now Peter Jackson, who used many of Lindsay-Hogg’s out-takes to make the remarkable 2021 series The Beatles: Get Back, has restored it, giving Let It Be a new lease of life.

Star Wars: Tales Of The Empire

SCI-FI Available from Saturday

Disney +
Star Wars: Tales Of The Empire centres on the Dark Side[/caption]

Blasting off, appropriately enough, on May the Fourth, this animated anthology series follows on from 2022’s Tales Of The Jedi, but this time focuses on the Dark Side.

Over six episodes, we get to take a deep dive into the backstories of shadowy characters such as Morgan Elsbeth (voiced by Diana Lee Inosanto) and Barriss Offee (Meredith Salenger).

Also featuring Lars Mikkelsen as the voice of Grand Admiral Thrawn, Jason Isaacs as the Grand Inquisitor and Matthew Wood as General Grievous, it might be one spin-off series too far for more casual Star Wars fans, but obsessives will find lots to enjoy.


The Real Housewives Of New Jersey

REALITY Available from Monday

The ladies of Real Housewives of New Jersey are back with more drama![/caption]

It’s felt like a long 12 months since viewers were last in New Jersey, gawping at the explosive lives of Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga and the rest of the Housewives.

Excitingly, there’s loads more to catch up on, including all manner of juicy relationship dramas and big life events.

This season promises to be a particularly emotional one for Teresa and Melissa, who’ll both be waving off their daughters – Gabriella and Antonia – to college.

Meanwhile, expect several old friendships – including between Margaret Josephs and Jackie Goldschneider – to take unexpected turns… for the worse.


Dark Matter

THRILLER Available from Wednesday

APPLE TV+’s Dark Matter series based on the best-selling novel of the same name is hitting scenes soon[/caption]

Physics professor and family man Jason (Joel Edgerton) is walking home to his beloved wife Daniela (Jennifer Connelly) after a night out when he’s violently abducted by a sinister figure in a mask.

He later wakes, confused and disorientated, in a world that seems familiar but also vastly different.

Jason, as it transpires, has been abducted into an alternate version of his own life, one in which he traded professional success for personal happiness.

Can he find a way back to his true reality and his family? And who is the shadowy figure who marooned him in this alternate world?

Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, and armed with a brilliantly intriguing plot, Dark Matter is exactly the kind of thought-provoking, compelling sci-fi series that Apple TV+ has become known for.  

Hollywood Con Queen

DOCUMENTARY Available from Wednesday

Three-part series that tells the full, incredible story of Hollywood Con Queen[/caption]

In July 2018, The Hollywood Reporter published a remarkable investigation by US journalist Scott Johnson.

He’d become aware of a mysterious individual who was impersonating top female Hollywood executives in order to con people out of thousands of dollars.

These people – including actors, screenwriters and photographers from all around the world – were promised fabulous work opportunities in the film industry, while being asked to hand over large sums of money in fees.

The scams were highly elaborate, the impersonations spot-on and the attention to detail remarkable – but who was the con artist behind it all?

This three-part series tells the full, incredible story, featuring in-depth interviews with Scott, private investigator Nicole Kotsianas and many of the victims.

A compelling and frequently jaw-dropping investigation. 

What's on Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime?

Looking for a new Netflix series to binge or the best movies to watch on Amazon Prime? We have you covered...


Maxton Hall – The World Between Us

DRAMA Available from Thursday

© Prime Video / Stephan Rabold
A new teen drama series from Germany that’s bound to keep viewers glued to their screens[/caption]

Based on the best-selling young adult novel Save Me, this teen drama series from Germany whisks us off to posh public school Maxton Hall, for some highly charged emotional fireworks.

When super-smart working-class scholarship student Ruby (Harriet Herbig-Matten) unwittingly witnesses something she shouldn’t have seen at the school, dashing but entitled and arrogant millionaire’s son James (Damien Hardung) finds himself desperate to keep her silent.

But when sparks start to fly, could their initial dislike of each other eventually turn into something romantic?

Expect plenty of over-the-top drama and teenage angst.


The Beast Must Die

DRAMA Available from Monday

Cush Jumbo, Jared Harris, Geraldine James and Billy Howle star in new drama The Beast Must Die[/caption]

If you didn’t get to see it when it was on BritBox, don’t worry because this addictive six-part thriller starring Cush Jumbo, Jared Harris, Geraldine James and Billy Howle is coming to ITVX.

When her young son is killed in a hit-and-run car accident, grieving mum Frances (Cush) sets out to get murderous revenge on the man she believes is responsible – George (Jared) – slowly tricking her way into his comfortable life and waiting for the right moment to pounce.

Meanwhile, troubled detective Nigel Strangeways starts investigating the case, uncovering secrets and surprises. An intense, slow-burning drama, featuring subtly powerful performances from Cush and Jared.


New Gold Mountain

DRAMA Available from Monday

Acorn TV
Viewers are whisked off to Australia in New Gold Mountain[/caption]

We’re off to the Australian outback during the gold-rush of the 1850s for this rugged four-part drama from Down Under.

When Wei Shing (Yoson An), the leader of a Chinese team of miners, locates a new seam of gold, he hopes it will make his fortune.

But when the body of a murdered European woman, Annie, is discovered on the Chinese land, Wei quickly becomes implicated in her death.

With enemies circling – both Chinese and European – can Shing discover the truth about what happened to Annie before it’s too late?

Based on real events, it’s a grimy and gritty watch but one likely to keep you gripped.

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Андрей Рублёв

Теннисист Рублев объяснил, почему проиграл сет в первом круге "Ролан Гаррос"

Full list of cafes and restaurants where kids can eat free or cheap this half term – including Asda and Sizzling Pubs

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Move over Harry Kane and Jude Bellingham the real England champ is a 15 yr old SUBBUTEO star

Johnny Nelson Reveals His Wide Fury-Usyk Scorecard: “Don’t Be Fooled”


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Tesla under investigation over Fremont factory toxic emissions, and faces lawsuit over alleged health harms

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Move over Harry Kane and Jude Bellingham the real England champ is a 15 yr old SUBBUTEO star

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«Адвокат Валиевой: ей подсыпали допинг и сделал дедушка». Серьёзное расследование.

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Bungie wins a little walkin' around money in first of its kind jury trial against Destiny 2 cheat maker, but the victory will likely make it even easier for game companies to keep taking cheaters to court



Посол Антонов: США пора смириться с тем, что РФ проводит независимую политику

Губернаторы России

Компактные ирригаторы, электрические щетки и насадки ДиФреш по старым ценам с доставкой в РФ

«Ростелеком» и корпорация «Хуамин» будут развивать совместные проекты в области ИКТ


«Адвокат Валиевой: ей подсыпали допинг и сделал дедушка». Серьёзное расследование.

Исполнитель хита “На Заре 2020” Сергей АРУТЮНОВ оживил ещё один хит из 20-го века и выпустил песню “Лететь” вместе с её создателями - группой Амега.

Празднующая день рождения Орбакайте попросила защиты для своей семьи и работы

Пока все критикуют, Цискаридзе защищает: «Люблю Пугачеву, я без нее не могу жить»

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Россиянка Рахимова вышла в полуфинал турнира WTA в Рабате

Рыбакина рассказала о болезни перед стартом на «Ролан Гаррос»

Теннисист Рублев вышел во второй круг Открытого чемпионата Франции

Новые электрические зубные щетки Revyline RL 075 Peach Fuzz появились в филиале бренда в Москве

Исполнитель хита “На Заре 2020” Сергей АРУТЮНОВ оживил ещё один хит из 20-го века и выпустил песню “Лететь” вместе с её создателями - группой Амега.

«Адвокат Валиевой: ей подсыпали допинг и сделал дедушка». Серьёзное расследование.

Электрические щетки для детей Revyline RL 035 Kids Pink доступны в представительстве марки в Хабаровске

Спектакль "Курочка ряба" театра кукол Бурятии "Ульгэр": Россия, Культура, Театр, Дети

Компактные ирригаторы, электрические щетки и насадки ДиФреш по старым ценам с доставкой в РФ

Бизнес-эксперт Екатерина Паршина дала 3 совета, как не стать самодуром в компании

Сеть клиник «Будь Здоров» подвела итоги первого квартала 2024 г.

Открылся прием заявок на участие в конкурсе «Арт-проект: моя Москва»

В Новой Москве в три раза снизилось количество земельно-имущественных нарушений

Свыше 700 мусоропроводов заменят в столичных жилых домах в 2024 году

Международную выставку-форум «Россия» посетили 14 миллионов гостей

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Московский джазовый оркестр Игоря Бутмана выступит на площадке у Великой Китайской стены

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Johnny Nelson Reveals His Wide Fury-Usyk Scorecard: “Don’t Be Fooled”

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