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Cyprus winery creates exceptional bottles

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Ktima Dafermou blends the old with the new

If you are an avid traveller and enjoy a glass of wine, visiting wineries might be the perfect type of day out for you. It combines both activities into one unforgettable experience, allowing you to explore the Cyprus countryside, its finest vineyards and wineries while discovering its culinary treasures, history and tradition.

Every winery on your journey will provide unique sensations – scents, tastes, and visuals. Furthermore, you will get to experience wine production firsthand and take part in wine tastings.

As a wine writer, I frequently visit wineries, and in late January went to Dafermo winery, a 7km drive up the mountains from the Skarinou highway exit. The winery suddenly appears on your right, sat majestically on top of the hill, blending well with the natural surroundings of the vineyards and the rolling hills. And close to Limassol, Larnaca and Nicosia.

Savvas Fakoukakis is the owner, manager and oenologist of Ktima Dafermo. From Crete, he has lived in Cyprus for many years. He is what I call a restless soul, constantly looking for new vineyards in the Lefkara valley. He is dedicated to creating an exceptional expression in the glass.

The winery is modern with excellent facilities for large events, both indoors and out. Concrete, glass and stainless steel are the main materials used, juxtaposed against traditional Lefkara building techniques, joining new and old-world aesthetics. Savvas is conscious of the environment and works with vineyards farmed under sustainable, organic principles. His decisions are based on improving the expression of the vineyard, rather than pushing wines towards a style. Limited quantities ensure exceptional qualities.

Savvas uses a variety of grapes: Xynisteri, Yiannoudi and Maratheftiko from Cyprus and Assyrtiko and Malvasia Aromatica from Greece. Imported reds include Shiraz and probably the only vineyards of Malbec that I know on the island. This year a new surprise, was welcoming us at the entrance, the first release of Dafermou Sauvignon Blanc.


2023 Ktima Dafermou Paparouna White, Larnaca Abv 12.5%

The blend is Xynisteri, Assyrtiko and Malvasia Aromatica. Yellow in colour with greenish tones. Aromas of pear and apple, with citrus and light tropical pineapple and passion fruit also swathed with white flowers of orange blossom scents. Balanced and still tasting fresh with a certain sense of spice and an integrated acidity. €7.40

2023 Ktima Dafermou Paparouna Rosé, Larnaca, Abv 12.5%

Paparouna rosé is made of Syrah and Maratheftiko and has a strawberry colour. Elegant and delicate nose of red fruit aromas such as sliced peach, strawberry and pomegranate with subtle herbal notes and dry rose petals. Refreshing, light with a nice acidity, mouthfeel with a long-lasting finish. Medium body and austere, crisp, finish. €7.40

2021 Ktima Dafermou Red Paparouna Red, Larnaca, Abv 13.5%

Deeper ruby with a similar blend to the rosé, simultaneously bold and balanced, rich and smooth, fruit forward with some earthiness. Medium to full body with black cherry and raspberry, blackcurrant, white pepper, forest floor, lavender, rosemary and toasty oak. Savoury, slightly spicy with crushed dark berry flavour, strong acidity, followed by a long finish with peppery fruit. €7.90

2023 Dafermou Sauvignon Blanc, Single Estate, White Varietal, ABV 12%

From young vines, only 1,800 bottles produced. Light straw colour, intense fruit with lifted notes of fresh grass, peach and passionfruit, guava and sweet pea, underpinned with citrus notes. A generous palate with pure, concentrated fruit flavours of citrus and tropical fruit are layered with a touch of spice and honey. Balanced by a deliciously long, crisp, mineral finish. €13

2023 Ktima Dafermou Xynisteri Sauvignon, Single Vineyard, Larnaca, Abv 13%

This Xynisteri and Sauvignon Blanc from two single vineyards side by side reveals aromas of lemon, lime, pear, pineapple and green melon, white flowers and herbal, ash and mineral notes. Silky and smooth on the palate with refreshing acidity, framing the tantalising citrus and tropical fruit flavours while carrying the wine to a long, focused, mineral, finish. €8.50

2022 Ktima Dafermou Selection, Assyrtiko, Larnaca, Abv 13.5%

From a single vineyard, yellow colour, citrus, stone fruit and floral aromas, wood and vanilla from the oak it matures in result in a wine with a highly complex aromatic profile. Minerality and well-balanced acidity give depth and longevity. This white will continue to evolve as the mineral notes soften the palate and develop more nuanced fruit and honey. Winner of a gold medal at the recent Berlin Wine Trophy contest. €15

2021 Ktima Dafermou Selection, Single Vineyards Shiraz – Malbec, Larnaca, Abv 13.5%

Fruit from single vineyard at 800 meters, 70% Shiraz and 30% Malbec. Deep purple in the glass, fronting classic blackberry, black cherry, framboise and spicy aromas. Tannin and oak become integrated, blueberry pie, cherry and brioche leaving a lasting impression of rich, rounded goodness that is sure to please and impress. €15

2022 Ktima Dafermou Selection Yiannoudi Single Vineyard, Larnaca Abv 13.5%

New and limited, from a single vineyard at 800 meters. Bright crimson, bold, modern wine exhibiting aromas and flavours of blackberry, cherry and spice with dried cranberry and wild strawberry. Rich and elegant in the mouth, subtle tannins, the full palate is complemented by hints of French oak leading to a seamless finish. Its wide appeal makes it the perfect dinner party wine. €19


Ktima Dafermou, Tel: +357 70008373,


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Nvidia employees are getting richer with a 'special Jensen grant' that boosts their stock awards by 25% — latest news 24/7. You can add your news instantly now — here

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