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Advanced tactics to maximize the SEO value of user-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) has emerged as a powerful tool for enhancing search marketing.

As Google prioritizes authentic, engaging content, brands can leverage UGC to foster genuine connections with their audiences, gather valuable insights and boost visibility across multiple platforms. 

In a previous Search Engine Land article, I highlighted the potential of UGC in SEO. Now, it’s time to explore tactics for maximizing its value, from establishing authenticity and driving community engagement to repurposing UGC for improved search performance. 

The core: Establishing and leveraging authenticity, engagement

Authenticity and community engagement are fundamental to effective search marketing. This approach emphasizes the need for brands to build real connections with their audiences in order to cultivate loyal brand enthusiasts.

Search marketing today mirrors real-world human connections. It’s like forming friendships and relationships. The core is connecting with audiences on deeply personal levels. Brands listen, learn, respond and grow with their audience.

The fostering of trust and that sense of belonging, which have always been vital for interpersonal relationships, can allow brands to encourage users to produce content that enriches the brand narrative. We’ve seen this on social platforms over the years.

However, now, the democratization of search across these platforms, with these values at the foundation, can be leveraged across search and social search alike, driving search marketing performance through increased visibility, engagement and link building potential.

By genuinely engaging with audiences through UGC and addressing their pains, needs, preferences and feedback, brands can convert users into advocates. UGC showcases brand values and story points and aligns with the community, encouraging and sharing content appropriately.

At the heart of all search marketing strategies should be authenticity and community engagement. Having your community contribute to your SEO content efforts by sharing first-hand experiences with your brand is valuable, especially considering Google’s E-E-A-T.

Below are some advanced tactics to use UGC for increasing visibility, expanding your community and ultimately capturing more search share.

1. Inform your content strategy with insights from UGC

Gathering insights is one of the most valuable opportunities UGC presents for brands. Each time a user creates content about our brand or related topics, they send signals that inform our strategic decisions. UGC provides valuable insights into search intent and audience demands.

We’ve all heard terms like “informational” or “commercial” intent; I find this information top-level and borderline useless for the most part. Instead, through the insights gained by embedding myself into the community of the brands I work with, I lean on UGC to understand what the user demands from content.

Here, brands should look to content creators, who typically have their fingers on the pulse and can provide valuable insights into emerging trends and audience preferences. These creators are often among the first to identify shifts in consumer interests and can help brands anticipate changes in search behavior and content demand.

Brands can learn from content creators by observing the topics they choose, the questions they answer and how they engage with their audience. This direct line to the audience’s current interests and needs allows brands to adapt their content strategy in real time, ensuring they remain relevant and proactively reactive.

Use social listening tools to monitor mentions of brand terms and key non-brand search pillars. From here, engage and understand the UGC content and how they have handled the question or query and use this insight to inform your own solution.

Note: If you feel your brand doesn’t have the “right” to talk about that topic directly, reward the UGC and share it instead – you don’t have to own every piece of content for it to assist with your search strategy. 

2. Use UGC in keyword and content gap analysis

Keyword research is a process that has started to see shifts also. Understanding a brand’s “right to rank” is a vital consideration. UGC can assist in uncovering valuable insights to inform keyword research and subsequent content strategy.

At a time when the search universe is democratizing, understanding how users are searching and asking questions is a vital consideration for brands who want to establish visibility across multiple platforms for search marketing considerations. 

By analyzing UGC within the keyword research stage and assessing the language and topics within user comments, questions and posts, brands can discover new, long-tail keywords that users engage with. This insight can guide content creation, ensuring it’s aligned with your target audience’s search behaviors and questions.

Use UGC (e.g., comments on your posts, queries you consistently receive or UGC creators have created to meet your current shortcomings) to inform FAQ sections or to create detailed blog posts that answer specific questions your community has.

This enhances your content strategy and improves your site’s visibility for a broader range of search queries. If a UGC piece of content handles your query perfectly, leverage this!

Example: A leading UK streetwear brand I work with has leveraged a UGC video that discussed sizing and size guide activity and deployed this within their product page as it answered queries around “Is this True to Size?” in a truly innovative and simple way.

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3. Drive user engagement via UGC

Let’s get practical. UGC is a powerful tool for boosting engagement.

By launching campaigns that prompt audiences to create and share content related to our brand, we can achieve authenticity, engagement and relevance.

These campaigns can be designed to target specific keywords, pillars or topics, to generate content that boosts visibility in those areas. This tactic fosters community engagement and produces a wealth of content that can be repurposed across your search universe.

For this tactic, I’ve created a step-by-step implementation guide:

  • Define goals and themes: Start by outlining clear SEO objectives for your campaign (e.g., targeting specific long-tail keywords and addressing content gaps). Based on these objectives, develop engaging themes or challenges that resonate with your audience’s interests and your brand values.
  • Campaign mechanics: Decide on the format of the UGC challenge or competition. Will it be a hashtag campaign on social media, a video submission contest, or a photo-sharing initiative? Ensure the campaign mechanics are simple but encourage creativity and authenticity.
  • Promotion: Utilize all available channels to promote your UGC campaign. This includes your website, social media platforms, email newsletters and even paid advertising. The key is to make participation enticing and straightforward. Working with creators through paid partnerships to start the snowball effect and get “buy-in” is an effective strategy here, too.
  • Incentivization: Offer rewards that genuinely excite your audience. Prizes can range from product giveaways and discounts to exclusive experiences. The prospect of winning should motivate participation while ensuring the content generated is of high quality.
  • Leverage and repurpose UGC: Once the campaign concludes, showcase winning entries and notable submissions on your platforms. Repurpose this content in your SEO efforts by integrating it into relevant blog posts, product pages and social media content. This enhances your content strategy and shows appreciation for your community’s efforts, encouraging future participation and brand advocacy. UGC creators will feel a part of your brand, driving community.
  • Analyze and adapt: Post-campaign, analyze its impact on your SEO performance and how the UGC has impacted rankings, traffic and conversions. From here, look to community engagement levels. Gather insights to refine future UGC initiatives, making them more effective in meeting your search marketing objectives. 

Launching challenges and competitions as a part of your UGC strategy can create a unique proposition for your SEO efforts when AI is leading to so much similar content being present on the SERPs.

This approach not only garners a wealth of content, rich in targeted keywords – thanks to the campaign’s encouragement of specific phrases or themed answers – but it also sets the stage for potent link-building opportunities.

For brands, showcasing UGC content acts as authentic social proof, enticing further engagement with your brand. This, in turn, fosters a virtuous cycle of content creation and community engagement, amplifying the overall value of your UGC initiatives.

When we put “search” at the core of this amplification, our strategies feel the full force of this success.

UGC: The differentiation factor 

AI tools are generating abundant content and saturating SERPs with similar material. UGC shines as a beacon of authenticity and originality, offering a crucial differentiator from AI-generated content.

The human touch — infused with personal experiences, emotions and genuine insights — adds depth and relatability to content that resonates more deeply with audiences and, by extension, search algorithms increasingly geared toward valuing unique and engaging content.

Looking ahead, we can anticipate AI and machine learning to play a supportive role in amplifying the impact of UGC, from enhancing content discovery to facilitating personalized user experiences.

They can help brands identify and surface the most relevant and impactful UGC, tailor content to individual user preferences and optimize UGC-driven campaigns for maximum visibility and engagement.

Moreover, as search marketing platforms become even more sophisticated in recognizing and rewarding the authenticity and engagement UGC brings, the synergy between UGC, AI and search strategies is poised to become a cornerstone of successful digital marketing efforts.

In an AI-dominated content landscape, the irreplaceable value of human-centric content will flourish, solidifying the role of UGC as an indispensable asset to our search strategies.

Measuring UGC success for SEO

As you implement the tactics above and leverage UGC within your efforts, measuring success will become vital.

Let’s explore the metrics I would lean on when assessing and analyzing the success of UGC implementations within a search strategy.

Engagement rates

  • This metric measures how actively your audience is involved with the UGC. 
  • High engagement rates, indicated by likes, comments and interactions (vary by platform), suggest that the content resonates well with your audience. 
  • This engagement boosts your content’s visibility and signals to social-search platforms the relevance and value of content.

Social shares and brand mentions

  • Tracking the number of times your UGC is shared across social platforms or mentioned within other content can provide insights into its popularity and reach. 
  • Increased social shares and brand mentions expand your content’s visibility and contribute to building brand awareness and authority.
  • Analyzing your brand’s share of search reveals insights into visibility and interest generated by UGC compared to competitors. 
  • A rise in the share of search indicates growing brand recognition and interest, which will be pivotal for long-term SEO success.

Search rankings

  • Observing changes in search rankings for keywords associated with the UGC, you leverage can reveal its direct impact on your SEO efforts on Google. 
  • Improvement in rankings for these keywords signifies that your UGC effectively boosts your site’s relevance and authority on those topics.


  • An increase in traffic to your site, especially to pages hosting UGC, or the later steps of the journey as users move from social platforms to your website, indicates higher interest and engagement from your audience. 
  • Monitoring traffic helps not only assess the attractiveness of your UGC but also understand user intent and behaviour on your site.


  • Impact on revenue will always be the biggest sign of success. 
  • Tracking revenue generated from pages with UGC or understanding the impact of campaigns involving user-generated content from social media can help quantify its ROI.

Whether through direct sales, lead generation, or affiliate conversions, an uptick in revenue linked to UGC efforts highlights its value in driving business goals, which is the ultimate responsibility of any search strategy.

UGC is crucial for building stronger connections, increasing brand visibility and fostering engagement with your audience.

Advanced tactics for leveraging UGC emphasize authenticity, community engagement and strategic content use in search marketing.

By embracing UGC with a focused strategy and a clear measurement framework, brands can unlock new dimensions of visibility and connection, ensuring that they keep pace with the expanding search universe and actually lead the charge in crafting engaging, authentic and search-optimized content experiences.


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