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Watch moment hundreds of revellers party at ‘out-of-control illegal rave’ leaving neighbours ‘trapped in their homes’

SHOCKING footage shows revellers partying at an “out-of-control” illegal rave – leaving neighbours “trapped in their homes”.

Cops scrambled to two massive raves in Exmoor National Park at 5.20am on Easter Sunday.

Revellers partied at two illegal raves in Exmoor
Facebook / Michael Volante New
Hundreds of ravers flocked to the raves
Facebook / Michael Volante New
Music boomed across the Exmoor countryside
Facebook / Michael Volante New

Thudding music blasted out by vans at the rave could be heard miles away in the Somerset village of Watchet.

A stunned local posted a video of the rave on Facebook after stumbling across hundreds of ravers.

The clip shows revellers with bunny ears and cans of cider dancing in broad daylight.

More than 20 cars and hire vans can be seen lining both sides of the street leading to the rave site.

Cops shut the road, seized music equipment and called time on the raves.

A man in his thirties was arrested on suspicion of assaulting an emergency worker and possession of a class A drug.

One witness told ITV people in the area had their houses surrounded by revellers blasting music from vans.

They said they feared for people’s safety after the ravers left them “trapped in their homes”.

The witness added that cops had not done enough to stop the rave, which they said could drag on until the end of today.

Another local said: “Exmoor is sadly not a place for families to visit today.

“The volume of music is incredibly loud and can be heard for miles and miles.”

A cyclist who had been riding through Exmoor also slammed the huge rave.

Posting on Twitter, the cyclist said: “Great ride – shame about the rave shattering the solitude.”

Avon and Somerset Police said: “We have been responding to two unlicensed music events in the Exmoor area over the weekend.

“The first was discovered by officers at about 5.20am yesterday at Dunkery Beacon.

“It was estimated a couple of hundred people were on site.

“We received a call about 40 minutes later relating to a second unlicensed music event, a short distance away at Kennisham Wood.

“Officers were on the scene within 15 minutes to find the event already underway with several hundred people in attendance.

“Our priority has been to preserve public safety and minimise disruption to other members of the public.

“Our officers sought to engage with individuals attending the events and provide community reassurance.

“Road closures were also put in place.

“Sound equipment was seized from the unlicensed music event at Dunkery Beacon last night.

“Enquiries are ongoing into potential public nuisance offences.

“A small number of people remained in the Kennisham Wood area overnight.

“But the music was turned off by organisers at approximately 11pm following officers’ engagement work.

“Subsequent efforts to play loud music on site were prevented by officers who told those involved they risked having their equipment seized.

“Those that remained at Kennisham Wood have been clearing up the site this morning.

“We continued to have officers in the area today to ensure those people left the site safely.

“A man in his 30s from Wiltshire was arrested there yesterday on suspicion of possession of a class A drug and assaulting an emergency worker.

“He has since been released on bail following police interview.”

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Couple who won Come Dine With Me posed as customs officers to steal drugs as part of scam

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